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Our linking and use policies were specifically created with the intent of protecting the integrity, growth, and vitality of the International Arcade Museum ® and the KLOV® web sites as resources for society, while at the same time providing as much flexibility and convenience as possible for the vast majority of our visitors.

This document is intended to describe the basic permissions we are granting you without you having to explain to us more about your use.

We generally permit limited use of International Arcade Museum content on-line and off-line for articles, personal home pages, or collectors' game-specific sites such as, provided that such use is credited to the Museum of the Game, and/or The International Arcade Museum, with a link to one of our sites whenever possible. Since no monetary fee is associated with this permission and no editorial review is conducted on your use, the permission is given without any reps and warranties and you remain responsible for your specific use.

We generally prohibit wholesale copying of the site or its contents (including databases, images, and text) as well as assistance to same. We have taken legal action against arcade machines resellers and AdSense junkies who have mined our site and posted our data as their own (even though their pages looked different and they didn't use our trademarks). If you are considering this, please don't, as our costs in pursuing you simply take away from our funds to develop this resource for all to enjoy. We also ask that you don't post any of our site's content onto Wikipedia. Even if you would credit us, a future edit of the page may remove that credit. Adding our content to a general (but less complete in the arcade arena) encyclopedia is also unnecessary. All our data can be searched on our web site, and can also be found easily through search engines like Google and Yahoo.

The primary reason for these limited restrictions is that this resource depends on the countless efforts of volunteers. It depends on this web site showing up near the top of search results so that many visitors find this resource. The more people that visit our pages, the more contribute to them, and the better our offerings serve everyone, be it our encyclopedia pages, our technical references, our community message forums, or our other resources.

It's a responsibility that we don't take lightly as the world's premier resource for coin-operated amusement devices.


The International Arcade Museum® and Killer List Of Videogames® (KLOV®) web sites are copyright © 1995-2023 by WebMagic Ventures, LLC, Museum of the Game, and The International Arcade Museum and may not be used in whole or part without our express written consent. All rights reserved. Any and all information found here may not be copied or reprinted on any medium, either physical or electronic, without our express written permission, except as noted below.

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All other trademarks that appear throughout the site belong to their respective owners, and are protected by U.S. and international copyright and trademark laws. Any use of any of the trademarks appearing throughout the site without our the express written consent of the International Arcade Museum, or of the owner of the trademark as appropriate, is strictly prohibited.


Unless otherwise agreed upon in advance and in writing, all submissions to the International Arcade Museum or the KLOV in the form of text, scans, photos, video, or any other data irrevocably become the property of the International Arcade Museum and may very well be posted on the these web sites or elsewhere (electronically or in print) for all to enjoy. The International Arcade Museum may reproduce (and allow others to reproduce) your contributions as it sees fit for an indefinite period of time.

This ownership is required for us to be able to properly utilize user submissions. It's also helpful when we want to get wholesale content thieves to 'cease and desist' occasionally.

All submissions are automatically licensed back to the submitter (no fee, non-exclusive, non-warranted). In other words, it is not our intent to try and restrict your own use of your content on your own web sites, publications, e-mail, applications or other uses (though of course you can't give someone else exclusive right to use an image or text block you contributed to the International Arcade Museum).


You are free to make print outs from the International Arcade Museum and the KLOV as you wish for your own non-commercial use. Anything taken from either shall not be sold in any way, shape, or form, either individually or packaged with other goods or services.

You may also use up to 10 images of coin-operated video-games and/or pinball machines (game cabinets, screen shots, etc.) on your personal home page provided you credit and link back to us.

For other types of machines (electro-mechanical, vending, scales, slot machines), please contact us first as we are still striving to learn how people wish to use this content.

Please do not take our written descriptions without custom written permission. Please consider linking to our page instead.


We are a little more cautious regarding commercial use of our content. No use is permitted if your publication or article is illegal, controversial, libelous or in poor taste in our community or in yours, or if you use would cast us in a negative light. If this does not apply to you, please continue reading.

Printed magazines, newspapers and books may use up to 1 game image per year (any type of machine, game cabinets or screen shots) without contacting us first, provided that you credit and/or The International Arcade Museum, and that you e-mail us with the image used, publication name, publication date, and page number.

Printed magazines, newspapers and books may use up to 10 game images per year instead of 1 (videogame and pinball related images only)if they send us a copy of the article(s) within two weeks after publication to this address below (credit still required).

Commercial web sites may use up to 10 games images per publisher (videogame and pinball related images only). If a publisher, including its affiliates and subsidiaries, own, manager, or host 1000 web sites, that means at least 990 of them should not have our images on them.

