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Amusement Machines: C (type: Videogame)

Entries in this index: 353
Name Manufacturer Year Type Genre Description Images
Cabal TAD Corporation 1988 Videogame Shooter
Cachat Taito 1993 Videogame Puzzle
Cadash Taito 1989 Videogame Adventure
Cadillacs And Dinosaurs Capcom 1992 Videogame Scrolling Fighter
Cadillacs Kyouryuu-Shinseiki Capcom 1993 Videogame Scrolling Fighter
Cafe Break Dynax 1999 Videogame Mahjong
Cal .50 - Caliber Fifty Romstar 1989 Videogame Shooter
California Chase Game Room 1999 Videogame Racing
California Speed Atari Games 1998 Videogame Racing
Calipso Tago Electronics 1982 Videogame Platform
Calorie Vs. Moguranian Sega/Vic Tokai 1986 Videogame Platform
Cameltry Taito 1989 Videogame Labyrinth/Maze
Candy Candy EOLITH Videogame
Cannon Ball Yun Sung 1995 Videogame Ball and Paddle
Cannon Ball Novomatic 1980 Videogame Ball and Paddle
Cannon Spike Capcom 2001 Videogame
Cannon-Dancer Mitchell 1996 Videogame
Canyon Bomber Atari 1977 Videogame Shooter
Capcom Baseball Capcom 1989 Videogame Baseball
Capcom Bowling Capcom 1988 Videogame Sports
Capcom Fighting Jam Capcom 2004 Videogame
Capcom Golf Capcom 1991 Videogame Golf
Capcom Sports Club Capcom 1997 Videogame Sports
Capcom USA Capcom 1988 Videogame
Capcom Vs. SNK 2 - Millionaire Fighting 2001 Capcom/SNK 2001 Videogame Fighting
Capcom Vs. SNK 2: Mark Of The Millennium 2001 Capcom/SNK 2001 Videogame Fighting
Capcom Vs. SNK Millennium Fight 2000 PRO Capcom/SNK 2000 Videogame
Capcom Vs. SNK: Millennium Fight 2000 Capcom/SNK 2000 Videogame Fighting
Capitol Universal Video Spiel GmbH 1981 Videogame Shooter
Capsule Invader Irem 1979 Videogame Shooter
Captain America And The Avengers Data East 1991 Videogame Scrolling Fighter
Captain Commando Capcom 1991 Videogame Scrolling Fighter
Captain Silver Data East 1987 Videogame Platform
Captain Skyhawk Milton Bradley 1989 Videogame Shooter
Captain Stuntman / The Southern Cross Japan Bally Electronics Co. 1979 Videogame
Captain Tomaday Visco Games 1999 Videogame Scrolling Fighter
Captain Zapp Universal 1985 Videogame Adventure
Car Action Unknown 1983 Videogame Racing
Car Hunt Sega 1980 Videogame
Car Jamboree Omori 1983 Videogame
Car Polo Exidy 1977 Videogame Sports
Car Race Unknown 1981 Videogame Racing
Carnevil Midway Games 1999 Videogame Shooter
Carnival UPL 1980 Videogame Shooter
Carnival King Incredible Technologies 2002 Videogame Redemption
Carnival King Big Top Shooter Incredible Technologies 2000 Videogame Shooter
Carrier Air Wing Capcom 1990 Videogame Air Combat
Cart Fury Midway Games 2000 Videogame Racing
Cartoon Gun Sega/Gremlin 1978 Videogame
Cascade Sidam 1978 Videogame Ball and Paddle
Cash Cube Sega Videogame Redemption
Casino 5 Merit Industries 1987 Videogame Gambling
Casino Classic Viking 1987 Videogame Gambling
Casino Five Merit Industries 1984 Videogame Gambling
Casino Games Grayhound Videogame
Casino Strip Status 1985 Videogame Mature/Adult
Castle Of Dragon Seta 1989 Videogame Scrolling Fighter
Castlevania Konami 1986 Videogame Platform
Castlevania The Arcade Konami 2009 Videogame Shooter
Castlevania: The Arcade Konami 2009 Videogame
Cat'N Mouse Zaccaria 1981 Videogame
Catapult Photar 1982 Videogame
Catch Atari 1977 Videogame Ball and Paddle
Catch 22 Exidy 1983 Videogame
Caterpillar Olympia 1980 Videogame
Cavelon Jetsoft 1983 Videogame Labyrinth/Maze
Caveman Unknown 1982 Videogame
