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Galaga Namco 1981 Videogame Space
TRICK: If a Galaga's tractor beam starts pulling you in, you will spin about, but you will still be able to shoot at enemies. If you happen to end up shooting upward and destroy the Galaga before you are captured, you will just drop back into play.<P>TRICK: If you happen to lose a ship to a Galaga and then shoot the Galaga while it is still in formation, the captive ship will remain under enemy control. However, it will only make one attack at you before disappearing. If you allow it to escape, it will return in the next stage unless it's a Challenge Stage with another Galaga, giving you another shot at freeing the ship.<P>CHEAT: There is a well-known cheat that causes enemy units to stop firing. It works on most, but not all, machines.<UL><LI>On the first stage, kill everything but the two bees in the bottom left corner. Then just wait, dodging the bees' shots, until the bee no longer drops any shots towards you.<LI>After the bees stop firing, let it pass for five more trips or so and then kill them.<LI>For the rest of the game, the enemies will not drop shots. It will take approximately 15 minutes for the bees to quit shooting at you, so this trick requires a lot of patience.</UL><BR>Some people have reported that this trick also works with two bees from the RIGHT side of the screen. Note that in a two-player game, only one person has to do the cheat for both players to benefit.<P>TRICK: The "Player 1" score counter in Galaga is six digits, but the "Player 2" counter is seven digits. Therefore, most good players start a two-player game and play exclusively on the Player 2 side so their score will not "roll over" at 999990. Challenging stages are easier if the high score numbers are used to refine your aim.<P>TRICKS: These tips assume a six-digit high score:<UL><LI>On the first two challenging stages, aim your ships so that your left set of bullets falls between the second and third numbers in the high score list. On subsequent challenging stages, aim one set of bullets between the first and second numbers in the high score list if the units come from the left or between the last and next-to-last numbers if the units come from the right. This will allow you to hit descending enemies at the highest possible point value.<LI>If you have more than seven extra men, the marker for the screen will only show 7 1/2 men remaining. Additional extra men will still be credited, even though they will not show on the screen.<LI>Galaga "rolls over" after stage 255. After finishing the 255th level, the screen says "Stage 0" and the machine locks up. I have heard unconfirmed reports in the past that the "Stage 0" problem can be circumvented if the last two numbers in your score at the end of level 255 are ?? 80 is what I remember, but it may be something else.<LI>After the 1000000 mark, new ships are no longer awarded.</UL><P>BUG: A bug exists in Galaga and Ms. Pac-Man/Galaga Namco Galaga, some Midway Galaga, Gallag bootleg and Nebulous Bee bootleg - Class of '81 that allows a player to play during the Galaga demo screen and even reset the game. The demos are the same for both Galaga and Ms. Pac-Man/Galaga - Class of '81, and the bug works the same way, but the result is a little different between the two Galagas.<P>During the Galaga demo, the Galaga character comes down and tries to tractor-beam up the player's ship. As soon as that tractor-beam starts, the player can take control of the ship in the demo. The player has two choices here and this will effect how the game handles this bug:<UL><LI>If the player allows himself to be captured, the demo will continue as normal and he has the option of controlling the player ship or not. The player can choose whether to save the captured ship, try to complete the level, etc. The demo mode will complete after 30 seconds and the high-score screen will appear.<LI>If the player takes control of the ship and destroys the Galaga with the tractor beam, he will be able to continue playing until the "normal" demo would have completed. At this point the game will do one of two things depending on whether the person is playing an original <I>Galaga</I> or <I>Ms. Pac-Man/Galaga - Class of '81</I>:<UL><LI>Galaga: Some of the characters on the screen will freeze while others are still moving and doing what they are suppose to be doing. This will last 15-20 seconds, then the game will go to the high score screen.<LI>Ms. Pac-Man/Galaga - The game will make a loud buzz sound, blank the screen and then show a diagnostics screen with the version number of the games, a RAM and ROM test, etc. This screen will stay for approximately ten seconds before returning to the high score screen. If someone needs to know the version of software on their boardset, this can be a handy way of finding out without opening the cabinet.</UL></UL>
Galaga '88 Namco 1987 Videogame Space
If you do not touch any controls in the levels where the enemies dance, then you get a 10000 point Mystery Bonus.<P>Though obstacles provide warp capsules, the other way to get them is to destroy big enemies formed from two smaller ones. As there are no obstacles in the first leg of the game, this is the only way to warp after the first Challenge Stage.<P>Collecting blue capsules not only gives you power needed to warp, but you also become briefly invincible.<P>In certain stages, starting at about Stage 15, the last enemy will try to get away. Get it before it does, and it may drop a red capsule. Collecting this capsule instantly transforms whatever ship you have into a triple ship.
