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Name Manufacturer Year Type Genre Text (See Game for Complete Cheats, Easter Eggs, and Bugs)
U.S Championship V'Ball Technos 1988 Videogame Sports
Hit the Jump button several times while in the air to increase hitting power.
Ultimate 11, The - SNK Football Championship SNK 1996 Videogame Sports
In this game you can play against a hidden team. <BR>You must do this: <BR>- Choose 'SNK Football Championship' <BR>- Win 3 matches.* <BR>- When you are going to play level 4, you'll see this message: 'Here comes a challenger'. The name of that team is 'SNK Superstars'. If that team doesn't appear, sometimes you can play against it before 5th match. <BR><p> <BR>*It appears if you are unbeaten (for example: 4-0, 2-0, 1-0). If you aren't, that team can appear if you humillate your rivals (for example: 5-0, 5-0, 5-1). <BR>
Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3 Midway Games 1995 Videogame Fighting
Three hidden characters in this one. The code to unlock Smoke will unlock Ermac. Other codes will unlock the demonically beautiful Milenna, and the long believed dead Sub-Zero I. Holding down LP, BLK, LK, Run, and the joystick Down and Left or Down and Right, will change Cyborg Smoke into Human Smoke.
Up'n Down Sega 1983 Videogame Racing
<I>Pengo</I> makes a guest appearance in this game if you manage to pass the first four rounds in under a minute each. The penguin will appear in the water of round five riding a surf-board.