Caveman Ninja Data East 1991 Videogame Platform
Caveman Ninja Joe & Mac Data East 1991 Videogame
Cemescary NoSync 1998 Videogame Scrolling Fighter
Center Court Sega 1987 Videogame Sports
Centipede Atari 1980 Videogame Shooter
Centipede/Millipede/Missile Command Team Play 2001 Videogame Shooter
Cerberus Cinematronics 1985 Videogame Shooter
CG Video Unknown Videogame
Chack 'N Pop Taito 1983 Videogame Platform
Chain Reaction Data East 1995 Videogame Puzzle
Challenge Mirco 1974 Videogame Ball and Paddle
Challenger Centuri 1981 Videogame Shooter
Challenger Black Jack 21 Bend Electronics Videogame Gambling
Challenger Draw Poker Bend Electronics Videogame Gambling
Challenger In Between Bend Electronics Videogame Gambling
Chameleon Jaleco 1983 Videogame
Champion Baseball Sega 1983 Videogame Baseball
Champion Baseball 2 Sega 1983 Videogame Baseball
Champion Boxing Sega 1983 Videogame Sports
Champion Ping Pong Arizona Automation, Inc. 1973 Videogame
Champion Pro Wrestling Sega 1985 Videogame
Champion Wrestler Taito 1989 Videogame Sports
Championship Bowling Romstar 1989 Videogame Sports
Championship Shootout E-plus 1988 Videogame Billiards/Pool
Championship Sprint Atari Games 1986 Videogame Racing
Championship V'Ball Technos 1988 Videogame Sports
Change Air Blade Sammy 1999 Videogame Air Combat
Change Lanes Taito 1983 Videogame Racing
Changes Orca 1982 Videogame Labyrinth/Maze
Chaos Heat Taito 1998 Videogame
Chaosfield Able Corp 2004 Videogame
Character Cabinets Sega 1982 Videogame
Charlie Ninja Mitchell 1994 Videogame Scrolling Fighter
Chase 1929 Sammy 2004 Videogame
Chase Bombers Taito 1994 Videogame Racing
Chase H.Q. Taito 1988 Videogame Racing
Chase H.Q. 2 Taito Videogame Racing
Chase1 Allied Leisure Industries 1976 Videogame Shooter
Check Man Zilec-Zenitone 1982 Videogame Skill
Checkmate Midway Manufacturing Co. 1977 Videogame Skill
Cheeky Mouse Universal 1980 Videogame Skill
Cheese Chase Art & Magic 1994 Videogame Labyrinth/Maze
Chelnov: Atomic Runner Data East 1988 Videogame Platform
Chequered Flag Konami 1988 Videogame Racing
Cheyenne Exidy 1984 Videogame Shooter
Chicago 1929 Sammy USA Corporation 2004 Videogame Racing
Chicken Draw Merit Industries 1984 Videogame Card
Chicken Shift Bally Sente 1984 Videogame Labyrinth/Maze
Chiki Chiki Boys Capcom 1990 Videogame Platform
Chiller Exidy 1986 Videogame Shooter
Chimera Beast Jaleco 1993 Videogame Shooter
China Gate Technos 1988 Videogame Platform
China Town Nihon Bussan/AV Japan 1991 Videogame Puzzle
Chinese Hero Taiyo System 1984 Videogame Fighting
Choko Michell Corp. 2001 Videogame Puzzle
Choplifter Sega 1985 Videogame Shooter
Chopper I SNK 1988 Videogame Shooter
Choujin Gakuen Gowcaizer SNK Playmore 1995 Videogame Fighting
Chouzikuu Yousai Macross - Macross II Banpresto 1993 Videogame Space
Chrono Soldier Sega 1987 Videogame Scrolling Fighter
Chuck-A-Luck Unknown Videogame
Chugokuryu 3 Special International Games System 2001 Videogame
Chuka Taisen Taito 1988 Videogame Shooter
CID The Dummy Genna Group 2009 Videogame
Circus Exidy 1977 Videogame Skill
Circus Charlie Konami 1984 Videogame Platform
Circus Circus Universal 1978 Videogame Ball and Paddle
Cisco 400 Taito 1977 Videogame Racing
Cisco Heat Jaleco 1990 Videogame Racing
City Bomber Konami 1987 Videogame Racing
City Connection Jaleco 1985 Videogame Platform
City Love Nichibutsu 1986 Videogame Mahjong
Ckidzo Meadows Games 1976 Videogame Ball and Paddle
