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Name Manufacturer Year Type Genre Text (See Game for Complete Cheats, Easter Eggs, and Bugs)
Dance Dance Revolution 3rd Mix Konami 2000 Videogame Dance/Rhythm
To revert the game to <I>Dance Dance Revolution 2nd Mix</I> mode, insert coins, then press the select left button twice, then the select right button twice, and then press the start button. This will bring back some of the songs that were not on <I>Dance Dance Revolution 3rd Mix</I>; the original version of "Boom Boom Dollar," for instance (the game already features "remixed" versions of some of the songs).<P>To choose 'Another' mode (more difficult steps), press the down arrow twice during the song select. If you want to go back to Basic Mode, press the up arrow twice.<P>To choose SSR or "Step Step Revolution" (the hardest of the three-step sets), insert your coins, then on the yellow select arrows, press left three times, right three times, left, right. But this code has been entered, you are locked in SSR mode for that game. You will have to wait till the next game to switch to basic/another.<P><B>Step Modes:</B> On the song select screen, input these codes using the UDLR arrows under your feet:<UL><LI>Hidden: UDUD<LI>Sudden: UDUDUDUD<LI>Stealth: UDUDUDUDUDUD<LI>Left: L 8 times (play facing left)<LI>Right: R 8 times (play facing right)<LI>Mirror: L,R 8 times (play facing away from the screen - this one's used most of the time for free-styling moves!)<LI>Shuffle: UDLRDURL (Changes the arrows position around)<LI>Little: LDRDL (removes some of the steps)<LI>Flat: LLLRRR (changes the arrows to white)<LI>Vivid: LRLLRLLR (adds coloring to the arrows)</UL>
Dance Dance Revolution 3rd Mix + Konami 2000 Videogame Dance/Rhythm
To revert the game to <I>Dance Dance Revolution 2nd Mix</I> mode, insert coins, then press the select left button twice, then the select right button twice, and then press the start button. This will bring back some of the songs that were not on <I>Dance Dance Revolution 3rd Mix</I>; the original version of "Boom Boom Dollar," for instance (the game already features "remixed" versions of some of the songs).
Dance Dance Revolution 6th Mix - DDR MAX Konami 2001 Videogame Dance/Rhythm
By holding the start button after selecting a song, you can enter a secret option menu. This will allow you to adjust different things before your game begins such as the arrow's speed (up to eight times faster than normal), the direction you face, etc.
Dance Dance Revolution 8th Mix - DDR Extreme Konami 2001 Videogame Dance/Rhythm
Songs cannot be unlocked in this game by beating certain songs. Songs can only be unlocked via a button on the inside of the machine that is used to program the game settings.
Dancing Eyes Namco 1996 Videogame Puzzle
Different powerups can be obtained to help you complete the level:<p>Monkey Face: Extra Life<br>A: Attack. Your monkey turns huge, and can walk over enemies, instantly crushing them. You also move a bit faster.<br>D: Destroy. A large number of panels are destroyed.<br>E: Extend. Time limit is extended.<br>P: Paralyze. Your panel-clearing line flashes purple. If any enemies touch it, they get stunned for a while.<br>R: Reverse. All panels switch between cleared/not cleared, or vice versa. Best found early.<br>S: Speed Up. You move noticably faster.<br>T: Time Stop. All enemies are frozen for a moment. A timer shows how long this lasts.<br>W: Wide Attack. All panels near the panels you clear are also cleared.<br>X: X-Attack. When you clear a panel, several more to the left and right of it are cleared as well.<br>Y: Y-Attack. Same as X-Attack, but goes up and down.
Dangun Feveron Cave 1998 Videogame Shooter
BUG: The game will crash and reset if either player tries to collect a bomb while already having four in possession.
Darwin 4078 Data East 1986 Videogame Shooter
Pick power-up capsules until you've become "Kues". Next, do not pick any more capsules until you've shrunk to "Zugau". Then, start picking them up again and you will enter another branch on the "tree of evolution". At the top of this tree, you will be "Deame". If you get hit, you become "Black Deame", and are invulnerable to shots. This will last as long as you pick power-up capsules.