Galaxy Fight: Universal Warriors Sun Electronics 1995 Videogame Fighting
Convert Timer/Score Display: At the start of a new game, press and hold the Start button before the round begins to change the score and time displays on the screen. Do the same to change back.<P>Ending Speech Select (two-player mode only): To choose the ending speech in a VS match, hold either A, B, or C buttons at the after winning the second round. A is for small, humble speech, B for regular, and C for forceful and cheer. If no button is pressed, B will play automatically.<P>The prototype of the game, and possibly the released version as well, had at least two secret characters that could be selected by pressing a specific combination of buttons during the game start and/or character selection screen. One character was a white punching bag that could hop around and bend over to attack, but do not much else. Most hilarious was the other secret character unofficially called "Old Ryu". This was a very old man wearing a martial arts outift. It was a spoof of Ryu from <I>Street Fighter II - The World Warrior</I>.
Ganryu SNK 1999 Videogame Platform
Hitting the bell on the first level gives you free points for each contact.
Gauntlet Atari Games 1985 Videogame Labyrinth/Maze
If a player remains motionless until about 30 health units tick away, all the locked doors will automatically open. If you wait for 100 health units, all the walls on the level will turn to exits.
Gauntlet II Atari Games 1986 Videogame Labyrinth/Maze
This game incorporates a "secret room" similar to the treasure room (only one player may enter it). The player is given a task to complete before time expires (e.g. exit the maze, collect all the super potions, et. al.). If the task is accomplished, the player is given a 6-digit code, which, at the time, could be mailed to Atari as a part of a promotion. The first 500 entries won <I>Gauntlet II</I> T-shirts plus a chance of winning a $5000 savings bond. The machine provides clues on how to enter the secret rooms whenever a hidden wall is shot away on any level (e.g "to enter secret room, do not use invunerability," "IT would be nice," et. al.).
Gemini Wing Tecmo 1987 Videogame Shooter
Kill the last enemy and destroy your last ship at the same moment. The epilog will run but without your ship and the game will suspend after the epilog with a black screen. This will sometimes happen in a normal game, too. The game has to be re- booted. Collect as many items at the last ememy: every one awards points after you finished the game.
Ghosts 'n Goblins Capcom 1985 Videogame Scrolling Fighter
In the cave on level three, go to the upper level and move your character to the right of the rock, just to the left of the second ladder. Move left and right, shooting rapidly. A Zombie will keep appearing and you can score 100,000 points before time runs out, but you will also get two extra lives in the process.
Gladiator Taito 1986 Videogame Scrolling Fighter
Your warrior Guaranos can generate a temporary force field during the obstacle course phases when weapons and bats fly at him by rapidly moving the shield up and down. This can only be done once per level.PDuring the combat phases, Guaranos can become invincible flashing golden for a short time. To do this, you must gather 4 swords in the obstacle course phase by striking them and then bending to pick them up from the floor. This will turn your sword red. Then, during the combat phase, strike the opponants shield several times. After the invinciblity has ended, Guaranos armor will be repaired also. This can only be done once per level.POn the third level during the obstacle course, Guaranos can jump up onto the railing behind him and avoid all the flying weapons. To do this, press and hold the shield up when there is a break in the railing.PShurikens thrown during the obstacle course level 1 are worth bonus points if they are struck just after they appear, as opposed to when they circle back towards Guaranos.PMost enemy warriors will stop fighting and jump for joy when they remove your chest plate. You can defeat a difficult enemy by letting him remove your chestplate, and then strike him twice in the same spot while hes dancing.PThe third green axe knight on the third level will often freeze up cease moving after some time. If you are having trouble beating him, stay out of range and strike at his weapon and shield until this happens. You may then attack without the knight attacking or defending.PSome enemies swords may be broken, rendering them helpless. Simply strike the weapons about 25 times to break them. The following enemies weapons can be broken.. Stage 1 Solon, Irene Stage 2 Zaid, White Armored GiantPYou can pick up the mace of the White Armored Giant in stage 2. The mace has a much stronger attack than the sword, but cannot break other weapons.
