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Amusement Machines: W (type: Videogame)

Entries in this index: 175
Name Manufacturer Year Type Genre Description Images
Wacko Bally Midway 1983 Videogame Shooter
Wacky Races Banpresto 2008 Videogame Racing
Waiwai Animal Land Taito 1992 Videogame
Wakakusa Monogatari Mahjong Yonshimai Maboroshi Ware 1996 Videogame Mahjong
Waku Waku 7 Sunsoft 1996 Videogame Fighting
Walk The Dog Sega 2000 Videogame Simulator
Walking Dead, The Raw Thrills 2016 Videogame Simulator
Wall Block Taito 1978 Videogame Ball and Paddle
Wall Crash MIdcoin 1985 Videogame Ball and Paddle
Wanagan Midnight Namco 2001 Videogame Racing
Wand Video Video Games Gmbh Videogame
Wangan Midnight Namco / Bandai Games 2001 Videogame Racing
Wangan Midnight Maximum Tune Namco 2004 Videogame Driving game
Wangan Midnight Maximum Tune 2 Namco 2005 Videogame Driving game
Wangan Midnight Maximum Tune 3 Namco 2009 Videogame
Wangan Midnight Maximum Tune 3 DX Unknown 2008 Videogame Racing
Wanted Sigma Ent. Inc. 1984 Videogame Shooter
Wanted Sega/Gremlin 1982 Videogame Labyrinth/Maze
War Ball Sega 1986 Videogame Sports
War Gods Midway Games 1996 Videogame Fighting
War Of Aero Yang Cheng 1993 Videogame Shooter
War Of The Bugs Food and Fun Corp./Armenia Ltd. 1981 Videogame Shooter
War Of The Grail Capcom 2006 Videogame Fighting
War Of The Worlds Cinematronics 1982 Videogame Space
War Tracks CoviArcade S.L. 2000 Videogame Racing
War: Final Assault Atari Games 1999 Videogame Shooter
Wardner Taito 1987 Videogame Platform
Wardner No Mori Taito 1987 Videogame Platform
Warlords Atari 1980 Videogame Shooter
Warp & Warp Namco 1981 Videogame Shooter
Warp 1 Taito 1980 Videogame Shooter
Warp Speed Meadows Games 1980 Videogame
Warp Warp Rock-Ola Mfg. Corp. 1981 Videogame Shooter
Warrior Vectorbeam 1979 Videogame Fighting
Warrior Blade: Rastan Saga Episode III Taito 1991 Videogame Scrolling Fighter
Warriors Of Fate Capcom 1992 Videogame Scrolling Fighter
Wartran Troopers Konami 2004 Videogame Shooter
Warzaid Konami 2003 Videogame
Warzard (a.k.a. Red Earth ) Capcom 1996 Videogame Fighting
Wasteland Racers 2071 Triotech Amusement 2007 Videogame Racing
Water Match Bally Midway/Sega 1984 Videogame Sports
Water Ski Taito 1983 Videogame Sports
Watergate Caper Nutting Associates 1973 Videogame
Wave Runner Sega 1996 Videogame Racing
Wave Runner GP Sega 2003 Videogame
Wave Shark Konami 1996 Videogame Racing
Way Of The Warrior American Laser Games 1994 Videogame Fighting
Wayne Gretzky's 3D Hockey Atari Games/Midway 1996 Videogame Sports
Weather Tales Taito 2001 Videogame
WEC Le Mans 24 Konami 1986 Videogame Racing
Welltris Video System Co. Ltd. 1990 Videogame
West Story Datsu 1991 Videogame Shooter
Western Express Data East 1986 Videogame Scrolling Fighter
Western Gun Taito 1975 Videogame Shooter
Western Gun, Part II Taito 1980 Videogame Shooter
Westerner Electro Sport 1983 Videogame Gambling
WGP Taito 1989 Videogame Simulator
WGP 2 Taito 1990 Videogame Sports
Wham Bam PMC Electronics 1974 Videogame
Wham Bam 2 PMC Electronics Videogame
Wheel Of Fortune Gametek 1989 Videogame Puzzle
Wheels Midway Manufacturing Co. 1975 Videogame Racing
Wheels II Midway Manufacturing Co. 1975 Videogame Racing
Wheels Runner I G Spa 1982 Videogame Racing
Whizz Philko 1989 Videogame
Who Dunit Exidy 1988 Videogame Shooter
Who Shot Johnny Rock American Laser Games 1991 Videogame Shooter
Whoopee!! Toaplan 1991 Videogame Platform
Wild Arrow Meyco Games Inc. 1982 Videogame Gambling
Wild Double Up Cal Omega Videogame
Wild Fang Tecmo 1989 Videogame Scrolling Fighter
Wild Gunman Nintendo 1984 Videogame Shooter
Wild Pilot Jaleco 1992 Videogame Air Combat
Wild Riders Sega 2001 Videogame Racing
Wild West C.O.W.-Boys Of Moo Mesa Konami 1992 Videogame Scrolling Fighter
Wild Western Taito 1982 Videogame Shooter
Wild Wood Sega 1978 Videogame
Williams System FPGA Repro-Hardware JROK 2009 Videogame
Willow Capcom 1989 Videogame Scrolling Fighter
Wimbeldon Nutting Associates 1973 Videogame
Wimbledon Nutting Associates 1974 Videogame Sports
Winchester Total Recoil Cybermind Videogame Simulator
Winding Heat Konami 1995 Videogame Racing
Windjammers Data East 1994 Videogame Sports
Wing Shooting Championship Sammy USA Corporation 2002 Videogame
Wing War Sega 1994 Videogame Simulator
Wings Electra 1976 Videogame Shooter
