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Name Manufacturer Year Type Genre Text (See Game for Complete Cheats, Easter Eggs, and Bugs)
War: Final Assault Atari Games 1999 Videogame Shooter
There are more characters to choose from. The more rank you get, the more characters you can choose. To access the additional characters move your selection to the warrior of your choice. Press the VIEW button five times and move the RIGHT joystick right or left to show the additional characters. The higher rank you achieve, the more you can select from. At the rank of Captain, there are about ten selectable characters including the initial four choices.
Wardner Taito 1987 Videogame Platform
TRICK: This trick will allow you to get the cape on the first level without the risk of losing a life. Stand next to the hole where the cape is, then hold down and slowly tap to the right. If you did it correctly, your character should slowly inch his way underneath the two platforms, and you can grab the cape without any problem.
Wardner No Mori Taito 1987 Videogame Platform
TRICK: This trick will allow you to get the cape on the first level without the risk of losing a life. Stand next to the hole where the cape is, then hold down and slowly tap to the right. If you did it correctly, your character should slowly inch his way underneath the two platforms, and you can grab the cape without any problem.
Wild Gunman Nintendo 1984 Videogame Shooter
This game will not allow you to stand close to the monitor. You must be at least two feet in front of the game to shoot.
Willow Capcom 1989 Videogame Scrolling Fighter
When facing Bavmorda as the Willow character, it is probably best to use the tornado for offense and the magic shield for defense.<P>Holding down the attack button will often speed up the lengthy narratives between levels.
Win Stuff Win Stuff, LLC 1995 Arcade / Electro-Mechanical Skill
Do not shake the game as this will make the prizes settle, making them far more difficult (if not impossible) to retreive.
Winter Heat Sega 1997 Videogame Sports
BUG: If you do very well, it is possible for the qualifying time in an event to actually be faster than what is required to beat the World Record!
Wizard Of Wor Bally Midway 1981 Videogame Labyrinth/Maze
<B>NOTE:</B> If anyone can reproduce these tricks/bugs on video tape, please send copy to Waleter Day of for validation. Thank you.<P>Depending on the ROM version of the game you have, you may be able to perform the following play for many hours:<P>During game play, if you are quick enough, with the power switch turn the game off and back on quickly and you will gain back all the players the game can hold: The limit is 16 players per left/right player. If the computer was playing the blue player, it will get back all 16 players. It does not matter which dungeon this is done in.<P>To make doing this easier, you can do the following: clear the dungeon of the worlings, then let the Worluk leave or shoot it. Then as soon as possible, take a shot for the Wizard before he appears. If you hit the Wizard before he appears, you freeze the game. The dungeon walls stay the orange sparkling effect and the sound is stuck on the sound of the players gun firing. Your players can not move but no more worlings or Worluks will appear and neither will the Wizard, so technically you have beat the game?! On old versions of this game, possibly the original ones, you can freeze the game after the Wizard appears/disappears several times. On later versions this procedure has to be done before the Wizard actually appears. And, yes, the computer player can freeze the game also. After freezing the game, turn it off and then back on quickly to regain all of your players as stated above. The left blue player can fire faster then the yellow player, so it is easier for the blue player to freeze the game. On old versions of the game this can be done seven or more times. On later versions, this can only be done three or four times.<P>Here are some bugs in this game:<UL><LI>When the dungeon counter goes to 0 100 it will no longer count properly. The last digit will be correct, but the first digit will no longer be accurate.<LI>If you are very, very fast with shooting your gun, before the Wizard appears, and you hit the spot exactly where the Wizard was going to show up, you do what is called a pre-freeze, which is quite a spectacular event. Instead of freezing everything and going into the normal sequence, the sound goes crazy, the dungeon flashes black and white several times, but the players can still move and fire their guns. The dungeon then flashes the sparkling effect on the flashing black and white walls, the dungeon flashes a solid orange, then the dungeon flashes a sparkling orange walls. The players stop moving and firing and then the dungeon flashes black and white and the sequence stops. These are by far the most interesting effects that can happen in this game, although this is quite a rare occurance.<LI>If you survive to the 17th dungeon, the Wizard appears and stays on the screen for long periods of time. This is not for only part of a second, but around five seconds at a time, which is also quite a sight to see. He fires his lightning bolt every which way, until he kills a player, or a player shoots him in the dungeons that follow. From here, the Wizard's appearance time begins to shorten once again. He stays for long periods of time in the following dungeons: 18th, 43rd, 66th, 91st, 120st, 151st.<LI>The Wizard's line of fire is different from that of both players. You can line up in certain areas where the wizard will shoot at you, but can not kill you with his lightning bolts.<LI>The players can cancel each others shots and the Wizard of Wor's lightning bolts also.<LI>If you align your player up properly and in the right area, the worlings and the Worluk have to push you back/forward into a corridor/space to kill you by shooting you or running you over. This applies to the Wizard also, if he does not shoot you or appear on top of you first.</UL>
Wonder Boy - Monster Land Sega 1987 Videogame Adventure
Jump in suspicious places to collect hidden coins. Wiggle the joystick left and right when in the air to improve you chances of getting lots of money.