Daytona USA Sega 1994 Videogame Racing
REVERSE TRACKS - All courses can be run in reverse. If you score high enough in this mode to earn a place the ranking table, your name will appear with the letter "R" next to it.<P>TIME ATTACK MODE - At the Transmission Selection screen, hold the start button and press the accelerator. In Time Attack Mode, only the cars controlled by players are shown in action. If you score high enough to rank in this mode, the letters "T.A." are shown next to your record in the ranking table.<P>HIDDEN MUSIC - If you play well enough to make the high score table. You can enter special intitials at the Name Entry Screen to hear music of some of SEGA's classic games. Enter "H.O." to hear music from <I>Hang-On</I>. Enter "V.R." to hear music from <I>Virtua Racing</I>. Check the Saturn tips section for the complete listing of intials that play special songs in the Saturn version of <I>Daytona USA</I>; many if not all of these will work in the arcade game.<P>SPECIAL ENDING - To view a special ending scene, you must finish in third place or better in every course. On a "Twin type" machine, this scene can only be viewed if just one player is racing.<P>CHANGE BACKGROUND MUSIC - Change the background buttons while the game starts to access different music tracks.<P>SECRET VIEW - To get an overall view of the race condition during gameplay, hold the start button and simultaneously press view change buttons 2, 3, AND 4.<P>BEGINNER COURSE TIP - A slot machine hangs over the Beginner Course. When driving near it, press the start button three times to stop the slots from turning. If you score all "7"s, you will earn seven extra seconds of game time. If you score three "BAR"s, You will earn five extra seconds of time. This only works once per game and does not work on "TWIN" machines.<P>INTERMEDIATE COURSE TIP - If you drive into the elevated path just before the pit road, a billboad will appear that reads "You Just Lost Your Sponsors".<P>EXPERT COURSE TIPS - If you stop on the last corner, the seagulls will get closer to your car. If you drive the in the reverse mode on the second lap, the staute of Jeffry wil be standing on its hands. If you stop completly near the jeffery statue you can make it spin by repeatedly pressing the start button. When the game starts, press the start button repeatedly. To make the seagulls become larger up to four times larger.<P>SPECIAL "TWIN TYPE" OPTIONS - The "Twin Type" DAYTONA USA machines have two secret modes which can only be activated by the arcade owner or technician through the game test menus. Ask your arcade operator to activate the "Grand Prix" or "Endurance" modes to make the races longer! In Grand Prix mode, the Beginner course is 20 laps, intermediate is 10 laps and expert is 5 laps. In Endurance mode, the Beginner course is 80 laps, Intermediate is 40 laps, and Expert is 20 laps.<P>NO HANDICAP MODE - The game keeps races close by increasing the top speed of any car that is not in first place, which gives all players a chance to catch up. To disable this option (On "Twin Type" games only), press all four view change buttons at the course selection screen. A small white point will appear in the upper left corner of the screen. In multi-player races, No Handicap Mode will only be activated if more than half of the players enter this code. If the machine is configured for Grand Prix mode or Endurance mode as described above, entering the No Handicap Mode will have added effect of wearing away your tires during game. The amount of tire wear depends on your milage and speed.
Daytona USA 2: Battle On The Edge Sega 1998 Videogame Racing
Hold down the Start button during the track select screen to choose from mirrored tracks. Hold down the Start button during the transmission select screen to remove the computer opponets. Holding the Start button while waiting for race the to start will select the remixed music (Japanese singer) instead. There are several more view options as well.
Daytona USA 2: Power Edition Sega 1999 Videogame Racing
All the cheats from <I>Daytona USA 2: Battle On The Edge</I> will work in this game.
