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Omega Race Midway Manufacturing Co. 1981 Videogame Space
The inside corners of the track have small portions that are transparent to the Omega guns, allow you to shoot through. There's also a small obstacle you can use to hold your position to fire. This allows you to hold continuous fire, rather than being limited to a four shot volley.
Operation Wolf Taito 1987 Videogame Shooter
HINT: Time your grenade shots to wipe out more than one enemy vehicle at a time. It is rarely smart to use a grenade on a single vehicle. Grenades are not plentiful enough to use that way.<P>HINT: When the large, blonde fellows with the big machine guns appear in stage four Ammo dump, shooting them in the face will take them down quickly. Otherwise, a grenade or lots of bullets will be required.<P>HINT: Also in stage four, keep a stream of fire going just to the right corner of the mortar behind the sandbags. You will plug the guy shooting at you early and you will not be distracted by incoming mortar fire.<P>HINT: Each round cleared heals three damage points and the village round heals twenty damage points. If you are playing on a generous machine mucho power drinks or an easy machine and you are a great shot, you may have less than three damage points near the end of the first stage enemy radar or less than twenty damage points near the end of the village scene. If so, leave <EM>one</EM> helicopter alive. When it flies on screen, pump it with nine bullets. This gives you points and you can finish it with one shot if you need to. The helicopters often take just one damage point and take a long time to deliver their damage. All the while they do this, power drinks, grenades, and ammunition may show up so you can stock up before the round has to end. Blow-up the helicopter when you have three or twenty damage points depending on the round.<P>HINT: On the fifth stage concentration camp, you are likely to finish this round shooting foot soldiers. If you are a good shot, wait until they flash. Sometimes, the enemies do not flash or shoot. The longer you delay the end of the round, the more likely you are to have ammo, grenades, and power drinks drift into the scene.<P>HINT: If you play a game that allows you to select the scene in which you fight, choose the village when you have 15-20 damage points so you can make the most of the village's healing bonus where twenty damage points will be removed. Also, do <EM>not</EM> select the ammo dump. It uses more ammo than it gives, delivers inevitable damage to you, and the three helicopters the ammo dump sends to reinforce the final round are nothing compared to the onslaught you face at the ammo dump.
Ordyne Namco 1988 Videogame Shooter
After defeating one of the two fire turtle bosses, they will shrink into a baby turtle. "Rescue" (grab) it for bonus points.
Ougon No Siro Taito 1986 Videogame Scrolling Fighter
Your warrior "Guaranos" can generate a temporary force field during the obstacle course phases (when weapons and bats fly at him) by rapidly moving the shield up and down. This can only be done once per level. During the combat phases, Guaranos can become invincible (flashing golden) for a short time. To do this, you must gather 4 swords in the obstacle course phase by striking them and then bending to pick them up from the floor. This will turn your sword red. Then, during the combat phase, strike the opponant's shield several times. After the invinciblity has ended, Guaranos' armor will be repaired also. This can only be done once per level.<P>On the third level during the obstacle course, Guaranos can jump up onto the railing behind him and avoid all the flying weapons. To do this, press and hold the shield up when there is a break in the railing.<P>Shurikens thrown during the obstacle course (level 1) are worth bonus points if they are struck just after they appear, as opposed to when they circle back towards Guaranos.<P>Most enemy warriors will stop fighting and "jump for joy" when they remove your chest plate. You can defeat a difficult enemy by letting him remove your chestplate, and then strike him twice in the same spot while he's dancing.<P>The third green axe knight on the third level will often freeze up (cease moving) after some time. If you are having trouble beating him, stay out of range and strike at his weapon and shield until this happens. You may then attack without the knight attacking or defending.<P>Some enemies swords may be broken, rendering them helpless. Simply strike the weapons about 25 times to break them. The following enemies weapons can be broken.. (Stage 1) Solon, Irene (Stage 2) Zaid, White Armored Giant<P>You can pick up the mace of the White Armored Giant in stage 2. The mace has a much stronger attack than the sword, but cannot break other weapons.
Out Run Sega 1986 Videogame Racing
If the Start button is pressed while approaching a checkpoint the following message will be displayed Program by Yu Suzuki 1986 Sep. That this easter egg will <EM>not</EM> work on all versions of the game, however.
Out Zone Toaplan 1990 Videogame Scrolling Shooter
Usually the threeway shot is best. However, the Super Ball is the ultimate weapon. If the button is held down, the ball rotates around the player, destroying everything it hits. If the button is pressed and released, the ball circles the player once and then shoots forward.PWatch for icons of other Toaplan games as they suddenly appear as addon weapons The six blue biplanes from ISky SharkI and the ITruxtonI ship are just two of the many secrets available. Careful though, as they are eventually destroyed when hit by sufficient enemy fire.