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Rarity is NOT necessarily an indication of value. Some common games show up as very rare here because collectors don't want them even though arcade operators might be sitting on tons of them in warehouses, while some fairly scarce games are grabbed by collectors every time they show up.

Additionally, some games made in the last 5 years are still making money for operators and are thus not yet affordable to the typical collector.

In particular, since VAPS started out focusing on videogames, statistics for other types of machines should not (yet) be an indication of scarcity.

For a clue to value, look at absolute numbers of owners and potential owners above, compare a ratio of how many people want this game vs. how many people have this game and then click on the eBay links to help determine an accurate price range.

* Even if a machine is listed as not being owned by any known collector it does not mean that no examples exist, nor even that only one or two machines exist.

* Along those lines, a machine is not necessarily 'unwanted' just because no VAPS/CAPS member has added it to their wish list. Please note that many collectors are not members or do not list their desires here, and it is likely that a number of collectors might purchase this machine if offered it at the right price.