Defense Command Unknown 1980 Videogame Shooter
Tips:<UL><LI>Avoid using hyperspace unless you are about to die. Fighting off attacks, regardless of the number of enemies will make you a better <I>Defender</I> player.<LI>Baiters can usually be overcome by hitting the reverse button twice quickly. They will fly past you and be in range for your fire power. Do <EM>not</EM> try to outrun them as Baiters are faster than your ship.<LI>Swarmers are easy to defeat. You can hit reverse as soon as they fly past you and fly behind them. They can't shoot backwards so you can blast away at will.<LI>At higher levels you will need to play God and even sacrifice some humanoids (by killing them yourself) to preserve the rest of the planet's population. The planet is too large for you protect and you are sparing the humanoids from a fate worst than death (mutation). Don't worry, these humanoids reproduce quickly and overpopulation has always been a constant problem. The planet will be fully populated at the start of every fifth attack wave (configurable).</UL>
delete Sega 1992 Videogame
delete JSR 1900 Videogame
On Stage two, hit the skate boarding lady to get a free game 1 Up.You must collect all ten cystals in each section.1 If you are playing any of the two robots, push down on all three buttons. An arcade machine will appear and the enemies will run up to it and play. While they are distracted, you can beat them up and they will not fight back. 2 An easy way to get rid of enemies is to throw them through windows. Another way is to use the oil drums when an enemy is near and the drum will explode making the enemy up in flames. Both of these deaths are instant.Evil Ryu Highlight Sakura, then L, L, D, D, R, D, L, U, R, and R. MovesULLIFireball QCFP also in airLIDragon Punch Z way forwardPLIHurricane Kick QCBKLITeleport Z way forward or backwardPS or KSLISuper Fireball QCF twicePLIMega Dragon Punch QCF, D, DFKLISuper Hurricane Kick QCB twiceKLIShungokusatsu P, P, F, K, SULPEvil Sakura Highlight Morrigan, then R, R, U, R, D, L, L, D, and R. She is Sakura, except she turns red, red orange, and light gray. She can do like Akuma.PMega Zangief Highlight Jin, then R, R, D, L, L, U, and R. He is similar to Zangief, except he is a metal body. MovesULLISpinning Clothesline PSLITurbo Spinning Clothesline KSLISpinning Piledriver 360PLIAtomic Suplex 360K closeLIFlying Power Bomb 360K farLIGlowing Backhand Z way forwardPLIFinal Atomic Buster 720PLISiberian Blizzard 720KULPShin Akuma Highlight Megaman, then R, D, D, L, L, U, U, R, U, L, and L. He is similar to Akuma, except his gi turns blue, and he is stronger.
delete4 Sega 1999 Videogame Soccer/Futbol
Demolition Derby Bally Midway 1984 Videogame Racing
HINT: Collect the screwdrivers at all costs. They seriously extend your lifespan.<P>HINT: At the start of each round, all the cars begin with their trunks facing each other. When the cars begin moving, all the vehicles ram each other at top speed. You need to wait half a second and steer a little to the right before backing up full throttle. This will send you into the radiator of the car to your right for a big score and it will likely become a candidate for the first loser of the round.<P>As you progress through the game, the "garage girl" (who appears between each level) shows a little bit more of her entire body.
Dig Dug Atari 1982 Videogame Labyrinth/Maze
Get either a Pooka or Fygar right on your tail, then pump him up but not so much that he explodes. Do this right near a rock but be warned that this is rather tricky. The idea is to loosen the rock when the enemy is almost fully inflated, get out of the way, then do a quick reverse and finish off the enemy at exactly the same time as he is crushed by the rock avoiding the rock yourself, of course. This will confuse the game and all enemies on the current level will disappear leaving you to aimlessly dig tunnels through the dirt. You will not progress to the next level until you drop another rock. If you scoop away ALL the dirt on screen while keeping one Pooka alive, and afterwards blow up the remaining enemy, the game freezes up and leaves you forever stranded on a black screen. Amusingly, you cannot die or progress anywhere, so the machine has to be turned off.
Digger Sega/Gremlin 1980 Videogame Labyrinth/Maze
By digging a small hole in the door before the monsters come out you can lock them in indefinitely, then fill the maze with holes, allowing you to play almost indefinitely.
