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June 01 2018

We just added auction results to our system. Now when you look up a game you can often see what kind of prices the machines have brought at auction. A special thanks to our inaugural auction partners: Morphy Auctions and Captains Auction Warehouse. Thank you both for your support!

January 29 2018

We are currently experimenting with a new way to display indexes to our game entries and game database search results. Check out the new description and photo status bars that indicate how complete individual game entries are!

January 15 2018

After adding 1,178 new game entries in the last 2 weeks of December, we added another 426 the first 2 weeks of January!

January 01 2018

Happy New Year! In the past 2 weeks, we've added 1,178 new game entries to our database and look forward to continuing our great work in 2018!

October 01 2013

Automatic Age Magazine has been brought to the digital age!

We are glad to announce the formal release (and exit from Beta) of over 25,000 pages of Automatic Age Magazine!

Over three years in the making, one of the most important arcade and amusement trade publications is now online. Covering coin-operated amusement from 1925 through the late 1940s, it's a great view into not only the evolution of gaming, but also American society through the roaring 20s, the depression, and World World II. Special thanks to special rights holders and other instrumental supporters including the University of Chicago Library, the Graham family, and Lightner Publishers.

September 30 2013

The International Arcade Museum continues to grow, though we haven't been great about promoting all our changes here! Generally we have been announcing them on our message forums In the last few years we merged with The Arcade Flyer Archive, added over 100,000 pages of content, upgraded VAPS and much more.

August 06 2008

Games Magazine, in their September 2008 issue, includes a 5 page article entitled Preserving Video Arcade Games and writes about the International Arcade Museum,, and

July 06 2006

If you are near San Jose, California this weekend (July 8 & 9) then we highly recommend a visit to the California Extreme 2006 show, the nations largest show of classic coinop videogames (yes you can play them). For more information, please visit

July 13 2005

Collecting VideoGames is Hot according to the July 18, 2005 issue of Newsweek... which calls KLOV.COM the "IMDB for players, with titles, photos and dates..."

April 04 2003

Interested in coin-operated machines? There are several available at the upcoming Victorian Casino Antiques Auction, April 12-13, 2003 in Las Vegas. For more information, check out their web site at

January 30 2003

This site is by collectors for collectors. Please help us build this site by uploading images. If you log in first then you will get credit for your contributions.

December 05 2002

The International Arcade Museum site upgrade is coming together very nicely. We've added over 6,000 new entries, each with book references...