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Medicine - Invention of Pharmaceutical Birth Control

First Pharmaceutical Birth Control

Consumer Friendly Cosmetic Compact Design

Consumer Friendly Weekly Pill Layout

Enovid Birth Control Pills

Enovid was the original birth control pill brought a new world of reproduction rights to women throughout much of the world. These original pills were incredibly overpowered and thus a lot of women had side effects. That didn't slow down market acceptance, and millions of prescriptions were sold in just a few years. The freedom thes pills provided made it much easier for women in many ways, including to choose the timing or choice of their family building, making it easier for them to advance in the workplace.

See: Original 1960's Enovid, and later 1960's Enovid C packaging looking like a cosmetic compact case. First it was provided in a bottle of loose pills, in then in 20 day blister packs, and then only eventualy headed towards user-friendly weekly rows.