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Name Manufacturer Year Type Genre Text (See Game for Complete Cheats, Easter Eggs, and Bugs)
Land Breaker EOLITH 1999 Videogame Puzzle
Try to hit or confine the following items: Immortality; Speed (faster beams); Magnetic (enemies freeze); Life. The laser is shot in <EM>both</EM> directions and you can move on immediately after firing.
Last Blade, The SNK 1997 Videogame Fighting
Cheat at the character select screen: Quickly press C 6 times, B 3 times, then C 4 times to unlock Musashi.
Last Bounty Hunter, The American Laser Games 1994 Videogame Shooter
There are several objects to shoot at for either more points or to change weapons. Some of these objects are a wagon wheel hub, a lantern, various items a person may be holding, and a skull.
Looping Venture Line 1982 Videogame Skill
Do not let too many hot-air balloons appear. Otherwise, the dreaded Red one will show up, making all of the other balloons move very quickly. Holding the speed button when diving or climbing will give you tighter turns. The longer you fly around in the pipes, the higher your score will get.<P>When you destroy the rockets, open the gate, finish flying through the plumbing and you will end up in the "blob" room. Here a green blob repeatedly drops from a pipe in the ceiling. If you adjust your airplane's attitude <EM>just so</EM>, you will be able to hold down the joystick, the Fast button and the Fire button, allowing your gun to destroy the blob each time you complete a loop 500 points each. This trick can be performed indefinitely -- or at least as long as you are able!
Lost Tomb Stern Electronics 1983 Videogame Labyrinth/Maze
At the end you get their profound thanks for playing their game. Then you get 50 whips, 100,000 points, and a buncha extra lives. But why? Yoy already won, right? Well the big suprize is "WATCH OUT FOR THE STERN/KONAMI VULTURE. IF HE GETS YOU HE WILL PUT YOU BACK IN ROOM 1" "A A R R G G H H ! !" Yes the game starts over, with your huge amount of whips and extra lives, but at least you keep you score.
Lotto Fun H.A.R. Management 1987 Arcade / Redemption Skill
If the memory protect switch is on, the game will not run.