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Manufacturer: Atari

Atari released 137 machines in our database under this trade name, starting in 1972. Atari was based in United States.

The 5 most common machines by Atari owned by VAPS members are (in order):
Centipede , Tempest , Asteroids , Star Wars , Asteroids Deluxe

The 5 most common machines by Atari wanted by VAPS members are (in order):
Tempest , Star Wars , Dig Dug , Missile Command , Crystal Castles

Atari, Inc. was incorporated on June 27, 1972.
Corporate History
Succeeded by Atari Games, Inc. 1984-2001
Entries in this index: 137
Name Year Type Genre Description Images
2 Game Module 1977 Videogame
4X4 1983 Pinball / Solid State
Agent X 1983 Videogame Scrolling Fighter
Airborne Avenger 1977 Pinball / Solid State
Akka Arrh 1982 Videogame Shooter
Alien Space 1980 Pinball Unknown
Alpha 1 1983 Videogame Platform
Anti-Aircraft II -- aka Anti-Aircraft 1975 Videogame Shooter
Arabian 1983 Videogame Platform
Asteroids 1979 Videogame Space
Asteroids Deluxe 1980 Videogame Space
Atari Baseball 1979 Videogame Baseball
Atari Basketball 1979 Videogame Sports
Atari Football 1979 Videogame Sports
Atari Force Liberator 1982 Videogame Scrolling Fighter
Atari Mini Golf 1978 Videogame Golf
Atari Soccer 1979 Videogame Soccer/Futbol
Atarians 1976 Pinball / Solid State
Avalanche 1978 Videogame Skill
Barrel Pong 1973 Videogame Ball and Paddle
Battlezone 1980 Videogame Shooter
Black Widow 1982 Videogame Shooter
Boxing 1977 Videogame Fighting
Bradley Trainer 1980 Videogame Simulator
Breakout 1976 Videogame Ball and Paddle
Canyon Bomber 1977 Videogame Shooter
Catch 1977 Videogame Ball and Paddle
Centipede 1980 Videogame Shooter
Cloak & Dagger 1983 Videogame Scrolling Fighter
Cloud 9 1983 Videogame Shooter
Compugraph Photo 1976 Vending / Photo
Consolette 1976 Videogame
Consolette 2000 1978 Videogame
Cops 'N Robbers 1976 Videogame Shooter
Coup Franc 1974 Videogame
Coupe Davis (Pong Doubles) 1973 Videogame Ball & Paddle
Coupe Du Monde 1974 Videogame
Crash 'N Score 1975 Videogame Racing
Crystal Castles 1983 Videogame Platform
CTF1 - Computer Test Fixture 1976 Videogame System
Deleted Game Entry 1978 Videogame
Destroyer 1977 Videogame Shooter
Dig Dug 1982 Videogame Labyrinth/Maze
Doctor Pong 1973 Videogame Ball and Paddle
Dominos 1977 Videogame Skill
F-1 1976 Arcade / Driving game
Fast Freddie 1982 Videogame Skill
Fire Truck 1978 Videogame Racing
Firebeast aka Dragon Master 1983 Videogame
Firefox 1984 Videogame Air Combat
Flyball 1976 Videogame
Food Fight 1983 Videogame Platform
Goal IV 1975 Videogame Ball and Paddle
Gotcha 1973 Videogame Labyrinth/Maze
Gran Trak 10 1974 Videogame Racing
Gran Trak 20 1974 Videogame Racing
Gravitar 1982 Videogame Shooter
Hercules 1979 Pinball / Solid State Famous Character
Hi-Way 1975 Videogame Racing
Highway 1975 Videogame Racing
I, Robot 1983 Videogame Shooter
Indy 4 1976 Videogame Racing
Jet Fighter 1975 Videogame Shooter
Kangaroo 1982 Videogame Platform
LeMans 1976 Videogame Racing
Liberator 1982 Videogame Shooter
Lunar Battle 1982 Videogame Space
Lunar Lander 1979 Videogame Space
Major Havoc 1983 Videogame Platform
Maze Invaders 1981 Videogame
Middle Earth 1978 Pinball / Solid State
Millipede 1982 Videogame Shooter
Missile Command 1980 Videogame Shooter
Missile Command 2 1982 Videogame Shooter
Monte Carlo 1980 Videogame Racing
Monza 1980 Pinball / Solid State
Neutron Star 1981 Pinball / Solid State Space
Night Driver 1976 Videogame Racing
Orbit 1978 Videogame Space
Outlaw 1976 Videogame Shooter
PAT 9000 1982 Videogame Test Equipment
Pin Pong 1974 Videogame Video Pinball
Pipeline 1978 Pinball / Solid State Sports
Pole Position 1982 Videogame Racing
Pole Position II 1983 Videogame Racing
Pong 1972 Videogame Ball and Paddle
Pong Doubles 1973 Videogame Ball and Paddle
Pong In-A-Barrel 1973 Videogame
Pool Shark 1977 Videogame Billiards/Pool
Puppy Pong 1974 Videogame Ball and Paddle
Pursuit 1974 Videogame Shooter
Quadrapong 1974 Videogame Ball and Paddle
Quantum 1982 Videogame Skill
Qwak 1982 Videogame Puzzle
Qwak! 1974 Videogame Shooter
Rebound 1974 Videogame Sports
Red Baron 1980 Videogame Shooter
Return Of The Jedi 1984 Videogame Platform
Road Runner 1979 Pinball / Solid State Unknown
Runaway 1982 Videogame Puzzle
Shark JAWS 1975 Videogame Platform
Sky Raider 1978 Videogame Scrolling Shooter
Skydiver 1978 Videogame Skill
Smokey Joe 1978 Videogame Racing
Snoopy Pong 1973 Videogame Ball and Paddle
Solar War 1979 Videogame
Space Duel 1982 Videogame Space
Space Race 1973 Videogame Space
Space Riders 1978 Pinball / Solid State
Splash 1979 Videogame Racing
Sprint 4 1977 Videogame Racing
Sprint 8 1977 Videogame Racing
Star Wars 1983 Videogame Space
Starship 1 1976 Videogame Space
Steeplechase 1975 Videogame Sports
Stock Car 1975 Videogame
Stunt Cycle 1976 Videogame Skill
Subs 1977 Videogame Shooter
Super Breakout 1978 Videogame Ball and Paddle
Superman 1979 Pinball / Solid State
Superpong 1974 Videogame
Tempest 1981 Videogame Space
Tempest Tubes 1981 Videogame Shooter
Time 2000 1977 Pinball / Solid State
Tollian Web 1983 Videogame Space
TomCat 1983 Videogame Simulator
Touch-Me 1974 Arcade / Skill game Skill
Tournament Table 1978 Videogame Sports
Trak 10 1974 Videogame Driving game
Triangle 1981 Pinball / Solid State
Triple Hunt 1977 Videogame Shooter
Turtleroids 1980 Videogame Unknown
Video Pinball 1978 Videogame Video Pinball
Warlords 1980 Videogame Shooter
Wolf Pack 1978 Videogame
World Cup Football 1974 Videogame
Xevious 1982 Videogame Shooter

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