Clash Road Woodplace Inc. 1986 Videogame Platform
Classic Arcade Series Unknown 2001 Videogame
Classic Football NFL Namco 2003 Videogame Sports
Clay Buster Model Racing 1976 Videogame
Clay Challenge Sega 2008 Videogame
Clay Champ Namco 1981 Videogame
Clay Pigeon Exidy 1986 Videogame Shooter
Clay Shoot Allied Leisure Industries 1979 Videogame
Clean Sweep Ramtek 1974 Videogame Ball and Paddle
Cleopatra Fortune Taito 1996 Videogame Puzzle
Cliff Hanger Stern Electronics 1983 Videogame Scrolling Fighter
Cliff Hanger Edward Randy Data East 1990 Videogame
Cloak & Dagger Atari 1983 Videogame Scrolling Fighter
Cloud 9 Atari 1983 Videogame Shooter
Cloud Master Taito 1988 Videogame Shooter
Clowns Midway Manufacturing Co. 1978 Videogame Skill
Club Kart Sega 2001 Videogame Racing
Club Kart - European Session Sega 2000 Videogame Racing
Club Lambada Unknown 1980 Videogame Labyrinth/Maze
Club Tennis Computer Games Inc. 1974 Videogame Ball and Paddle
Clue Hasbro 2002 Videogame Other
Cluster Buster Data East 1983 Videogame Puzzle
Clutch Hitter Sega 1991 Videogame Sports
CoasteRider X-Press Ronbotics Corporation 1999 Videogame Simulator
Cobra The Arcade Namco 2005 Videogame
Cobra Command Nihon Bussan/AV Japan 1984 Videogame Shooter
Cobra Command 1988 Data East 1988 Videogame Scrolling Shooter
Cobra Gunship Meadows Games 1976 Videogame Shooter
Code Name: Viper Capcom 1989 Videogame Shooter
Code One Dispatch Konami 2000 Videogame Racing
Collision Video Games Gmbh 1979 Videogame Labyrinth/Maze
Colony 7 Taito 1981 Videogame Shooter
Colorful Highschool Namco / Bandai Games 2002 Videogame
Colt 1986 Terminator 1986 Videogame Shooter
Columns Sega 1990 Videogame Puzzle
Columns 97 Sega 1997 Videogame Puzzle
Columns II: The Voyage Through Time Sega 1990 Videogame Puzzle
Combat Exidy 1985 Videogame Shooter
Combat Bertolino Videogame
Combat School Konami 1987 Videogame Sports
Combatica Holoplex 2003 Videogame Fighting
Combatribes The Technos 1990 Videogame Scrolling Fighter
Combo Digital Games Incorporated 1976 Videogame
Come On Baby Expotato New Millenium Excellent Potato Company Ltd. 2000 Videogame
Come On Baby - Ballympic Heroes! Expotato New Millenium Excellent Potato Company Ltd. 2001 Videogame
Comic Bakery Konami 1984 Videogame Platform
Commander Irem 1979 Videogame
Commando Capcom 1985 Videogame Scrolling Fighter
Commando (Sega) Sega 1983 Videogame Shooter
Commando - Senjo No Ookami Capcom 1985 Videogame
Comotion Gremlin 1977 Videogame Labyrinth/Maze
Competition Golf Data East 1985 Videogame Golf
Competition Tennis-Hockey United States Marketing, Inc. Videogame
Complex X Taito 1984 Videogame
Compute Tic Tac Toe Edcoe Mfg. Service Co. Videogame
Computer - R3 Universal 1978 Videogame
Computer Othello Nintendo 1978 Videogame Puzzle
Computer Poker Game-A-Tron Videogame Gambling
Computer Space Nutting Associates 1971 Videogame Space
Computer Space 2 Player Nutting Associates 1973 Videogame
Computer Space Ball Nutting Associates 1972 Videogame Ball and Paddle
Condor Sidam 1980 Videogame Shooter
Confidential Mission Sega 2000 Videogame Shooter
Congo Bongo Sega 1983 Videogame Platform
Congorilla Orca 1981 Videogame Platform
Conqueror Unknown (Temporary) 1980 Videogame Shooter
Consolette Atari 1976 Videogame
Consolette 2000 Atari 1978 Videogame
Constella Nichibutsu 1982 Videogame Shooter
Continental Circuit Taito 1989 Videogame Racing