Wonder Momo Namco 1987 Videogame Scrolling Fighter
You can jump higher if you hold up while jumping. This can help you take out flying enemies. When transformed, it appears that you are immune to projectiles. They do not stun you either. The crouching kick is longer than the standing kick and easier to hit with.PTo transform into Wonder Momo without waiting for the magic swirl, face the audience and press Attack repeatedly to go into a Wonder Spin.
WWF Royal Rumble Sega/THQ 2000 Videogame Sports
It is a piece of cake to throw people out of the ring if you just run along the edges of the ropes throwing "clotheslines."
WWF Super Stars Technos 1989 Videogame Sports
If you are controlling The Big Boss Man and perform his signature wrestling move, position yourself to be behind your opponent when he gets up (he will be groggy) and walk into him. The opponent will automatically be thrown to the ropes and when he bounces off and comes running back, press the Punch button to once again perform The Big Boss Man's signature move. This process may be repeated an unlimited number of times until time expires.<P>Somewhere in the match when both opponents are in the ring, get the "legal" wrestler and throw im out of the ring. Then, take the "illegal" wrestler and knock him down and cover him. If you cover the illegal wrestler before the legal wrestler gets up on the outside, then you have performed the trick. The illegal wrestler will not kick out and the legal wrestler on the outside will not get up. The referee will simply count until twenty and you will win by count-out. This will not work if you cover the illegal wrestler after the legal wrestler gets up. He has to be lying on the outside of the ring. MORE CHEATS: 1. In the first and second championship match you vs. Andre and DiBasie, if you win the match pin one of the other wrestlers, just as time is running out timing is difficult of course and the newspaper proclaiming your characters the new champions will have blank pictures. 2. When your character throws another over the top rope, you can press the A and B button at the same time...twice right in a row. The wrestler will jump over the top rope and splash the guy on the floor. Probably not news to most people who play this game....the news Your wrestler can fly, literally fly 12 way across the ring if you do this right. 1st throw your opponent over the top rope, back your player towards the middle of the ring run if your experienced like me , keep your wrestler lined up with the guy on the floor...Press A B twice and your guy will jump, no fly across the ring, over the top rope and splash the opponent. This works all the way until you cross the 12 way point of the ring. Damn cool to see the 350 lb big boss man jump and fly 12 way across the ring and land PERFECTLY on his opponent outside the ring. Good aim those wrestlers.3. Your site had an entry about a bug with andre being split in two. You can also do this, just as andre is leaving the ring, hook him with the MachoMan clothesline from the back. SOMETIMES andre and you will land backwards. SOMETIMES works in the regular direction too.4. Andre is easier to body slam outside of the ring.
WWF WrestleFest Technos 1991 Videogame Sports
Once you pin the Legion of Doom, you celebrate your win, and go on to play as Champions against the computer, defending your titles until you are pinned. When you defend successfully four times, the LOD returns for their rematch.You challenge the LOD after 4 tag team wins.