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Amusement Machines: N (type: Videogame)

Entries in this index: 133
Name Manufacturer Year Type Genre Description Images
N-Sub Sega 1980 Videogame Shooter
N.Y. Captor Taito 1985 Videogame Shooter
Nam-1975 SNK 1990 Videogame Scrolling Fighter
Namco 20 Year Reunion Namco 2000 Videogame Labyrinth/Maze
Namco Classic Collection Volume 1 Namco 1995 Videogame Other
Namco Classic Collection Volume 2 Namco 1996 Videogame Other
Namco System 246 Namco 2001 Videogame System
Namco's Classic Gaming Namco 1986 Videogame Other
Name That Tune Bally Sente 1986 Videogame Trivia/Quiz
Nanajigen No Youseitachi Dynax 1990 Videogame Mahjong
Naname De Magic! Atlus 1994 Videogame Puzzle
Naomi Sega Videogame
NARC Williams Electronic Games, Inc. (WMS, 1985-2000) 1988 Videogame Scrolling Fighter
NASCAR Arcade Sega/Electronic Arts 2000 Videogame Racing
NASCAR Team Racing Global VR 2010 Videogame Racing
Nastar Taito 1989 Videogame
Nastar Warrior Taito 1988 Videogame Scrolling Fighter
NATO Defense Pacific Novelty 1982 Videogame Labyrinth/Maze
Naughty Boy Jaleco 1982 Videogame Labyrinth/Maze
Navarone Namco 1980 Videogame Shooter
NBA Hangtime Midway Games 1996 Videogame Sports
NBA Jam Midway Games 1993 Videogame Sports
NBA Jam Extreme Acclaim 1996 Videogame Sports
NBA Jam Tournament Edition Midway Games 1993 Videogame Sports
NBA Maximum Hangtime Midway Games 1996 Videogame Sports
NBA Play by Play Konami 1998 Videogame Sports
NBA Showtime - NBA On NBC Midway Games 1999 Videogame Sports
NBA Slam Dunk Sega 2003 Videogame
Nebula Data East 1980 Videogame Shooter
Nebulasray Namco 1994 Videogame Shooter
Nebulous Bee Unknown 1981 Videogame Shooter
Need For Speed Global VR 2003 Videogame Racing
Need For Speed Carbon Global VR 2008 Videogame Driving game
Need for Speed GT Global VR 2003 Videogame Racing
Need For Speed Underground Global VR 2005 Videogame Racing
Nekketsu Grand Prix Gal Nihon Bussan 1991 Videogame Mahjong
Nekketsu Kouha Kunio-Kun Technos 1986 Videogame Scrolling Fighter
Nekketsu Koukou Dodgeball-bu Technos 1987 Videogame Sports
Nemesis Konami 1985 Videogame Space
Nemo Capcom 1990 Videogame Scrolling Fighter
Neo Bomber Man Hudson Soft 1997 Videogame Puzzle
Neo Drift Out New Technology SNK 1996 Videogame Racing
Neo Geo Battle Coliseum SNK Playmore 2005 Videogame
Neo Geo MVS SNK 1989 Videogame System
Neo Geo MVS MV-1B SNK Videogame
Neo Mr. Do! Visco Games 1996 Videogame Labyrinth/Maze
Neo Turf Masters SNK 1996 Videogame Sports
NeoGeo Cup '98: The Road To The Victory SNK 1998 Videogame Sports
Neowave King of Fighters Sega 2004 Videogame
Nerae! Top Star Nichibutsu 1990 Videogame Mahjong
Neruton Haikujiradan Dynax 1990 Videogame Mahjong
Net Wars Orca 1983 Videogame Shooter
Nettoh Quiz Champion Nakanihon 1995 Videogame Trivia/Quiz
Nettou! Gekitou! Quiztou!! Namco 1993 Videogame Trivia/Quiz
New Experience Percussion Master American Alpha 2004 Videogame Dance/Rhythm
New Fantasia Comad/New Japan System 1994 Videogame Mature/Adult
New Puck-X Unknown 1980 Videogame Labyrinth/Maze
New Rally-X Namco 1981 Videogame Labyrinth/Maze
New Record Unknown Videogame
New Record Unknown Videogame
New Record Unknown Videogame
New Sinbad 7 ATW USA 1983 Videogame Labyrinth/Maze
New York Captor Taito 1986 Videogame Shooter
New York! New York! Gottlieb, D., & Co., a Columbia Pictures Industries Co. 1980 Videogame Shooter
New Zealand Story, The Taito 1988 Videogame Platform
New Zero Team Fabtek 1997 Videogame Scrolling Fighter