Continental Circus Taito 1988 Videogame Racing
Contintental Circuit Taito 1987 Videogame Racing
Contra Konami 1987 Videogame Scrolling Fighter
Contra (PlayChoice) Konami 1988 Videogame Scrolling Fighter
Cook Race Unknown 1982 Videogame Platform
Cookie & Bibi 2 Semicom 1990 Videogame Puzzle
Cool Boarders Arcade Jam Tecmo 1997 Videogame
Cool Pool Catalina Games 1992 Videogame Billiards/Pool
Cool Riders Sega 1995 Videogame Racing
Cooper's 9 Konami 2005 Videogame Shooter
Coors Light Bowling Capcom 1989 Videogame Sports
Cop 01 Nichibutsu 1985 Videogame Platform
Cops Atari Games 1994 Videogame Other
Cops 'N Robbers Atari 1976 Videogame Shooter
Cosmic Alien Universal 1980 Videogame Shooter
Cosmic Attackers Elcon Industries 1979 Videogame
Cosmic Avenger Universal 1981 Videogame Shooter
Cosmic Chasm Cinematronics 1983 Videogame Shooter
Cosmic Cop Irem 1996 Videogame Space
Cosmic Guerilla Universal 1979 Videogame Shooter
Cosmic Monsters Universal 1979 Videogame Space
Cosmic Monsters II Universal 1979 Videogame
Cosmic Smash Sega 2001 Videogame Sports
Cosmic Wars Konami 1989 Videogame
Cosmikaze Game-A-Tron 1981 Videogame Shooter
Cosmo Gang The Puzzle Namco 1992 Videogame Puzzle
Cosmo Gang The Video Namco 1991 Videogame Shooter
Cosmopolis Taito 1984 Videogame Shootem up
Cosmos Century Electronics 1981 Videogame Shooter
Cosmos Circuit Taito 1984 Videogame Racing
Cotocoto Cottong Unknown 1982 Videogame Puzzle
Cotton Success 1989 Videogame Shooter
Cotton 2 Success 1997 Videogame Shooter
Cotton Boomerang Success 1998 Videogame Shooter
Countdown Volly Industries Ltd. 1974 Videogame Ball and Paddle
Counter Force Jaleco 1989 Videogame Shooter
Counter Run SEGA/NIHON SYSTEM 1988 Videogame Labyrinth/Maze
Countertop Champion U.S. Games Inc. 1993 Videogame
Countertop Champion 2 U.S. Games Inc. 1994 Videogame
Country Club SNK 1988 Videogame
Coup Franc Atari 1974 Videogame
Coupe Davis (Pong Doubles) Atari 1973 Videogame Ball & Paddle
Coupe Du Monde Atari 1974 Videogame
Cow Encounters R3 Interactive 2000 Videogame Redemption
Cowboys of Moo Mesa Konami 1993 Videogame
Cower Hounds Norainu Game Corp 1989 Videogame Scrolling Shooter
CP System I Capcom 1988 Videogame System
CP System II Capcom 1993 Videogame System
CP System III Capcom 1996 Videogame System
Crack Down Sega 1989 Videogame Labyrinth/Maze
Crackin' DJ Part 2 Sega 2001 Videogame
Crackshot Exidy 1987 Videogame Shooter
Crash Exidy 1979 Videogame Racing
Crash Video Games Gmbh 1976 Videogame Ball and Paddle
Crash 'N Score Atari 1975 Videogame Racing
Crash Course Sega 1977 Videogame
Crash Race Video System Co. Ltd. 1992 Videogame Racing
Crashing Race Taito 1976 Videogame Racing
Crater Raider Bally Midway 1984 Videogame Shooter
Crazy Balloon Taito 1980 Videogame Labyrinth/Maze
Crazy Blocks Kiwako Co., Ltd. 1983 Videogame
Crazy Chewy Video Technology 1980 Videogame Labyrinth/Maze
Crazy Climber Nihon Bussan Co. Ltd 1980 Videogame Platform
Crazy Climber 2 Nichibutsu 1988 Videogame Platform
Crazy Cop Konami 1988 Videogame Shooter
Crazy Cross Konami 1994 Videogame Unknown
Crazy Dancing IGS 2000 Videogame Dance/Rhythm
Crazy Dancing Ex International Games System 2001 Videogame Dance/Rhythm
Crazy Fight Subsino Corp. Ltd. 1998 Videogame Shooter
Crazy Foot Bally Manufacturing Co. 1973 Videogame
Crazy Kong Falcon 1981 Videogame Platform
Crazy Kong Jr. Falcon 1982 Videogame Platform
Crazy Mazey Unknown Videogame
Crazy Rally Tecfri 1987 Videogame Racing
