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Name Manufacturer Year Type Genre Text (See Game for Complete Cheats, Easter Eggs, and Bugs)
Ice Climber Nintendo 1984 Videogame Platform
On rare occasions, falling onto the head of the other player will cause you to be forced through the floor of the level. If this happens on the bottom floor, you will lose a life.
Iga Ninjyutsuden: Itsushin no Kaku Jaleco 1988 Videogame Platform
You can see the old guy who gives out the ninja weapons twice in the first round - once in the tent on top and the other one is hidden just before the water fall, not in it. While jumping half way up to the water falls, middle level, go to the left edge of it and jump straight up. Try many times with higher jumps. The screen will goto the old man again and he will give you the next weapon.
Ikari Warriors Tradewest 1986 Videogame Scrolling Fighter
HINT: When driving a tank, try to avoid upgrading from cannonballs to missiles. Cannonballs explode as supergrenades making it easier to hit gates and squadrons of men. Missiles, unfortunately, only take out one obstacle and will explode upon reaching their maximum range, which is rarely where you'd like the explosions to be.<P>TRICK: There are times when incoming missile triggers are impossible to avoid in the tank. A bug in the machine maximizes the number of explosions that can be onscreen at one time. When you MUST run over a trigger, fire off three shots rapidly timed to explode when the missile lands. With luck, the computer will be unable to generate the explosion and you and your tank can continue.
Indiana Jones And The Temple Of Doom Atari Games 1985 Videogame Scrolling Fighter
At the difficulty select screen, whip all the hanging skeletons and both snakes to receive a 5,000 point "Completion Bonus." Whipping all the gas cannisters in the cage stage gives a "Pyro Bonus" and whipping every bone pile and snake in the altar stage gives a bonus also. When on suspension bridges over lava flows, whip enemy guards until they fall in the lava for additional bonus points!<p>At the end of the bridge stage, whipping Willie would lasso her and bring her in for a kiss, giving you bonus points, while Short Round says, "Knock it off!"<p>In the cage stage, instead of clambering down short ladders, it is quicker to fall to the lower level. Also, you can reach across a gap to whip certain cages instead of following paths and ladders to them.
Indy 500 Sega 1995 Videogame Racing
There are plenty of fun secrets in this game like alternate vehicles, mirrored courses and making the big bird on second course angry. Toy around with the VR and the Start button when in selection mode. You always discover something new.
Iron Claw Unknown 1995 Arcade / Electro-Mechanical Skill
Do not shake the game as this causes the prizes to settle making them much harder to get (and possibly unretreivable).