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Name Manufacturer Year Type Genre Text (See Game for Complete Cheats, Easter Eggs, and Bugs)
Hard Drivin' Atari Games 1989 Videogame Racing
When moving downhill, shift the car into neutral. You will notice that the time will pause giving you more time to finish the lap.<p>If you make a real hard left turn as soon as time starts, you will drive onto a skidpad.
Hard Puncher Konami 1988 Videogame Sports
Here's a good trick that can work against the computer when you are playing in a one-player game. You can get quite far, but it is a bit boring: press block twice to get your guard up high (covering your face) then waltz over to the opponent and hammer both punch buttons. Wiggling the joystick occasionally will pull off a power move. As long as you punch the opponent constantly until he goes down, he never manages to get up again.
Hat Trick Hero '93 Taito 1992 Videogame
Sometimes, the player you chose when you started to play can make super shoots. It happens only once per match and when time left is less than 45 seconds. This is random, but it seems this can happen when you pass the ball to that player using Button 2.<BR><p><BR>Tip 1: You can make a free hyper shoot only when the result is a draw and time left is 10 seconds or less. To activate it, you must pass the ball to the captain using button 2.<BR><p><BR>Tip 2: You can make a free super shoot when time left is 30 seconds or less. To activate it, you must pass the ball to the captain using button 2. But this time the result doesn't mind You can do it when you are 0-0, winning, losing,.....
Haunted Castle Konami 1988 Videogame Scrolling Fighter
When fighting Frankensteins Monster, try moving in close to him and allow him to hit you towards him. Some times you will land in a spot where the monster can no longer hit your character.PThere is a random and rare powerup in the game that extends your life bar, making the game much easier. The howto of obtaining this powerup is easy do nothing Just hope that you are lucky enough that the CPU grants you this extra energy this could actually be a bug.
High Way Race Taito 1983 Videogame Racing
The best way to refuel you car is to completely stop towards the bottom of the screen, then let the truck catch up to you, as soon as it does, release the brakes and you will speed up as fast as it does keeping you continually refuelling until the truck gets faster than you.
Himshou Goran Pocket Monster Nintendo 2001 Videogame Other
To catch any of the Legendary Bird Pokemon, you must have an Ultra Ball. You will need 50 of them.<P>To catch Mewtwo, beat the game one time, push the Pokemon button, go to the Flying-type Pokemon, push Select, Go to FLY, push Select again. Go to Cerulean City. Push the Pokemon button again, go to the Water-type Pokemon, Push Select, move the cursor to SURF, push Select again to get to Unknown Dungeon. You must follow the order. A-B-C-D-E-F-G. Go to a Pokemon. When you hear a noise, you will have a capture with level 70 Mewtwo. Must have a Master Ball from Slith Company, located at Saffron City. You want to add him to your Pokedex.
Hiphopmania Konami 1998 Videogame Skill
Different codes can be entered to enable harder modes such as hidden notes disappear 13 of the way from the bottom or sudden notes appear 13 of the way from the bottom or Stealth notes are invisible, a combination of the two.
Hiphopmania Complete Mix Konami 1998 Videogame Skill
Different codes can be entered to enable harder modes such as hidden notes disappear 13 of the way from the bottom or sudden notes appear 13 of the way from the bottom or Stealth notes are invisible, a combination of the two.
Hit The Ice Williams Electronic Games, Inc. (WMS, 1985-2000) 1990 Videogame Sports
TRICK: The best time to start a fight is after a goal is scored. Drop the gloves and work out your frustrations on your opponent's face!
Hitting Streak I.C.E. 1995 Arcade / Electro-Mechanical Skill
If you hit Swing while the Strike light is still going on, you get a home run 100 percent the time!
Hot Pinball Comad/New Japan System 1995 Videogame Mature/Adult
A Dip Switch setting can be changed to display all photos in the game.
House Of The Dead 2 The Sega 1998 Videogame Shooter
The bosses appear in order, with the following weaknesses:<p>Judgement: the little bat thing flying about<br>Heirophant: weakness is his chest<br>Tower: weakness are the heads<br>Strength: weakness is his head<br>Magician: weakness is his right arm, left leg and chest<p>Note: you can't fight Magician until you fight Judgement and Heirophant AGAIN.<p>After Magician, you will have to face Tower again. Then you fight Apocalypse. It says it is unknown, but after retrieving infinite credit and some sort of heavy weapon - i.e shotgun, machine gun or grenade launcher, you will eventually find he is creating a pattern. Don't worry! He will die...eventually.
Hydro Thunder Midway Games 1999 Videogame Racing
There are many secret shortcuts in this game. The easiest way to find some of them is to aim your boat at any waterfall and drive through to the secret shortcuts.<P>There are four special boats: Armored Response, Blowfish, Tiny Tanic, and Chum Dinger(faster than it looks). Select either one of the bottom two medium boats or either of the bottom two hard boats and press pilot over and over until the craft changes into one of the secret boats.<p>Finish a race fast enough to make the high score list, then enter either ?PB or ?DL to unlock all the tracks and secret boats.
