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Amusement Machines: N (type: Arcade)

Entries in this index: 51
Name Manufacturer Year Type Genre Description Images
Name Plate Machine Roover Brothers Co. 1902 Arcade
NASCAR Showdown Bay-Tek Incorporated 2008 Arcade
Natasha the Fortune Teller Unknown 1980 Arcade / Fortune
National National Suffleboard Co. 1949 Arcade / Shuffle
National Game - Deuces-Wild A.S.L. Sales Corp. 1930 Arcade / Skill game
NBA GameTime I.C.E. 2017 Arcade / Skill Basketball
NBA GameTime Custom I.C.E. 2017 Arcade / Skill Basketball
NBA Hoop Troop I.C.E. 2011 Arcade / Basketball Skill
NBA Hoops I.C.E. 2004 Arcade / Skill Basketball
Neck-N-Neck Bundra Games and Incredible Technologies 1992 Arcade / Redemption Sports
Necromancer Canova Novelty Co. 1910 Arcade / Working model
Nerve Invigorator National Electric Machine Arcade / Shocker
New Century Strength Testing Machine Midland Manufacturing Co. 1900 Arcade / Strength tester
New Crazy Squash Unknown 2000 Arcade / Air Hockey Skill
New Dealer, The Coastal Amusements Arcade
New Electric Shock Machine Mills Novelty Co. 1902 Arcade / Shocker
New Grip Machine Mills Novelty Co. 1906 Arcade / Strength tester
New Lifting Machine Mills Novelty Co. 1904 Arcade / Strength tester
New Multi Game 5 Nova Games Ltd. 1990 Arcade
New Owl Lifter Mills Novelty Co. 1901 Arcade / Strength tester
New Palm Reader Marvin & Casler Co. 1905 Arcade / Fortune
New Pathfinder Exhibit Supply Co., The 1931 Arcade / Digger
New Photography Argyle Automatic Co. 1908 Arcade / Fortune
New Pistol Shooting Range Nicole Freres 1900 Arcade / Pistol
New Slot Lifting Machine Mills Novelty Co. 1902 Arcade / Strength tester
New Slot Punching Machine Mills Novelty Co. 1902 Arcade / Strength tester
New World Horoscope Mills Novelty Co. 1912 Arcade / Fortune
Newport Shoot for the Stars Basketball Grayhound Arcade / Basketball Skill
Nexus Multiple Game System Coastal Amusements Arcade
NHL Stanley Cup 2003 Bubble Hockey All Sports Arena Amusements, Inc. 2003 Arcade Sports
Niagara Shuffle Alley United Amusement Co. 1958 Arcade / Bowler
Nickel Digger W. D. Bartlett 1935 Arcade / Digger
Night Bomber Chicago Coin Machine Co. 1971 Arcade
Night Fighter Genco Corp. 1953 Arcade
Night Rider Sega 1970 Arcade
Nightmare Buster Smart Industries Corp. 2008 Arcade
Nightwatchman Bollands Amusement Machine Supply 1952 Arcade / Working model
Nimbus ACL Manufacturing Arcade
Nine Ball A. J. Stephens and Co. 1931 Arcade / Bowler
Ninja Gun Kasco Distributing Co. Arcade / Rifle
Nintendo Gamecube Custom Nintendo 2004 Arcade / Prototype Unknown
No Kids Medal Machine Tomy 2006 Arcade
Non Stop T. H. Bergmann & Co. 1958 Arcade / Coin Roller Soccer/Futbol
Nostalgia Destron Arcade
Nottingham Automata Diorama Frank Nelson 1992 Arcade / Working model
Nottingham Shocker, The Haydon & Urry, Ltd. 1903 Arcade / Shocker
Novelty Merchantman 'Streamline' Exhibit Supply Co., The 1934 Arcade / Digger
Nudist Colony Bryan's Automatic Machine Works 1936 Arcade / Viewer
Nudist Colony Exhibit Supply Co., The 1957 Arcade
Nuerburgring Powerslide Dr. Foerst GmbH 1976 Arcade / Driving game Racing
Nugget Shuffle Alley United Amusement Co. 1977 Arcade / Bowler