Crazy Speed Universal Space 2010 Videogame
Crazy Streets - Thrill Drive 4 Konami 2007 Videogame Driving game
Crazy Taxi Sega 1999 Videogame Racing
Crazy Taxi High Roller Sega 2003 Videogame
Crazy War EOLITH 2002 Videogame
Crazyfoot Midway Manufacturing Co. 1974 Videogame Sports
Crime City Taito 1989 Videogame Scrolling Fighter
Crime Fighters Konami 1989 Videogame Scrolling Fighter
Crime Fighters 2 Konami 1991 Videogame Platform
Crime Patrol American Laser Games 1993 Videogame Shooter
Crime Patrol 2 - Drug Wars American Laser Games 1993 Videogame Shooter
Crimson Skies Tsunami Visual Technologies, Inc. 2002 Videogame Shooter
Crisis Tehkan Videogame
Crisis Zone Namco 1999 Videogame Shooter
Crock-Man Rene Pierre 1980 Videogame Labyrinth/Maze
Croquis Demian 1996 Videogame Trivia/Quiz
Cross Blades! Irem 1991 Videogame Scrolling fighter
Cross Fire Taito 1977 Videogame Shooter
Crossbow Exidy 1983 Videogame Shooter
Crossed Swords SNK 1990 Videogame Scrolling Fighter
Crossfire - Maximum Paintball Team Play 2005 Videogame
Crossroads Bally Midway 1981 Videogame Labyrinth/Maze
Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon 2003 SNK 2003 Videogame
Crowin Case Samducksa 1990 Videogame
Crowns Golf Sega 1984 Videogame Golf
Crowns Golf In Hawaii Sega 1985 Videogame Golf
Crude Buster Data East 1990 Videogame Scrolling Fighter
Cruis'n Blast Raw Thrills 2016 Videogame Racing
Cruis'n Exotica Midway Games 1999 Videogame Racing
Cruis'n USA Midway Games 1994 Videogame Racing
Cruis'n World Midway Games 1996 Videogame Racing
Cruisin' Kitcorp 1985 Videogame Racing
Cruncher Unknown 1980 Videogame Labyrinth/Maze
Crush Roller Kural Samno 1981 Videogame Labyrinth/Maze
Crypt Killer Konami 1995 Videogame Shooter
Crystal Castles Atari 1983 Videogame Platform
Crystal Gal II Mahjong Nichibutsu 1986 Videogame Mahjong
Crystal Gal Mahjong Nichibutsu 1985 Videogame Mature/Adult
Crystal Maze, The Barcrest 1994 Videogame
Crystal of Kings, The BrezzaSoft 2001 Videogame Scrolling Fighter
CTF1 - Computer Test Fixture Atari 1976 Videogame System
Cube Quest Simutrek 1984 Videogame Adventure
Cuby Bop Hot-B 1990 Videogame Ball and Paddle
Cue Brick Konami 1989 Videogame Puzzle
Curve Ball Mylstar 1984 Videogame Sports
Cute-See Update Kits, Inc. 1982 Videogame Labyrinth/Maze
Cutie Q Namco 1979 Videogame Ball and Paddle
CVS Games: Revolution Century Electronics Videogame
Cybattler Jaleco 1993 Videogame Shooter
Cyber Commando Namco 1994 Videogame Shooter
Cyber Cycles Namco 1995 Videogame Racing
Cyber Diver Taito 2009 Videogame
Cyber Lead II Namco 2000 Videogame
Cyber Sled Namco 1993 Videogame Shooter
Cyber Troopers Virtual On Force Sega 2001 Videogame Fighting
Cyber Troopers Virtual On Oratorio Tangram 2000 Edition Sega 2000 Videogame Fighting
Cyber Troopers Virtual On: Oratorio Tangram Sega 1998 Videogame Fighting
Cyber Troopers: Virtual On Sega 1995 Videogame Fighting
Cyber-Lip SNK 1990 Videogame Adventure
Cyberball Atari Games 1988 Videogame Sports
Cyberball 2072 Atari Games 1989 Videogame Sports
Cyberbots Capcom 1994 Videogame
Cyberbots - Fullmetal Madness Capcom 1994 Videogame Shooter
Cyberstorm Atari Games 1993 Videogame Fighting
CyberTank Coreland 1987 Videogame Simulator
Cycle Shooting Taito 1986 Videogame Shooter
Cycle Warriors Tatsumi 1988 Videogame Fighting
Cycraft VR Simulator Sega 2003 Videogame
Cyvern: The Dragon Weapons Kaneko 1998 Videogame Shooter