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Q*Bert Arcade Proto Figure(1982)
Look at the early version of Q*Bert -- his color and his nose.

Q*Bert Arcade Game Side Art (1982)
Q*Bert is Born!

Q*Bert Production Machine and Prototype in MOG collection
A comparision.

Q*Bert in Wreck It Ralph (2012)
An already famous character remains so after 30 years

Q*Bert - Gallery

Q*Bert was released in 1982. He was immensely popular in the arcades, and later reappeared on several game console platforms and an animated television series. Q*Bert was introduced to a whole new generation in 2012 with a major role in Wreck it Ralph! The first image below shows a yellow Q-bert with round feet and a very different nose. This was how he originally looked, as seen on the prototype for the Q*Bert coin-operated arcade game in the collection at the Museum of the Game.

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