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Starship 1 Starship 1 - Japanese Logo - Katakana / Kanji

Starship 1 - Cabinet - Video Game Marquee


You pilot the Starship 1, from a first-person point of view, avoiding planets and shooting enemy space ships for different point values. Achieving 3500 points before time runs out earns you extended play in 'hyperspace'.

Starship 1 was produced by Atari in 1976.

Atari released 137 machines in our database under this trade name, starting in 1972. Atari was based in United States.

Other machines made by Atari during the time period Starship 1 was produced include: Anti-Aircraft II -- aka Anti-Aircraft, Crash 'N Score, Hi-Way, Goal IV, Jet Fighter, Atarians, Breakout, LeMans, Cops 'N Robbers, and Indy 4


Name Starship 1
Developer Atari (United States)
Year 1976
Type Videogame
KLOV/MOG # 9782
Class Wide Release
Genre Space
  • Orientation: Horizontal
  • Type: Raster: Standard Resolution
  • Color: Black and White
  • The game uses a half-silvered mirror to reflect the image over a black light lit space background. The monitor has a '' a target crosshairs taped directly onto the monitor to aid in lining up enemy ships.

Conversion Class Atari BW Raster
Game Specific Starship 1 Pinout
Dipswitch Settings

Starship 1 Dipswitch Settings (user contributed)

# Simultaneous Players 1
# Maximum Players 1
Game Play Single
Control Panel Layout Single Player
  • Steering: X/Y-directional yoke with common thumb buttons - Fire
  • Other - Photon Torpedo
Sound Amplified Mono (one channel)
speaker on each side of the cabinet facing
Cabinet Styles
  • Upright/Standard
Instructions Starship 1 Instructions Image
Bezel Starship 1 Bezel Image

Game Play

Very simple gameplay. Pilot the Starship 1 thru space shooting the alien ships for points and avoiding collisions with planets which slow your pace. There are 4 different ships that appear at random worth from 50 to 500 points. The 500 point ship does not appear very often so you want to save as many photon torpedos as possible for him. He also flys very fast, as to be expected. The higher the point value the better manuvering, harder to hit, they are. You can shift from slow speed to fast speed with stars flying by you with the speed lever on the right. 5 photon torpedos are given at the start of each game. Using a torpedo will destroy all enemys on the screen at once! Earning 3500 points gets you extended play in 'hyperspace', about another 30 seconds of game time, then the game will end regardless of your score. It is a timed game.

Starship 1 KLOV/IAM 5 Point User Score: 4.23 (1 vote)

Fun Factor: 4.20

Overall Like 5.00
Fun (Social) 4.00
Fun (Solo) 4.00
Collector Desire 3.00

Technical Rating: 4.25

Gameplay 4.00
Graphics 4.00
Originality 5.00
Sound/Music 4.00

Personal Impressions and Technical Impressions each account for half of the total score. Within the Personal Impressions category, Like carries a little more weight than the other factors.

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Cheats, Tricks, Bugs, and Easter Eggs

This is not really a cheat, but the best stratagy is when you see one of the 500 point ships that rarely appear, to use your photon torpedos to hit them every time. You don't want to miss them!



For it's time, this is a very cool game, in the Star Wars type of game play, but black and white. The front monitor surround appears to have been mostly white plastic, however at least 1 reported factory painted blue one. Mike Jang, the designer of Atari video game cabinets during that time, says he does not remember seeing any other than white. He suggests it could have possibly been built at the Ireland plant. I own one of these blue surround models, so I know they exist. At the end of a game 2 various saying will be displayed. One simply saying to deposit a quarter to be the captain of Starship 1, the other say that 'Sensors detect another quarter in your pocket, deposit it to be the captain of Starship 1'. Pretty funny the first time you see it!

Cabinet Information

A huge cabinet. Very nice space oriented side art graphics showing a ship in the Starship 1 design flying around leaving multicolored trails behind while it's shooting at an enemy spacecraft. The victim ship shown is blowing up into pieces. The front of the game has a bezel that contains the game's marquee and the left and right speakers at about ear level.

Just inside of the outer plexiglass there is a cardboard bezel that goes down the left and right sides and along the bottom. It is a 3-D rendering of what appears to be a space station with men in space suits walking around it. The spaceman on the left is a seperate piece that is waving into the game in front of the station graphic. It is lit up by the light from the marquee passing thru a dark blue plastic mylar piece. There are background graphics that are illuminated by a black light bulb inside so the image appears to be flying thru space with the stationary background stars and galaxies. A very Cool looking game!


The Blue Bezel version was from a later run.

VAPS Arcade/Coin-Op Starship 1 Census

There are 14,909 members of the Video Arcade Preservation Society / Vintage Arcade Preservation Society, 9,532 whom participate in our arcade census project of games owned, wanted, or for sale. Census data currently includes 165,197 machines (6,929 unique titles).

Common - There are 31 known instances of this machine owned by Starship 1 collectors who are active members. Of these, 28 of them are original dedicated machines. 3 of them are only circuit boards which a collector could put into a generic case if desired.

For Sale - There are 3 active VAPS members with a Starship 1 machines for sale.

Wanted - There are 2 active VAPS members currently looking for Starship 1.

This game ranks a 11 on a scale out of 100 (100 = most often seen, 1=least common) in popularity based on census ownership records.

This game ranks a 3 on a scale out of 100 (100 = most often seen, 1=least common) in popularity based on census want list records.

Rarity and Popularity independently are not necessarily indications of value. [More Information]



Foto-Finder® (Books)

  1. Encyclopedia of Arcade Video Games Kurtz (ISBN 0764319256) Page: 56; Color photo

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