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Name Manufacturer Year Type Genre Text (See Game for Complete Cheats, Easter Eggs, and Bugs)
Namco 20 Year Reunion Namco 2000 Videogame Labyrinth/Maze
After inserting a quarter, do the following with the joystick: UP-UP-UP-DOWN-DOWN-DOWN-LEFT-RIGHT-LEFT-RIGHT-LEFT You will hear a "Ding ding ding" sound and the original Pac-Man game will now be available for play!
NASCAR Arcade Sega/Electronic Arts 2000 Videogame Racing
The following are from Segas web pageBLOCKQUOTEBSecret CourseB There is a Secret TEAM SEGA racecourse hidden in the game that unlocks after 700 plays. To access this course the players must do the followingOLLIBefore inserting coins, put gearshift in Neutral When selecting racecourse, shift gearshift 4th to 2nd to 1st to 3rd, and step on the brake. The TEAM SEGA Course should appear.OLBDriversB There are three secret drivers in this game. To access these drivers players must do the followingOLLIDALE EARNHARDT, Jr. Select Dale Earnhardt, Sr, Car 3, put the shifter into 3rd gear and press on the brake pedal. Dale Jr.s car will appear.LIADAM PETTY Select Kyle Petty. Car 44, step on brake pedal and shift 4th to neutral to 4th, Adams Car will appear.LIRICHARD PETTY Select Kyle Petty, Car 44 and shift up to 1st gear. Richard Pettys 43 STP Special Retro Car will appear.OLBLOCKQUOTE
NATO Defense Pacific Novelty 1982 Videogame Labyrinth/Maze
There is a built-in speed-up for the game. Swapping ROM K4 with ROM J4 and ROM C4 with ROM B4, will give the player a new set of mazes. The tech note describing this 'speed-up' also notes that the diagnostic mode the Checksums displayed will not match, but this is normal and OK.
Naughty Boy Jaleco 1982 Videogame Labyrinth/Maze
In the Jaleco version, the fencing is different on the first level when compared to the Cinemetronics version. Here, Naughty Boy can sit between the fence and the escape tunnel on the left hand side and keep shooting monsters up and down forever. The point multiplier keeps going up and up until monsters are worth 9000 each.
NBA Hangtime Midway Games 1996 Videogame Sports
Codes and Cheats *** All codes are entered at the "Tonight's Matchup" screen *** 1. Compter Assistance Disabled [002] 2. Hyper Speed [552] 3. Maximum Speed [284] 4. Quick Passing [120] 5. Tournament Mode [111] 6. Unlimited Turbo [461] 7. ABA Basketball [111] 8. Baby Mode [025] 9. Big Head [101] 10. Rooftop Court [300] Hold *LEFT* Turbo: 3<P>BUGS: Sometimes when players rebound, dunk or get pushed, the players image does not go up but executes the action anyway. So you will get like a low-flying dunk.
NBA Jam Midway Games 1993 Videogame Sports
There are 13 confirmed player codes:<p><LI>MJT Mar 22 - Mark Turmell, lead designer and the most powerful character in the game<li>SAL Feb 1 - Sal DiVita, who did the artwork for <i>NBA Jam</i> as well as some graphics work for <i>Mortal kombat</i><LI>SL_ Jun 24 - Shawn Liptak, programmer - He is the one on the design team screen with a basketball for a brain.<LI>TWG Dec 7 - Tony Goskie, animator<LI>RJR Jan 17 - Jamie Rivett, programmer<LI>WIL Jan 1 - Willie Air Morris, player mode l<LI>HOW Jul 15 - Stephen Howard, player mode l<LI>SNO Jan 3 - Sheridan Oursler, Midway staffer<Li>JMC Aug 5 - Carleton<li>GNP Oct 8 - George Petro, the main designer of <i>Terminator 2: Judgement Day</i><li>JWH Sep 20 - On the design team screen, Jon Hey is the one in the checkered shirt and glasses, sticking his tongue out to the rest of the world.<li>JRN Jun 18 - Newcomer<li>TON Jul 3 - Tony Scott helped with digitizing the player movements and performed many of the special dunks.<p>Big Head: Hold Up-Turbo-Steal at 'Tonight's match up'.<p>Powerups:<p><li>Defense - Press Steal or Block 8 times when it says 'Tonight's match up'.<li>Intercept - Hold Down joystick and hold all three buttons during 'Tonight's match up'.<li>Offense - press Steal or Block 21 times at 'Tonight's match up'.<li>Defense and Intercept - At 'Tonight's Match-Up', Press the Shoot button 7 times, then all at once, hold Down the joystick and all three buttons.<li>Powerup Defense and Big head - press Turbo 6 times, hold Turbo and Steal, then hold the joystick Up at 'Tonight's match-up'.<li>Fair Shake - Tap turbo 10 times when it says 'Tonight's match up'. The Fair shake can ONLY be done in Human vs. Human games and ONLY on machines that are version 3.0 or greater.<li>Fair Shake and Powerup Intercept - press Turbo 7 times, then hold TurboPassShoot, then hold the joystick Down at 'Tonight's match-up'.<li>Fair Shake and Big head - Press turbo 8 times, then hold TurboSteal and hold the joystick Up.<p> Tank Mini-Game: Hold all buttons for all four players and press Down on all four joysticks at the 'Tonight's match up'. Keep the controls held until the mini-game begins.