Gorf Midway Manufacturing Co. 1981 Videogame Shooter
On the Astro Battles screen, the last two invaders can be slowed down to a crawl if you fire like crazy. <p>On the Laser Attack screen, if you shoot all the enemy ships except for the laser shooters, you can sit forever on the far left hand side of the screen. There were two ROM versions, and this trick only works on the first version.
Grab-N-Go Innovative Creations in Entertainment (ICE) 1995 Arcade / Electro-Mechanical Skill
Do not shake the game as this causes the prizes to settle making them much harder to get (and possibly unretreivable).
Grand Prix Star Jaleco 1991 Videogame Racing
Press the turbo button to gain extra speed after passing certain corners. For the Silverstone course, press the turbo button after the second corner.
Great Mahou Daisakusen 8ing/Raizing 2000 Videogame Shooter
There are four secret characters in this game. To access them, put in your credits, then enter "UP, UP, LEFT, DOWN, DOWN, RIGHT, A, B, A, B, A" using the game controls. Then hit the start button and the four original characters along with the four secret characters should be accessible.<P>There are also many secret items that can be collected in this game (I have yet to verify all of these but most are correct):<BR><B>Legend Items</B><UL><LI>Legend Sword - Beat the Stealth Dragon with at least four bombs in reserve.<LI>Legend Shoes - Beat the Turtle-tank (not the type appearing at the beginning of stage three -- in the game, there are five of the type you DO want) by level-8 charge shot with at least four bombs in reserve.<LI>Legend Shield - Beat the Chestmonster with at least four bombs in reserve.<LI>Legend Armor - Beat the Turtle-tank (of the type that DOES appear at the start of stage three; there's two in the game) by level-8 charge shot with at least four bombs in reserve. You can also get it by destroying the "throne-battery" which is placed in front of the coliseum at the final stage.<LI>Legend Helmet - Beat the battery (which fires four red bullets) which is placed at the center of Busturtle-R in the sixth stage by charge shot, and do not use any bombs between Busturtle-R's appearance and this action. This will be rather difficult with Solo-Bang, Karte, Gain, Chitta, or Birthday.</UL><B>Capcom Items</B><UL><LI>Pinwheel - Charge shot the Goblins which appear at the start point of the first stage with an empty bomb meter (i.e. the gauge right below your charge shot meter).<LI>"Mobichan" - Destroy the side drill which shoots a fan of bullets by charge shot in the third stage with an empty bomb meter.<LI>Holstein - Beat the Ice Serpent by charge shot in the fourth stage with an empty bomb meter.<LI>"Takenoko" - Destroy the drill of the Excavator Tank in the fourth stage with an empty bomb meter.<LI>Dragonfly - Destroy the first part of the recessed tank deck in the third stage by bomb. It's also somewhere in the first stage.</UL><B>Fairy Items</B> (Note: In all cases, you need to destroy the target(s) with a single level-6 or greater charge shot.)<UL><LI>Wood Fairy - Destroy the tail drill of the Busturtle in the first and sixth stage.<LI>Wind Fairy - Destroy both propellors of Dratrion at the end of stage two.<LI>Earth Fairy - Destroy the battery which is placed at the stomach of Dribling (stage three boss) and/or Dribling-R (second stage six mid-boss) by charge shot (as far as I can tell, the targets are the two elemental cylinders on Dribling's back).<LI>Water Fairy - Destroy Cypider's abdomen at the end of stage four by charge shot.<LI>Fire Fairy - Destroy the last phase of Infernon at the end of stage five or the first phase of the last boss, Gigaface by charge shot.</UL><B>Jewels</B><UL><LI>Ruby - Have at least three levels each of shot and magic power, kill Busturtle with a level-5 charge shot.<LI>Emerald - Have at least four bombs, kill Dratrion with a level-5 charge shot.<LI>Crystal - Same conditions as the Emerald, but do it to Dribling.<LI>Pearl - Like the Emerald and Crystal, but you need to kill Cypider, and you want to use a level-1 charge shot (maybe it just means any charge shot...I'm not sure...).<LI>Diamond - Actually, you do not kill a boss to get this. Four bombs at least, level-1 charge shot, destroy both side-heads of Infernon (or, at least, the sections the heads WERE attached to) with that charge-shot active.</UL>
