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Name Manufacturer Year Type Genre Text (See Game for Complete Cheats, Easter Eggs, and Bugs)
Vampire Night Namco/Sega/Wow Entertainment 2000 Videogame Shooter
Only shoot the victim's sacroma when they are close.
Vampire Savior - The Lord Of Vampire Capcom 1997 Videogame Fighting
Soul-Stealing Mode: At the fighter-select screen, put your cursor over the random "?" box at the bottom. Press Start five times, holding the button on the fifth press. While holding Start, simultaneously press all three punch buttons. Whichever fighter you defeat in the next round, you will play as that character in the following round.
Vendetta Konami 1991 Videogame Scrolling Fighter
BUG: In the latter part of the second level, there is a bucket that can be picked up and thrown onto the head of an enemy, rendering him 'walking-round-in-circles' until he is struck. In a two-player (or more) game, if one person carries the bucket for the whole of the rest of the level, letting the second player do the fighting until the 'boss' is reached, and then throws the bucket at the 'boss' (a big guy who bursts out of a crate) the game will kind of crash, leaving the boss character floating around the screen, unable to be hit.<P>Once you have completed the game a bonus round follows where you must fight all the bosses again at the same time.
Virtua Striker Sega 1994 Videogame Sports
Play with FC SEGA: Highlight Sweden (or Spain or Saudi Arabia) and press Start, then England and Start, then Germany and Start, finally Argentina and Start. The team will appear in a new row.
Virtua Striker 2000 Sega 1999 Videogame Sports
<OL><LI>Change Music: After inserting the coin, hold the short pass button and press start.<LI>Play as YUKI team: highlight Yugoslavia and press Start, then USA and Start, then Korea and Start, then Italy and Start. The bonus team will appear on top left corner. It has some very funny characters including a ghost, a snowman and some mexicans with guitars!<LI>Play as MVP Royal Genki team: select YUKI (see above), highlight it and press the three buttons together.<LI>Play as FC SEGA: highlight Spain and press Start, then England and Start, then Germany and Start, finally Argentina and Start. The bonus team will appear next to top left corner.<LI>Alternate uniforms: press the three buttons together with or without Start. ATTENTION: this tip does not work all the time. All tips except number one can be disabled by the operator.</OL>
Virtual Combat VR8, Inc. 1993 Videogame Simulator
Bugs: When you credit the machine, the count goes ... 6, 7, 8, 9, 19, 11, 12 ... This happens at every x0 credit.
Vs. Balloon Fight Nintendo 1984 Videogame System
Though the enemies are immune to lightning, they are not immune to the fish. If you can lure an enemy near the water, the fish will try to snap it up. This also holds for those floating down on parachutes.