Dimahoo 8ing/Raizing 2000 Videogame Shooter
There are four secret characters in this game. To access them, put in your credits, then enter UP, UP, LEFT, DOWN, DOWN, RIGHT, A, B, A, B, A using the game controls. Then hit the start button and the four original characters along with the four secret characters should be accessible.PThere are also many secret items that can be collected in this game I have yet to verify all of these but most are correctBRBLegend ItemsBULLILegend Sword Beat the Stealth Dragon with at least four bombs in reserve.LILegend Shoes Beat the Turtletank not the type appearing at the beginning of stage three in the game, there are five of the type you DO want by level8 charge shot with at least four bombs in reserve.LILegend Shield Beat the Chestmonster with at least four bombs in reserve.LILegend Armor Beat the Turtletank of the type that DOES appear at the start of stage three theres two in the game by level8 charge shot with at least four bombs in reserve. You can also get it by destroying the thronebattery which is placed in front of the coliseum at the final stage.LILegend Helmet Beat the battery which fires four red bullets which is placed at the center of BusturtleR in the sixth stage by charge shot, and do not use any bombs between BusturtleRs appearance and this action. This will be rather difficult with SoloBang, Karte, Gain, Chitta, or Birthday.ULBCapcom ItemsBULLIPinwheel Charge shot the Goblins which appear at the start point of the first stage with an empty bomb meter i.e. the gauge right below your charge shot meter.LIMobichan Destroy the side drill which shoots a fan of bullets by charge shot in the third stage with an empty bomb meter.LIHolstein Beat the Ice Serpent by charge shot in the fourth stage with an empty bomb meter.LITakenoko Destroy the drill of the Excavator Tank in the fourth stage with an empty bomb meter.LIDragonfly Destroy the first part of the recessed tank deck in the third stage by bomb. Its also somewhere in the first stage.ULBFairy ItemsB Note In all cases, you need to destroy the targets with a single level6 or greater charge shot.ULLIWood Fairy Destroy the tail drill of the Busturtle in the first and sixth stage.LIWind Fairy Destroy both propellors of Dratrion at the end of stage two.LIEarth Fairy Destroy the battery which is placed at the stomach of Dribling stage three boss andor DriblingR second stage six midboss by charge shot as far as I can tell, the targets are the two elemental cylinders on Driblings back.LIWater Fairy Destroy Cypiders abdomen at the end of stage four by charge shot.LIFire Fairy Destroy the last phase of Infernon at the end of stage five or the first phase of the last boss, Gigaface by charge shot.ULBJewelsBULLIRuby Have at least three levels each of shot and magic power, kill Busturtle with a level5 charge shot.LIEmerald Have at least four bombs, kill Dratrion with a level5 charge shot.LICrystal Same conditions as the Emerald, but do it to Dribling.LIPearl Like the Emerald and Crystal, but you need to kill Cypider, and you want to use a level1 charge shot maybe it just means any charge shot...Im not sure....LIDiamond Actually, you do not kill a boss to get this. Four bombs at least, level1 charge shot, destroy both sideheads of Infernon or, at least, the sections the heads WERE attached to with that chargeshot active.UL
Dino Rex Taito 1992 Videogame Fighting
Special moves are executed by moving the joystick in a certain direction and hitting both buttons. The special moves meter is located at the top of the screen and it allows a maximum of three moves.
Dirt Devils Sega 1998 Videogame Racing
There is a timereleased track and vehicle. Unfortunately your vehicle slows down a bit when you are in first position, but speeds up when you are among the last.
Do! Run Run Universal 1984 Videogame Platform
Here are a few hints for getting a higher score:<UL><LI>Throw your powerball in a narrow space so it will bounce more. The more bounces it completes before hitting a monster, the greater the bonus. Continue to encircle the fruit to keep increasing its point value.<LI>It takes less cherries that dots to get a new powerball, less apples than cherries, etc.</UL>
Domino Man Bally Midway 1983 Videogame Skill
Ways to increase your score:<UL><LI>Remove and replace the same few dominoes over and over again for as long as time, the people, bugs, etc., will allow.<LI>Complete as many screens as possible <EM>before</EM> purposely tipping over the dominoes and your score will increase exponentially!</UL>
Donkey Kong Nintendo 1981 Videogame Platform
The first version of <I>Donkey Kong</I> that was released in America red cabinet version had a trick that could be done on the barrell board. Move Mario up a ladder so that his hands are at the top of the ladder and the barrells will not come down on Mario. Only a barrell thrown from Donkey Kong or a fireball can get Mario when doing this. The best way to tell if your Donkey Kong machine has this older version of the software is to watch the title screen during the demo. Underneath the name, and Donkey Kong himself, you will see the copyright of Nintendo. If it reads: "1981 Nintendo" you have the older version the regular version of the program reads "1981 Nintendo of America". This is important to check because many of the cabinets that had the older version of the program got updated with new chips. The early cabinets also had a trick that could be done with a drinking straw to give unlimited gameplay. A straw inserted in the middle outside section of the upper hinge would turn sideways inside the machine and be positioned just above the credit switch. By jiggling the straw up and down, you could get up to 99 credits in seconds.
