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Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3 Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3 - Japanese Logo - Katakana / Kanji

Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3 - Cabinet - Video Game Marquee


Technically the fourth game in the series. This is a two-player fighting game with several hidden moves mixed in with the typical punch and kick moves. Includes projectile moves as well.

Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3 was produced by Midway Games in 1995.

Midway Games released 53 machines in our database under this trade name, starting in 1972. Midway Games was based in United States.

Other machines made by Midway Games during the time period Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3 was produced include: Cruis'n USA, Revolution X - Aerosmith, Killer Instinct, NBA Jam Tournament Edition, Mortal Kombat II, 2 On 2 Open Ice Challenge, Mortal Kombat 3, WWF Wrestle Mania, Cruis'n World, and NBA Hangtime


Name Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3
Developer Midway Games (United States)
Year 1995
Type Videogame
KLOV/MOG # 10255
Class Wide Release
Genre Fighting
Conversion Class JAMMA
# Simultaneous Players 2
# Maximum Players 8
Game Play Either
Control Panel Layout Multiple Player
  • Joystick: 8-way
  • Buttons: 6 - RunLow PunchHigh PunchBlockLow KickHigh Kick
Sound Midway Digital Compression System (DCS) - Amplified Mono
Cabinet Styles
  • Upright/Standard
Bezel Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3 Bezel Image
Control Panel Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3 Control Panel Image
Side Art Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3 Side Art Image
PCB Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3 PCB Image

Game Introduction

This game is the same as Mortal Kombat 3 except for the inclusion of new backgrounds and more charactors (22 playable in all). This version marks the return of Scorpion, Reptile, Kitana and Jade (not to mention the endurance rounds). Hidden characters include Human Smoke, Classic Sub-Zero, Mileena, Ermac, Rain and Noob Saibot (Rain and Noob Saibot are not selectable in any way).The Background so far, Shao Kahn has taken over the Earth Realm by letting his wife Sindel be reborn on Earth to open the way and has stripped Earth's souls. Some souls however, have be protected by Thunder God Raiden and Kahn cannot touch then. Kitana has decided she cannot sit back and let her forced father reap what he has sown. Jade has decided to join her, though she work in her own mysterious way. Reptile has found himself betrayed and seeks revenge. And Scorpion, The Lost Soul Bent On Revenge, may get what he's fought for. He alone may hold a wild card for the Earth Realm. Other Fighters from past tournaments, The Demonic Milenna The Mysterious Ermac, have joined the fray. And believed dead from in the year 1992, Sub-Zero Older brother, The Original Sub-Zero has returned. Each one, has it's own good or evil motis operenda and a common goal. THE DESTRUCTION OF SHAO KAHN!

Game Play

You start by choosing the type of game:

  • One player against the computer
  • Two-player competition
  • Four-player competition (two players per team, two teams)
  • Eight-player tournament

Players can choose from 22 fighters with different abilities: Classic Sub-Zero, Cyrax, Ermac, Smoke, Jade, Jax, Kabal, Kano, Kitana, Kung Lao, Liu Kang, Mileena, Nightwolf, Reptile, Scorpion, Sektor, Shang Tsung, Sheeva, Sindel, Sonya, Stryker and Sub-Zero. You also have secret methods to allow playing additional fighters: Human Smoke, and Rain.

The game play is the same as the standard fighting-type games punch, kick, shoot, or otherwise injure the enemy until you or your opponent's energy is depleated. The entire Mortal Kombat series is unique in the way that it allows you special finishing moves. After defeating your opponent, the game states to "Finish Him" and you have about two seconds to perform a series of joystick movements and button combinations. If performed correctly your character will perform a Fatality, Babality, Animality, Friendship, or Brutality.

Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3 KLOV/IAM 5 Point User Score: 3.16 (4 votes)

Fun Factor: 4.27

Overall Like 4.33
Fun (Social) 4.33
Fun (Solo) 4.00
Collector Desire 4.33

Technical Rating: 2.88

Gameplay 3.25
Graphics 4.00
Originality 2.67
Sound/Music 3.33

Personal Impressions and Technical Impressions each account for half of the total score. Within the Personal Impressions category, Like carries a little more weight than the other factors.

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Cheats, Tricks, Bugs, and Easter Eggs

Three hidden characters in this one. The code to unlock Smoke will unlock Ermac. Other codes will unlock the demonically beautiful Milenna, and the long believed dead Sub-Zero I. Holding down LP, BLK, LK, Run, and the joystick Down and Left or Down and Right, will change Cyborg Smoke into Human Smoke.

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The term "Ermac," short for "Error Macro," was first coined during the development of Smash TV. This condition was a rare glitch that would load a level where the player could fight Ermac the ninja from the original Mortal Kombat.


Choosing the second question mark after finishing an eight-player tournament shows all the playable charactors fatalities, friendships, and babalities (with the exception of Classic Sub-Zero).

VAPS Arcade/Coin-Op Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3 Census

There are 14,829 members of the Video Arcade Preservation Society / Vintage Arcade Preservation Society, 9,504 whom participate in our arcade census project of games owned, wanted, or for sale. Census data currently includes 164,883 machines (6,918 unique titles).

Very Common - There are 295 known instances of this machine owned by Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3 collectors who are active members. Of these, 78 of them are original dedicated machines. 62 of them are conversions in which game circuit boards (and possibly cabinet graphics) have been placed in (and on) another game cabinet. 153 of them are only circuit boards which a collector could put into a generic case if desired.

For Sale - There are 12 active VAPS members with a Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3 machines for sale. There are 7 active VAPS members with a Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3 circuit boards for sale.

Wanted - Popular - There are 15 active VAPS members currently looking for Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3. There are 4 active VAPS members looking for Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3 boards sets.

This game ranks a 63 on a scale out of 100 (100 = most often seen, 1=least common) in popularity based on census ownership records.

This game ranks a 33 on a scale out of 100 (100 = most often seen, 1=least common) in popularity based on census want list records.

Rarity and Popularity independently are not necessarily indications of value. [More Information]




This game uses Midway's Wolf Unit hardware. Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3 is simply a ROM upgrade for the original Mortal Kombat 3.


  1. Mortal Kombat
  2. Mortal Kombat II
  3. Mortal Kombat 3
  4. Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3
  5. Mortal Kombat 4

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  1. 3D Model (External): Dedicated

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This game is available at the following public arcades, bars or museums:

Name Location State Country Details Check-ins
8-Bit Beans 100 Brock St South, Whitby Ontario Canada 0

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