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Name Manufacturer Year Type Genre Text (See Game for Complete Cheats, Easter Eggs, and Bugs)
Qix Taito 1981 Videogame Puzzle
The trick to scoring in this game is to isolate the Qix in a small section of the screen by building narrow "peninsulas" out of short quick segments. Then, once the Qix was fairly "trapped", bridging a small gap with a "slow" segment would result in almost all of the screen being filled with the red (double score) color and bonus for area over 75. It is possible to confine the Qix in as little as 1 or 2 of the screen.
Quantum Atari 1982 Videogame Skill
It is possible, usually only at the beginning of a new screen, for even a moderately skilled player to quickly circle around the entire screen and move to the next level immediately.