Wink MIdcoin 1985 Videogame
Winner Midway Manufacturing Co. 1973 Videogame Ball and Paddle
Winner II Midway Manufacturing Co. 1973 Videogame Ball and Paddle
Winner IV Midway Manufacturing Co. 1973 Videogame Ball and Paddle
Winner's Choice Cal Omega Videogame
Winner's Shuffle SMS Manufacturing Videogame Gambling
Winners Circle Corona 1981 Videogame Gambling
Winners Circle 3 Corona Videogame Gambling
WINNING ELEVEN Konami 2002 Videogame Sports
Winning Run Namco 1988 Videogame Racing
Winning Run '91 Namco 1991 Videogame Racing
Winning Run 3 Namco 1989 Videogame Racing
Winning Run Suzuka Grand Prix Namco 1989 Videogame Racing
Winning Spike Konami 1998 Videogame Sports
Winter Bobble, The Sakowa Project 1990 Videogame Platform
Winter Heat Sega 1997 Videogame Sports
Winter X Games SnoCross Raw Thrills 2012 Videogame Racing
Wipe Out Ramtek 1974 Videogame Ball and Paddle
Wipe Out XL Thrillseekers 2001 Videogame Racing
Wiping Nichibutsu 1982 Videogame Skill
Wise Guy Dooyong 1990 Videogame Puzzle
Witch Hunt Kee Games 1977 Videogame
Witch Way Shine Electronics Corp. 1982 Videogame
Wivern Wings G7 Semicom 2001 Videogame Shooter
Wiz, The Seibu Kaihatsu 1985 Videogame Platform
Wizard Fire Data East 1992 Videogame Adventure
Wizard Master, The - The Key of Avalon Sega 2003 Videogame
Wizard Of Wor Bally Midway 1981 Videogame Labyrinth/Maze
Wizz Quiz Konami 1986 Videogame Trivia/Quiz
Wolf Fang Data East 1991 Videogame Scrolling Fighter
Wolf Pack Atari 1978 Videogame
Wolfenstein VR Alternate Worlds Technology 1993 Videogame Labyrinth/Maze
Wonder 3 Capcom 1991 Videogame Other
Wonder Boy Sega 1986 Videogame Platform
Wonder Boy - Monster Land Sega 1987 Videogame Adventure
Wonder Boy Deluxe Sega 1986 Videogame Platform
Wonder Boy III - Monster Lair Sega 1989 Videogame Adventure
Wonder Momo Namco 1987 Videogame Scrolling Fighter
Wonder Planet Data East 1987 Videogame Shooter
Woodpecker Amenip 1981 Videogame
Word Zapper Unknown 1982 Videogame Shooter
World Adventure Logic Videogame
World Beach Volley Playmark 1995 Videogame Sports
World Championship Soccer Sega 1989 Videogame Soccer/Futbol
World Class Bowling Incredible Technologies 1997 Videogame Sports
World Club Champion Football Sega 2002 Videogame Soccer/Futbol
World Club Champion Football European Club Sega 2005 Videogame Soccer/Futbol
World Combat Konami 2002 Videogame
World Court Namco 1988 Videogame Sports
World Cup Sega 1977 Videogame
World Cup '90 Tecmo 1989 Videogame Sports
World Cup '94 Tecmo 1994 Videogame Sports
World Cup 92 Tecmo 1992 Videogame
World Cup Football Atari 1974 Videogame
World Heroes Alpha Denshi 1992 Videogame Fighting
World Heroes 2 ADK 1993 Videogame Fighting
World Heroes 2 Jet SNK/ADK 1994 Videogame Fighting
World Heroes Perfect ADK 1995 Videogame Fighting
World Hunting Series Sammy USA Corporation 2005 Videogame Shooter
World Kicks Namco 1999 Videogame Sports
World PK Soccer Jaleco 1994 Videogame Soccer/Futbol
World PK Soccer V2 Jaleco 1996 Videogame Soccer/Futbol
World Rally Atari Games 1993 Videogame Racing
World Rally 2 Gaelco 1995 Videogame Racing
World Rally Championship Gaelco 1993 Videogame Racing
World Series - The Season Cinematronics 1985 Videogame Baseball
World Series 99 Sega 1999 Videogame Baseball
World Series Baseball Cinematronics 1984 Videogame Baseball
World Series Baseball Sega 2001 Videogame
World Soccer Finals Leland 1990 Videogame Soccer/Futbol
World Soccer Winning Eleven 2006 Arcade Championship Konami 2006 Videogame Soccer/Futbol
World Soccer Winning Eleven 2014 Arcade Championship Konami 2014 Videogame Soccer/Futbol
World Stadium Namco 1988 Videogame Sports
World Stadium '89 Namco 1989 Videogame Sports
World Stadium '90 Namco 1990 Videogame Sports
World Tennis Original Game 1982 Videogame Sports
World Thoroughbred Breakers' Cup Championship Ultracade Technologies 2005 Videogame Sports
World Trophy Soccer Arcadia Systems 1989 Videogame
World Wars SNK 1987 Videogame Shooter
Worldcup Volleyball '95 Data East 1994 Videogame Sports
Wow Fantasia Comad 2001 Videogame Mature/Adult
Wrestle War Sega 1989 Videogame Sports
WWF Royal Rumble Sega/THQ 2000 Videogame Sports
WWF Super Stars Technos 1989 Videogame Sports
WWF Wrestle Mania Midway Games 1995 Videogame Sports
WWF WrestleFest Technos 1991 Videogame Sports
Wyvern F-0 Taito 1985 Videogame Shooter
Wyvern Wings G7 Semicom 2001 Videogame