NBA Jam Tournament Edition Midway Games 1993 Videogame Sports
Version 1.0 has the <I>Mortal Kombat</I> characters hidden. When the correct initials are entered at the beginning of the game, then special characters appear. See for the codes.
NBA Maximum Hangtime Midway Games 1996 Videogame Sports
Hidden power-ups and secret characters abound (and were a large part of the series' success and high earnings):<UL><LI>TURMEL 0322 - Mark Turmell, Hangtime lead programmer<LI>DIVITA 0201 - Sal DiVita, Hangtime lead artist<LI>SNO 0103 - Sheriden Oursler, Williams pinball designer<LI>AMRICH 2020 - Dan Amrich, game magazine editor (wearing bunny ears)<LI>MUNDAY 5432 - Larry Munday, Play Meter magazine<LI>DANR 0000 - Dan Roan, TV sportscaster</UL>
NBA Showtime - NBA On NBC Midway Games 1999 Videogame Sports
There are many hidden players, codes, and courts in this game. The official website, which can be reached through , lists every code.
Nebulous Bee Unknown 1981 Videogame Shooter
CHEAT: There is a well-known cheat that causes enemy units to stop firing. It works on most, but not all, machines. On the first stage, kill everything but the two bees in the bottom left corner. Then just wait, dodging the bees' shots, until the bee no longer drops any shots towards you. After the bees stop firing, let it pass for five more trips or so and then kill them. For the rest of the game, the enemies will not drop shots. It will take approximately 15 minutes for the bees to quit shooting at you, so this trick requires a lot of patience.<P>Some people have reported that this trick also works with two bees from the RIGHT side of the screen. Note that in a two-player game, only one person has to do the cheat for both players to benefit. TRICK: The "Player 1" score counter in Galaga is six digits, but the "Player 2" counter is seven digits. Therefore, most good players start a two-player game and play exclusively on the Player two side so their score will not "roll over" at 999990. Challenging stages are easier if the high score numbers are used to refine your aim.<P>TRICKS: These tips assume a six-digit high score:<P>On the first two challenging stages, aim your ships so that your left set of bullets falls between the second and third numbers in the high score list. On subsequent challenging stages, aim one set of bullets between the first and second numbers in the high score list if the units come from the left or between the last and next-to-last numbers if the units come from the right. This will allow you to hit descending enemies at the highest possible point value. If you have more than seven extra men, the marker for the screen will only show 7 1/2 men remaining. Additional extra men will still be credited, even though they will not show on the screen. Galaga "rolls over" after stage 255. After finishing the 255th level, the screen says "Stage 0" and the machine locks up. I have heard unconfirmed reports in the past that the "Stage 0" problem can be circumvented if the last two numbers in your score at the end of level 255 are ?? 80 is what I remember, but it may be something else. After the 1000000 mark, new ships are no longer awarded.
Nekketsu Kouha Kunio-Kun Technos 1986 Videogame Scrolling Fighter
TIPS:<UL><LI>On the first two levels, try to throw the baddies off of the platforms.<LI>On the third level, get rid of the red-headed school-girls first. The Dark Haired ones are dead once they hit the ground.<LI>To kill Misuzu (the third boss), run away from her and do a back kick. Repeat until she's low on health and lying on the ground, so that you can perform a pin attack on her.<LI>When fighting the Yakuza on the final stage, if you are stabbed even once, you will die. The safest way to defeat them is with dashing punches or concetrate. Never engage more than one enemy (unless they're together on the same side) at the same time or stick around in one place too long, otherwise you'll eat steel.</UL>
New Zealand Story, The Taito 1988 Videogame Platform
If you have very fast fingers you can actually fly by pushing the jump button repeatedly. This needs to be done from a platform that's high enough.
NFL Blitz '99 Midway Games 1998 Videogame Sports
After selecting a team, the player has 10 to 15 seconds to enter a secret code that activates abilities and functions of the game such as "no fumbles," "large football" or a multitude of other options, both good and bad. Also, entering certain initials and pin numbers at the start allows the player to play as a hidden character such as a member of the design team, Raiden from <I>Mortal Kombat</I>, or the Robot Brain from the William's classic <I>Robotron</I>!
Night Driver Atari 1976 Videogame Racing
After 300 points you are awarded bonus time, but the score wraps around back to zero at 1000 points so it is possible to reach 300 points more than once. The expert setting is actually the easist once a player has mastered the game.
Nightmare In The Dark Gavaking / Eleven 2000 Videogame Adventure
Pick Character Color: At the beginning of the game, or at the continue screen, hold the buttons and press the Start button to choose the specific color: A = Blue, B = Red, C = Green, D = Yellow, AB = Grey, CD = Purple, AC = Orange, BD = Black<P>Shoot the treasure chests with fire and they will churn out lots and lots of diamonds until they disappear. As long as you do not get hit, the diamonds will continue to go up in value until they finally reach 10,000 each. Grabbing the sacks will add multipliers (2X, 4X, up to 8X) that will further increase your score.<P>There are many cracks in the wood/stone of most levels. Some of these will reveal a fireball that will make your shot fly all over the board. Experiment with throwing at different angles to find these hidden spots. Most will clear the entire board as the ball flings out of control.