Commerical web sites still need to credit and/or The International Arcade Museum, and create link(s) back to the home page of one of our sites and/or to individual game page. Such links should not open within a frame or in other way that adds content in any way to our pages or to the visitors viewing experience. Please do not take our written descriptions without custom written permission.

Please ask us if you have additional content needs. We often try to be accommodating. Please note that in most cases we are unable to provide you with super high resolution publication quality images as we do not maintain digital images in a higher quality form than displayed on our site.


We may maintain some copies of advertisements, arcade owner's manuals, machine repair manuals, articles, and educational FAQ's (Frequently Asked Questions) on these sites that others may hold some rights in, in addition to any rights we may hold in such material. Such additional rights may or may not be noted within the content. Furthermore, your rights for the use and reproduction of each document may differ from the rights normally granted elsewhere on this page and may differ from our rights to the material. If in doubt, inquire.


You may copy the KLOV or International Arcade logos for purposes of linking to our sites. You may not use the logo for any other purpose, nor may use our logo in any way which suggests we are recommending or approving your web site, products, or other services. You may link to the International Arcade Museum home page, or the KLOV home page, or to up to 20 HTML pages within either web site with an ".html" extension, so long as the linking page does not place our pages in a frame or alter its appearance in any way. You may not link directly to any graphic images, sound files, text files (with a ".txt" extension), archive files (such as ".zip" files, or any other non-HTML links within the International Arcade Museum or KLOV web site without prior permission, except as listed below. Any person, web site, company, or other organization wishing to maintain more than 20 links to either site or any of its pages or other content within is required to obtain prior written consent from us.


Our eBay policy is all about Avoiding Confusion, Attribution, and Preventing Unapproved or Inappropriate Content Replication.

A number of eBay sellers have copied portions of our encyclopedia pages in their online auction listings without our permission. These listings have occasionally been problematic for a variety of reasons. It is very resource intensive to respond to every problematic listing that our users bring to our attention. We have reported a number of these auction listings to eBay, which has resulted in a number of auction cancellations.

In order to provide maximum benefit to the public while working to minimize the resources needed to insure compliance, we have determined that the best policy is to encourage responsible content use rather than to attempt to prevent it entirely.

In short, you must:

  1. Credit Due: Provide credit to and/or The International Arcade Museum. Unless prohibited by eBay, you are required to include an active URL link back to or as appropriate. In any case, you are required to label material taken from our site with text as least as big and as prominent as the average text size in your item description in one of the following ways:  "Description and Images used with Permission from the International Arcade Museum, which has not reviewed this listing." or "Description and Images used with Permission from, which has not reviewed this listing." or Description and Images used with Permission from The International Arcade Museum and, which have not reviewed this listing. If eBay does not permit you to include external active links in your listings, your may omit the link but must still include the "Descriptions..." language.
  2. No KLOV/IAM logos: Do not include the KLOV or International Museum logos on any other web page.
  3. Accurate Representation of Photos: Although it is often better not to use any of our images at all, if you do use any, it needs to be clear that any of our site images used do not represent the actual item being sold. Be sure to avoid the chance of someone confusing one of our photos with that of a photo of your item for sale.  If, for example, you are selling a complete game, don't include a full game image from our site in your auction. It is recommended to include an actual image of the item you are selling. Clearly identify any photos used as photos copied from us and not of the item being auctioned.
  4. Don't Copy Web Links or Auction Links: Do not copy any part of our content that include external links to other pages, including links to other sites or links to eBay auctions (ie: our 'Right Now On eBay' section)
  5. No Association with KLOV/IAM: Do not include any text or formatting that might infer that your auction is endorsed, recommended, guaranteed, approved, or in any other way associated by or with KLOV or the International Arcade Museum.

Provide you follow the above conditions and otherwise act in good faith, you are granted a limited license to link to and/or use our images and/or our descriptions for purposes of illustrating your eBay Auctions and/or your eBay Stores listings, although you must hold us free from any claims made as a result of your listings. This permission is automatically withdrawn if eBay ever claims ownership of the content within listings posted on its site, and can also be withdrawn if deemed necessary by the International Arcade Museum, in its sole judgement.


If one of our users has contributed content to our site that you believe infringes on your rights, please see our DMCA Copyright Claims Page. If that doesn't address your questions, and you have other content concerns, please contact us at the postal address below.

In order to get a response, be sure to include your name, company name, url of page holding the content in question, description of your concerns, at least a one line statement claming your ownership in the content in question (if applicable), and a phone number for someone to call you back.

We reserve the rights to change any of these policies at any time without prior notice, including retroactively, as we deem necessary for the health and success of the International Arcade Museum and the KLOV. Retroactive changes will not include anything that prevents content submitters from using content they previously submitted in their ways per above. We welcome any suggestions regarding these policies or about anything else within these sites.

Updated: December, 2017