Great Sluggers Namco 1993 Videogame Sports
While pitching, move the joystick just before releasing the ball. This allows you to change the pitch at the last possible second, thus confusing the batter. While batting, move your player around the plate just before the pitcher releases the ball. This will allow you to change your hitting style and confuse the pitcher.
GTI Club Konami 1997 Videogame Racing
You can race as a German Shepherd dog on this machine. During the final selection before starting, if you hold the High/Low gear select to High and the View Change and Manual/Automatic buttons pressed until the start of the game, then the car you have chosen will be transformed into a dog (complete with barking), allowing easier access to overtake the other vehicles.
Guilty Gear X Sammy 2002 Videogame Fighting
The Naomi system features passwords to unlock playable characters:<p>ROMANTIC: Testament<br>MISOSOUP: Testament and Dizzy
Gunbird Psikyo 1994 Videogame Shooter
On the level (towards the end) where you are presented with three flying mechs (one above, and two below), quickly use two bombs to destroy them all! If you are a character like Valnus (the Russian robot) or Ash (the guy with the jetback), simply bomb the area between them. You'll save yourself a lot of grief!
Gyruss Konami 1983 Videogame Shooter
When one takes over the High Score at the top of the screen, the 1 Up score and that score will both coincide until one reaches 999990 or so. At this point, the High Score will freeze at 999990 and 1 Up will go back to 0. The only way to verify a score greater than 1000000 is to note that the high score at the top of the screen does not match the High Score recorded in the registry of top players. Add the 1 Up score to High Score at the top of the screen to get total score or get a friend to keep track of how many times you flipped the machine to calculate scores greater than 2000000.<P>You can get double fire if you shoot the sunlike enemy that appears in front of you surrounded by two blue podlike enemies. Try to make this a priority.<P>To make getting double fire easier, try to stay at the bottom of the screen until the pod and sun formation appears as it will appear right in front of wherever your ship is after all enemies have entered and they start attacking. There must be at least three enemies left in the level for the pod and sun formation to show. If you lose a life and three enemies are left, the pod and sun will show up one more time, but if you lose a life after, they will not show anymore until the next level. After you get double fire, the sun enemy will be replaced on later levels with another pod. Destroy all three for some bonus points.<P>If you have only one enemy left and cannot seem to destroy it, just leave it alone and eventually it will just leave and the level will end.<P>Each level begins with four formations entering. If you destroy enough of these, a fifth formation will enter. As you pass each planet, more formations will enter towards the top of the screen. Learn to control your ship at the top as it will come in real handy on those Mars and Earth warps.<P>When formations enter from the edge of the screen, they will not hit you if you are right where they enter. You can use this to your advantage to take out the formation with little or no troubl, just watch out for asteroids.<P>Asteroids will always appear in your path they cannot be destroyed so you must get out of the way.<P>The bee-like creatures with the force field will always appear from the center and move outward. The force field will destroy your ship if you touch it. Destroy one of the creatures to disable their force field.