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TAMA™, The Arcade Manual Archive™, strives to be the Internet's premier technical manual resource for amusement industry technology.
It combines the previous industry and collector supported efforts of the International Arcade Museum,, and Additionally, we encourage you to visit the web sites of manufacturers currently in operation: Namco Arcade, Sega Arcade, and Stern Pinball.

General Electronics and Game Repair Theory and Instruction:
General Education, Theory and Training (6)
Test Equipment (55)
Machine Specific Technical Manuals:
Console Videogame Manuals (7)
EM/Arcade Manuals (119)
Pinball Manuals (179)
Unsorted Machine Manuals (1)
Vending and Redemption Machine Manuals (10)
Videogame Manuals (2541)
Non-Machine Specific Arcade Technical Manuals:
LaserDisc (27)
Manufacturer Related Manuals (19)
Misc. Manuals (2)
Parts - Monitors (301)
Parts - TTL/PCB/Motherboards (2)
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If you don't find what you are looking for here, a good place to hunt for manuals is eBay. Additionally, for games made fairly recently, manuals may be found on manufacturer web sites. Manufacturers still in business include Namco Arcade and Stern Pinball

Please note that while we are supported by nearly all manufacturers and coin-op companies, there are a few manuals that we are not able to provide online at this time. In particular, we currently do not offer 'Gottlieb' manuals here, though may offer support for earlier Gottlieb manuals in the future. See our Manual Copyrights & Contact Info page for information about this and for our contact information.