Hyper Olympic Konami 1983 Videogame Sports
TRICKS:<BR> Javelin: Throw the javelin off the top of the screen to bring down a bird for a 1000 bonus.<BR> High Jump: Fail the first two jumps and then clear it. A mole burrows up for a 1000 bonus.<BR> Long jump: Three jumps with same result will get a can't remember what to scroll from right to left and award a 1000 bonus.<BR> 100m dash: same time for player one and two will award a 1000 bonus.<BR><BR> BUG: In Javelin, throwing over 100m will cause a counter wraparound, so a 100m12 throw will be logged as 0m12 and will not qualify you!<p>The faster you press the RUN buttons in alternating motion, the faster you will run. Some players discovered using a pencil or battery quickly across the buttons in a rubbing motion resulted in faster times.
Hyper Olympic '84 Konami 1984 Videogame Sports
TIPS AND TRICKS: Each event featured opportunities for bonus points - Swimming, if you tie the computer in the race, a frog comes up out of the water and gives you 3,000 pts. Skeet Shooting: If you shoot every disc, the final object will be a white ghost. Shooting this object with the RIGHT button will give you a 3,000 point bonus. Shooting this object with the LEFT button will give you a 3,000 point bonus AND will bring out a bird. Every time you hit the bird you are awarded 1,000 additional points. If you shoot every disc on your second attempt, the white ghost will be worth 4,000 pts. Again, shooting this object with the LEFT button will bring out the bird for additional 1,000 point opportunities. Shooting every disc on your 3rd attempt will give you a 6,000 point bonus and shooting the white ghost with the LEFT button will once again bring out the bird for the additional 1,000 point opportunities. Total potential bonus scores for the first round of the Skeet Shooting are 17,200 1st attempt, 18,200 2nd attempt and 20,200 3rd attempt. Also, hitting two discs at the same time one in the left box and one in the right box will give you 500 points rather than the 200 points total you would get for hitting them individually. Doing this will alter the above scores 17,200, 18,200, and 20,200 slightly.Long Horse If you do 12 of a flip and land on your head an object comes down and gives you a 3,000 bonus. NOTE This will not qualify you for that attempt so only do this if you have already qualified. Archery: On your first attempt, if you get all bullseye shots 600 pts for a total of 4,800 pts, you will receive a 3,000 point bonus. 3 apples will then come out. Each hit on the apple will give you 1,000 additional points. Doing the same on your 2nd attempt will give you a 4,000 point bonus and the 3 apples. All bullseye shots on your 3rd attempt will give you a 6,000 point bonus and the 3 apples. Triple Jump If your first jump is touching the line and you get the angles 35, 41, 45, a plane will fly across the top of the screen and give you 3,000 pts. Weight Lifting: If you press both run buttons simultaneously when the barbell hits the ground, a bunch of cheerleaders will pop up and give you 1,000 additional pts. You can do this on your 2nd attempt for an additional 1,000 pts. Pole Vault: If you hit the base directly with the pole no skid across the base and make it over, a gopher will come up out of the ground and give you 1,000 points. If you do this consecutively, the gopher will continue to give you bonus points of 2,000, 4,000, 8,000, 8,000, 8,000 etc., etc. If you miss a vault or if you don get it directly into the back of the base, the gopher will not come out and then will start the count back over at 1,000 points the next time you get it perfect.
Hyper Pac Man Semicom 1994 Videogame Labyrinth/Maze
If you eat only the small dots and not the power dots, you will have a secret stage on each round (with extend, shield, helmet lasers, speed, and jump shoes). If you play with the second player, the ghost will chase you less than the first player and you will be closer to the fixed items on each stage.
Hyper Sports Konami 1984 Videogame Sports
SWIMMING: If you and the computer tie for the same time, a frog will appear and award you a bonus.<p>SKEET SHOOTING: If you get a perfect score, a duck will fly across the screen. Shoot the duck repeatedly to get a bonus scores.<p>LONG HORSE: After launching, tap the RUN button to rotate. If you land on your head, an object will fall from above and award you a bonus. This will not qualify you for the event, so only do it after you have qualified.<p>ARCHERY: If you get all "nices" (bulls-eyes), the target will turn into an apple. Repeatedly hit the apple for bonus points.<p>TRIPLE JUMP: If your jump starts right on the line and the jumps have degrees of 35, 41, and 45 degrees (in order), then a rocket will fly past and award a bonus. This will not happen if the jump results in a World Record.<p>WEIGHTLIFTING: If you hit both run buttons simultaneously as the barbell hits the floor, cheerleaders will pop up and you will be awarded a bonus.<p>POLE VAULT: If your pole hits the base plate directly (without skidding) and you make it over, a gopher will pop up and award you points. Each successive perfect successful jump will award more points. A miss will reset the bonus back to the beginning.