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The MOOT™ (Museum of Obsolete Technology®) is celebrating the history of science and invention, and its impact on amusement and entertainment, particuarly in early innovations that have helped lead to the world we have today. An expanding world full of smartphones, consoles, and videogames of a growing ability to enjoy them. Our journey includes many stories, covering Cryptography, Consumer Device Remote Controls, Computing, Arcade Games, Answering Machines, Personal Audio And Video, and more...

The MOOT's collections have been assembled by a small handfull of dedicated collectors and historians. The majority of these items are currently located in California, Oregon, Wyoming, and Texas. Post-Covid, we've be exhibiting these items physically in addition to virtually. Longtime respect for this history finally led to the Museum of Obsolete Technology and the MOOT in 2019.



Computer Space by Nutting

First Commercial Coin-Operated Video Game (1971)

Pong by Atari

First Video Game Industry Break-Out Commercial Hit (1972)

Playstation Prototype (Nintendo & Sony Joint Venture)

The first Playstation prototype was made by Nintendo! (1992)

Philco's Mystery Remote

First Commerciall Wireless Remote (1939)

Zenith Flash Matic

First Wireless Television Remote (1955)

Zenith Space Commander

First Television Remote That Worked Well and First Clicker (1956)

Zenith Space Commander Ad

Source: National Geographic Magazine

Second Generation Clicker Remotes

This basic design dominated the industry for several decades.

Sony Walkman

First Truely Portable Personal Sound Device (1979)

Motorola Dynatac 8000x

First Handheld Mobile Phone (1983)

Early Transatlantic Cable

Connecting Countries To Interconnect the World (mid-19th century))

Regency TR-1

First Handheld Radio - First Transistor Radio (1954)


First Pharmaceutical Birth Control (1957-1960, this package 1966)


Consumer Friendly Cosmetic Compact Design (1968)


Consumer Friendly Weekly Pill Layout (1968)

Canon Pocketronic

First Handheld Calculator / First Transistor Calculator (1970)

Q*Bert Prototype

From the Original Q*Bert, to Wreck it Ralph, to Current Shopping Opportunities

Coming Soon: Early Answering Machine, Early Car Phone, First Floor Model Arcade Game, First Kiddy Ride, Enigma Code Machines, and more...
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