NewPuc1 Unibox 1981 Videogame Labyrinth/Maze
NewPuc2 Unknown 1981 Videogame Labyrinth/Maze
Next Space, The SNK 1989 Videogame Shooter
Nexzr Kaneko 1992 Videogame Shooter
NFL Blitz Midway Games 1997 Videogame Sports
NFL Blitz '99 Midway Games 1998 Videogame Sports
NFL Blitz 2000 Midway Games 1999 Videogame Sports
NFL Blitz 2000: Gold Edition Midway Games 1999 Videogame Sports
NFL Football Bally Midway 1983 Videogame Football (US)
Nibbler Rock-Ola Mfg. Corp. 1983 Videogame Labyrinth/Maze
Nice On Data East 1979 Videogame
Nichibutsu Hustler Nichibutsu 1983 Videogame Billiards/Pool
Nicktoons Nitro Racing Raw Thrills Videogame Driving game
Nicktoons Racing Chicago Gaming Company, Inc 2003 Videogame
Night Driver Atari 1976 Videogame Racing
Night Racer Micronetics 1977 Videogame Racing
Night Raid Takumi 2001 Videogame Shooter
Night Slashers Data East 1993 Videogame Scrolling Fighter
Night Star Data East 1983 Videogame Shooter
Night Stocker Bally Sente 1986 Videogame Shooter
Night Striker Taito 1989 Videogame Air Combat
Night Warriors: Dark Stalkers' Revenge Capcom 1995 Videogame Fighting
Nightmare In The Dark Gavaking / Eleven 2000 Videogame Adventure
Ninja Data East 1981 Videogame Shooter
Ninja Assault Namco 2000 Videogame Shooter
Ninja Baseball Bat Man Irem 1993 Videogame Scrolling Fighter
Ninja Clowns Strata 1991 Videogame Scrolling Fighter
Ninja Combat Alpha Denshi 1990 Videogame Scrolling Fighter
Ninja Commando SNK 1992 Videogame Scrolling Fighter
Ninja Emaki Nichibutsu 1985 Videogame Shooter
Ninja Gaiden Tecmo 1988 Videogame Scrolling Fighter
Ninja Gaiden Episode II: The Dark Sword Of Chaos Tecmo 1990 Videogame Scrolling Fighter
Ninja Gaiden Episode III: The Ancient Ship Of Doom Tecmo 1991 Videogame Scrolling Fighter
Ninja Gaiden PlayChoice Nintendo 1989 Videogame Platform
Ninja Hayate Taito 1984 Videogame Scrolling Fighter
Ninja Kid UPL 1990 Videogame Scrolling Fighter
Ninja Kids, The Taito 1990 Videogame Scrolling Fighter
Ninja Master's Haou Ninpou-ko ADK/SNK 1996 Videogame Fighting
Ninja Princess Sega 1985 Videogame Scrolling Fighter
Ninja Ryukenden Tecmo 1988 Videogame Scrolling Fighter
Ninja Spirit Irem 1988 Videogame Scrolling Fighter
Ninja Warriors, The Taito 1988 Videogame Scrolling Fighter
Ninja-Kid II UPL 1987 Videogame Scrolling Fighter
Nintendo Super System Nintendo 1991 Videogame System
Nintendo Vs. System Nintendo 1985 Videogame System
Nintendo World Cup Technos 1990 Videogame Sports
Nintendo World Cup - Playchoice Nintendo 1991 Videogame
Nirin Namco 2009 Videogame
Nitroball Nihon Bussan/AV Japan 1992 Videogame Shooter
No Man's Land Gottlieb, D. & Co. 1980 Videogame Shooter
No Mans Land Unknown 1980 Videogame
Noah's Ark Enter Tech LTD 1983 Videogame
Noah's Ark Moppet Video 1982 Videogame
Nok-Out Boxing Gamex Amusements, Inc. 1978 Videogame
Nostradamus Face 1993 Videogame Shooter
Nouryoku Koujou Linkai Tecmo 1995 Videogame Puzzle
Nova 2001 Universal 1984 Videogame Space
Nozokimeguri Mahjong Peep Show AC LTD. 1989 Videogame Mahjong
Nudge Bingo Cal Omega 1982 Videogame
Numan Athletics Namco 1993 Videogame Sports
Nun Chackun Taito 1985 Videogame Scrolling Fighter
Nun Chakun Magic Electronics Videogame
Nurburgring 1 / Nurburgring 2 Dr .Foerst Gmbh Germany 1979 Videogame Racing
Nurburgring 3 Dr .Foerst Gmbh Germany 1980 Videogame Racing
Nurburgring-Powerslide Dr .Foerst Gmbh Germany 1976 Videogame Driving game
Nyan Nyan Panic Konami 1988 Videogame Labyrinth/Maze
Nyanpai Nichibutsu 1996 Videogame Mature/Adult