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The Collections

The International Arcade Museum wing of the Museum of the Game has direct and exclusive access to world leading collections of Arcade, Coin-op, and Video Game amusement technology. These holdings include items from the collections of Greg McLemore, Arcadia, The Atari History Museum, Dan Post, and others.

These archives include priceless console and coin-op vidogames, mechanical and electro-mechanical games, industry awards, memorabilia, design elements, prototypes and more.

For additional information on a few aspects of these collections, please visit:

Rock-ola World Series EM Game, 1937
Rock-ola World Series EM Game, 1937

Selections from these holdings include:

  • The first, second, and third floor model coin-op arcade games produced by man-kind (each one of a kind strength testers made in the 1800's)
  • The oldest known surviving instant photobooth (made a century ago)
  • The world's first coin-op kiddie ride (recently discovered horse, believed lost until we found it)
  • The earliest produced commercial coin-operated videogames (including the famous and unique white Computer Space)
  • Over 700 other coin-operated machines
  • Numerous coin-operated videgame prototypes, including three prototypes for Computer Space (the first commercially produced coin-op video game) including the only known white one, prototypes for Pole Position and Q*Bert, and early production pieces including Pong (Serial #1) and Asteroids Deluxe (Serial #1)
  • Numerous console videogame prototypes, ranging from the Magnavox Odyssey 3 to the Atari 2700. On March 7, 2020, we announced that we had acquired the Nintendo Playstation prototype, the only known sample of a collaboration between Nintendo and Sony that was not meant to be.
  • And of course industry awards and memorabilia, design and development notes, terabytes of data, microfilm, and more.

Additional rarities in these collections include:

  • Atari's Pong in a Wine Barrel
  • Poly Play, the only coin-op videogame produced in the GDR (East Germany before the fall of the Berlin wall).
  • A "Brown Box" replica provided by Ralph Baer
  • The definitive reference collection of Atari prototypes including the 2700 (wireless 2600), the Val 2000 (Brown/Black and Blue), System 0 and System X 5200 Prototypes, Cosmos, Game Brain, transparent units, etc.
  • and much, much more.

If you have or know of any rare machines or related artifacts that you believe we should preserve please feel free to contact us. Thank you.

Documentary Film Crew Shooting
Documentary Film Crew Shooting
A 1930's Paces Races At Our Office