Donkey Kong Junior Nintendo 1982 Videogame Platform
Play Forever Cheat. This is an awesome cheat that allows you to play DKJr forever in the arcades. Works well emulated too. Select a two-player game and control player one as you would normally. Now with player two, on the first board, move Junior as far to the right as possible without falling off the ledge that you start on. Make sure DKJ is in a sitting position, not the ready to jump position. Now wait until a blue snapper comes down the next vine. As soon as the snapper gets off the vine, jump towards it. You should hit the water and the snapper at the same time. Instantly, the game will revert you back to player one and not lose the player two DKJ. When player one's game is over, use this cheat with player two and the game will revert you back to player one again. Use this cheat every time player one dies to play forever. This cheat is hard to master and it may take four or five times the first time you try it just to get it working. It works under both players, so if you are emulating, I suggest setting the switches to give you six Juniors. Then, play two players and alternate the cheat until you have mastered it.
Double Dragon Taito 1987 Videogame Scrolling Fighter
BUG This only happens in two player mode. On the second level right before the end of level baddie comes out, if one player looses all his lives, the boss will not appear and you will NOT be able to continue the game.PCHEAT Use the elbow smash against any enemy and you should be able to defeat them without any problem.PCHEAT This cheat requires two players. At the end of level two the one with the lift, player one should get the green enemy in a full nelson from behind when he is nearly dead and therefore low on energy. When all the other enemies have been killed, the games countdown timer should stop and if player two picks up the whip, the green bad guy should be able to be whipped indefinately, provided that this is done carefully. Player twos score will continue to increase and after about 20 minutes his score should reach 99,950. After that, everytime player two hits an enemy or scores some points the player should receive an extra life.PTRICK Sometimes, enemies will come out wielding sticks of dynamite. if you let them throw it, walk backwards and they should walk right into the explosion One of the oldest Double Dragon tricks.
Double Dynamites Seibu Kaihatsu 1989 Videogame Scrolling Fighter
Purchase extra life packs and dynamite punches in-between stages.
Double Play Midway Manufacturing Co. 1977 Videogame Sports
Pitcher can control speed and direction of pitched ball after pitch starts. Speed can change and/or direction can change in mid flight.
Dr. Toppel Tankentai Taito 1987 Videogame Shooter
On EPROM 11, if the byte at location 7FFF is changed from 01 (which is Japanese language code) to 02, this will "convert" the game to the English/USA version. Title screen changes to say "Dr. Topple's Adventure" also.
Dragon Blaze Psikyo 2000 Videogame Shooter
Each boss has an attack which reveals a "core" that resembles a shiny ball. Damage the boss enough to kill it with Dragon Shoot, wait until it shows its core and hit (and kill) it with the Dragon Shoot to get a Technical Bonus.
Driving Force Shinkai Inc. 1984 Videogame Racing
You earn bonus points for each and every car you pass, even if you pass the same car more than once! So you can rack up extra bonus points if you allow a group of cars to pass you so that you can pass them again.
Dungeons Dragons: Shadow Over Mystara Capcom 1996 Videogame Scrolling Fighter
BUG: Choose a character with a 6-character name. Press the name button and then erase it and start pressing buttons to put your own letters in. The timer to enter your name will reset as long as you are pressing buttons to enter letters. What happens is that you can continue to enter more letters than the code expects and you begin to over-write the area of memory that contains character information and inventory. Depending on what letters you enter and how many you enter you can continue the game at the beginning of the next stage and already be Hasted, Invulnerable, Invisible, possessing powerful weapons, etc. The character info on screen is all garbled. Once you make it to the first shop you can drag apparently empty inventory items into the trash for large sums of silver. The game will lock up quite frequently though - especially when you pick up items that hold specific places in memory. Try using about 110 M's for a name. This glitch was removed with the later revision.<p>TIP: There is a 3rd cursed sword in the game, It is located near the 1st/2nd dragon when falling downwards through a level. Pick up the cursed sword and keep using it. It will slowly kill you and it cannot be fixed by the cleric. If you persevere for long enough, it will be unleashed and un-curse itself. This is the legendary sword the game keeps making references to when you complete it. It does horrendous damage and is very fast. It's best used with the dwarf and his whirlwind attack but works equally well with the invulnerable thief.
Dungeons & Dragons: Tower Of Doom Capcom 1993 Videogame Scrolling Fighter
As was mentioned, the players get to choose different routes through the game. It <EM>is</EM> possible to slay the red dragon, only very difficult. The dragon uses his breath weapon three times: each time contact with the flame breath will result in instant death. However, continuing is allowed. After the third breath weapon, the dragon's life bar will appear and he can be slain.
Dynamite Duke Seibu Kaihatsu 1989 Videogame Scrolling Fighter
Purchase extra life packs and dynamite punches in-between stages.