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Name Manufacturer Year Type Genre Text (See Game for Complete Cheats, Easter Eggs, and Bugs)
Fighter's History Dynamite Data East 1994 Videogame Fighting
Beat the game without losing on level four or higher to fight an ox at the end.
Fighting Hawk Taito 1988 Videogame Shooter
If you try typing your high score initials as "SEX" it automatically gets changed to just "H !"
Final Fight Capcom 1989 Videogame Scrolling Fighter
In one player mode, when the player loses all his lives, he will start at the beginning of the current stage after continuing. In two-player mode, however, if one player loses all his lives, he will continue at the same spot he dies assuming the other player does not lose all his lives as well.<P>You can skip the last battle inside the subway train. Just jump onto the barrels in front of the control console and wait for the train to grind to a halt.<p>A special ending is displayed if the game is completed on one credit. The special ending consists of all the programmer's names with picture icons, after which the screen turns black and says "My name is POM".
Final Lap Namco 1987 Videogame Racing
In a multi-player game, the computer cars are less frequent and allow better lap times.
Final Round, The Konami 1988 Videogame Sports
Here's a good trick that can work against the computer when you're playing in a one player game. You can get quite far, but it's a bit boring: press block twice to get your guard up high (covering your face) then waltz over to the opponent and hammer both punch buttons. Wiggling the joystick occasionally will pull off a power move. As long as you punch the opponent constantly until he goes down, he never manages to get up again.
Final Star Force Tecmo 1992 Videogame Shooter
Pulsator capsules and fire power will automatically be increased after a period of time. So, do not hesistate use the bomb if you are in a dangerous condition. Always choose the thunder cannon as this is the most powerful weapon among all others. Try to position your ship to the right screen since enemy craft always appear on this side.
Frogger Sega/Gremlin 1981 Videogame Platform
BUG: Sometimes the lady frog is invisible normally purple until you accidently jump on it. Then she appears white with red legs on the frog's back. You still get 200 points.<P>BUG: From the middle section between the river and the road, jump upwards to a pad and jump back so where you have been moved to the left just a few pixels. You should be able to go off-screen to the right. If not, repeat. For more fun, jump upwards to where a pad should be. You will make it, but you will die.<P>BUG: Part of the background music will cut-out from time to time, only leaving the primary melody playing.<P>BUG: The game is not always even-handed with the rules, and frogs are occasionally killed on perfectly valid jumps.<P>BUG: When timed just right, if you jump into a home base that has an alligator and the alligator disappears mid-jump, your frog will die but will also make it home safely!<P>BUG: Moving left and right on the very top log can <EM>sometimes</EM> be very slow, and is more likely to occur after previously eating a fly.<P>TRICK: You can usually jump so where you are dangling off of the left side of a turtle, but not the right.<P>TRICK: If you play this game on a PC emulator such as MAME and use a code for unlimited time, you will hear the entire background song to its finish. This was <EM>never</EM> possible on the actual arcade game since you always ran out of time before the song finshed playing.<P>TRICK: The frog becomes controllable in attract mode once it reaches the very top log.<P>TRICK: When the frog in the demo in attract mode is at it's last move, you can control it with no tokens!