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Games Manufactured in: 2004

Entries in this index: 94
Name Manufacturer Year Type Genre Description Images
Alabama Crimson Tide Unknown 2004 Pinball / Electro-Mechanical
Arcade Legends Chicago Gaming Company, Inc 2004 Arcade / Working model Shooter
Astrological Match Maker Betson Enterprises 2004 Arcade
Battle Gear 3 Taito 2004 Videogame Racing
Beatmania IIDX 10th Style Konami 2004 Arcade
Beatmania IIDX.11: IIDX RED Konami 2004 Arcade
Big League 5 Star Redemption, Inc. 2004 Arcade Baseball
Boxer pre-Cube version Kalkomat 2004 Arcade / Strength tester Other
Breath Alcohol Tester Alcometrix S.L. 2004 Vending / Service
Capcom Fighting Jam Capcom 2004 Videogame
Casino Winner Namco 2004 Arcade
Chaosfield Able Corp 2004 Videogame
Chase 1929 Sammy 2004 Videogame
Checkpoint Rally Namco 2004 Arcade
Chicago 1929 Sammy USA Corporation 2004 Videogame Racing
Chingy Bally Midway 2004 Pinball / Solid State
Cow Tipping Team Play 2004 Arcade
Crazy Weekend Smart Industries Corp. 2004 Arcade / Reflex
Defender / Defender II Team Play 2004 Videogame
Diver and Boat Mills Novelty Co. 2004 Arcade / Working model
Donkey Kong / Donkey Kong Jr. / Mario Bros. Nintendo 2004 Videogame
Donkey Kong Banana Kingdom Nintendo 2004 Arcade
Donkey Kong Jungle Fever Nintendo 2004 Arcade
Double Triple Northwestern Corp. 2004 Vending / Bulk
Elvis Stern Pinball, Inc. 2004 Pinball / Solid State
Elvis Gold - Limited Edition Stern Pinball, Inc. 2004 Pinball / Solid State
Fast And The Furious Raw Thrills 2004 Videogame Racing
Fast and the Furious, The Raw Thrills 2004 Videogame Racing
Faster Than Speed Sammy USA Corporation 2004 Videogame Driving game
Feeding Frenzy Ultracade Technologies 2004 Videogame
Force Five Sammy 2004 Videogame Fighting
Ghost Squad Sega 2004 Videogame
Goldfish Catcher Stern Pinball, Inc. 2004 Arcade
Good Jack Amuse World 2004 Arcade
Guilty Gear Isuka Sammy 2004 Videogame Fighting
Guitar Freaks 11th Mix Konami 2004 Arcade / Skill game
Hyper Street Fighter 2 Anniversary Edition Capcom 2004 Videogame
In The Groove Roxor Games 2004 Videogame Dance/Rhythm
Johnny Nero Action Hero I.C.E. 2004 Videogame
King Of Fighters 2005, The SNK Playmore 2004 Videogame Fighting
Knights of Valour, The Seven Spirits IGS 2004 Videogame Fighting
Little League ticket redemption machine 5 Star Redemption, Inc. 2004 Arcade / Redemption Baseball
Love And Berry Dress Up And Dance Sega 2004 Arcade
Madden NFL Football Global VR 2004 Videogame
Major League 5 Star Redemption, Inc. 2004 Arcade Baseball
Make It Take It American Alpha 2004 Arcade
Mars Mission Skee Ball Co. 2004 Arcade
Martians! A & A Design Group 2004 Pinball / Solid State
Maximum Tune Namco 2004 Videogame Driving game
Megatouch Maxx Sapphire Merit Industries 2004 Videogame Counter game
Mobile Suit Gundam Z AEUG Vs. Titans Deluxe Capcom Banpresto 2004 Videogame
Muscle Car Cafe Fabulous Fantasies 2004 Pinball / Solid State
Mushihime-sama Cave 2004 Videogame Shooter
NBA Hoops I.C.E. 2004 Arcade / Skill Basketball
Neowave King of Fighters Sega 2004 Videogame
New Experience Percussion Master American Alpha 2004 Videogame Dance/Rhythm
Nintendo Gamecube Custom Nintendo 2004 Arcade / Prototype Unknown
Ollie King Sega 2004 Videogame
Out Run 2 - Special Tours Sega 2004 Videogame
Peekaboo American Alpha 2004 Arcade
Percussion Master IGS 2004 Arcade Unknown
Phantom Ship Namco 2004 Arcade
Pingu\\\'s Ice Block Capcom 2004 Arcade
Ps Attack Uniana 2004 Videogame Shooter
Ranger Mission Sammy USA Corporation 2004 Videogame
Raptor Captor 5 Star Redemption, Inc. 2004 Arcade
Raptor Island 5 Star Redemption, Inc. 2004 Arcade
ReVolt Acclaim 2004 Videogame Racing
Ring Riders Gaelco (Spain) 2004 Videogame Unknown
Ripley's Believe It or Not! Stern Pinball, Inc. 2004 Pinball / Solid State
Robotron - Joust Team Play 2004 Videogame
Rumble Fish, The Sammy 2004 Videogame
S.A.P.T. - Special Automobile Police Team Uniana 2004 Videogame
Samurai Shodown V Special Yuki Enterprise 2004 Videogame Fighting
Shoot it Up Andamiro 2004 Arcade
Silver Strike Bowling Incredible Technologies 2004 Videogame
Spin-N-Win Skee Ball Co. 2004 Arcade
Stacker LAI 2004 Arcade / Redemption Unknown
Street Fighter Anniversary Edition Ultracade Technologies 2004 Videogame
Taito Arcade Classics Taito 2004 Videogame
Taito Type X Taito 2004 Videogame System
Target Terror Gold Raw Thrills 2004 Videogame Shooter
Target:Terror Raw Thrills 2004 Videogame Shooter
Thrill Drive 3 Konami 2004 Videogame Driving game
Tux Racer Roxor Games 2004 Videogame Driving game
Valve Limit R Konami 2004 Videogame
Virtua Fighter 4 Final Tuned Sega 2004 Videogame Fighting
Wangan Midnight Maximum Tune Namco 2004 Videogame Driving game
Wartran Troopers Konami 2004 Videogame Shooter
Wheel of Fortune I.C.E. 2004 Arcade
Winning Shot Universal Space 2004 Pinball / Solid State Soccer/Futbol
Yellow Submarine Memo Park 2004 Arcade Other
Zoids Infinity Taito 2004 Videogame
Zooo Success 2004 Videogame Puzzle