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ROM Identify

Use this feature to identify what game or machine a ROM belongs to, or to verify whether a rom is valid or corrupt. You may upload a file, or alternatively you may enter in a SHA1 or CRC32 checksum. If a search comes back as unknown, you either have a ROM we don’t know about yet, or the ROM you generated the checksum from is corrupt.

The ROM Identifier currently contains over 337,014 ROM signatures.

If you would like to test this feature, try searching for: 2f3dcdfd6b04d851aa1082848624687ac0cec9e2

Upload a ROM file or manually enter a CRC32 (8 Chars), SHA1 (40 Chars) value to lookup by hand if you don't have a file to upload.

Note: No files are retained by the system. Once a calculation and search have been conducted, the file is removed from memory