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Amusement Machines: R (type: Arcade)

Entries in this index: 148
Name Manufacturer Year Type Genre Description Images
Race Day Whittaker Bros. Arcade / Coin drop
Racer Doughty & Barrett 1896 Arcade
Racer, The Unknown 1920 Arcade / Racing
Raceway Coastal Amusements Arcade
Radar Rocket International Mutoscope Corp. 1945 Arcade
Radio Love Messages Exhibit Supply Co., The 1923 Arcade
Radio Rifle Coinomatic Corp. 1931 Arcade / Rifle Shooter
Rage in the Cage Skee Ball Co. 1997 Arcade
Rags To Riches Smart Industries Corp. Arcade / Coin drop
Rainbow Tecmo Arcade / Redemption
Rainbow Shuffle Alley United Amusement Co. 1954 Arcade / Bowler
Raise the Devil Globe Amusement Machine Co. 1926 Arcade / Strength tester
Rajah Fortune Teller Exhibit Supply Co., The 1929 Arcade / Fortune
Rally Point 2 Atlus Arcade / Redemption
Rally Racers Coastal Amusements 2014 Arcade / Coin drop Racing
Rallye France Rally 1964 Arcade / Driving game Unknown
Ramped Water Games Bob's Space Racers 1992 Arcade
Ranger Keeney and Sons, Inc. 1955 Arcade / Rifle
Ranger Projectile Shooter Bally Manufacturing Co. 1930 Arcade / Shooter
Rapid Fire Allied Leisure Industries 1972 Arcade / Electro-Mechanical
RapidFire Bally Manufacturing Co. 1940 Arcade / Rifle
Raptor Captor 5 Star Redemption, Inc. 2004 Arcade
Raptor Island 5 Star Redemption, Inc. 2004 Arcade
Rascal to the Rescue Illusion, Inc. 2000 Arcade
Rattlesnake Round-Up Doyle Associates 1990 Arcade Unknown
Ratz! PE Coin Games Arcade / Roll Down
Ray Gun Chicago Coin Machine Co. 1960 Arcade / Rifle
Ray-O-Lite Rifle Game J. P. Seeburg Corp. 1936 Arcade / Rifle Skill
RBI Baseball Atari Games 1987 Arcade
React US Billiards Arcade / Reflex Skill
Reactor Cromptons Leisure Machines Ltd. Arcade / Coin drop
Reactor Family Fun Companies Arcade / Redemption
Real Shooting Andamiro 2000 Arcade
Real Ten Pin William Gent Mfg. 1928 Arcade / Bowler
Rebound Shuffle Chicago Coin Machine Co. 1958 Arcade / Shuffle
Red Ball Midway Manufacturing Co. 1959 Arcade / Electro-Mechanical
Red Baron Segasa 1975 Arcade
Red Dot Chicago Coin Machine Co. 1961 Arcade / Bowler
Red Hot Benchmark Games Inc. 2010 Arcade / Redemption Skill
Red Light Green Light Tsunami Visual Technologies, Inc. Arcade / Redemption
red pin Chicago Coin Machine Co. 1959 Arcade / Bowler
Red Rocket Unknown 1939 Arcade / Roll Down
Red Top Crane International Mutoscope Reel Co. 1931 Arcade / Digger
Red Top Lift Caille Bros. Co. 1904 Arcade / Strength tester
Redemption Unknown Arcade
Redzone Offense Global VR Arcade / Skill Football (US)
Regal Bowling Alley United Amusement Co. 1963 Arcade / Bowler
Regent Stereo-Viewer Rosenfield Mfg. Co. 1903 Arcade / Viewer
Reginascope Regina Co., The 1900 Arcade / Viewer
Regulaion Shuffle Alley 6 Star United Amusement Co. 1957 Arcade / Bowler
Regulation Shuffle Alley United Amusement Co. 1955 Arcade / Bowler
Rescue The Guppy Data East Arcade / Bopper Skill
Reward Paying Punching Bag Mills Novelty Co. 1900 Arcade / Strength tester
Ribbit Racin Lazer Tron Arcade / Bopper Skill
Ric-O-Chet Project Support Engineering Arcade Skill
Ride Em Cowboy King Amusement Co. 1952 Arcade / Kiddie ride
Ride The Champion Bally Manufacturing Co. 1952 Arcade / Kiddie ride
Ride With Sam the Clown Paul W. Hawkins MFG. Arcade / Kiddie ride
Rifle Champ Midway Manufacturing Co. 1964 Arcade / Rifle
Rifle Gallery Genco Corp. 1954 Arcade / Rifle
Rifle Gallery Chicago Coin Machine Co. 1970 Arcade / Rifle
Rifle Gallery Midway Manufacturing Co. 1961 Arcade / Rifle
Rifle Range Chas. Ahrens 1934 Arcade / Pistol
Rifle Range Midway Manufacturing Co. 1963 Arcade / Rifle
Rifle Range Coinex 1945 Arcade
Rifle Sport J. F. Frantz Mfg. Co. Arcade / Rifle Skill
Rifle Sport not coinoperated A. B. T. Manufacturing Co. 1950 Arcade / Rifle
Rifleman Sega 1967 Arcade / Rifle
Ring Toss Lazer Tron Arcade / Reflex Skill
Ring Toss Coastal Amusements 2012 Arcade / Redemption Skill
Ringer Williams Electronics, Inc. (1967-1985) 1973 Arcade
Ringer A. M. Walzer Co. 1931 Arcade
Ringo Ringo Mfg. Co. 1931 Arcade Unknown
Rio Carnival Cromptons Leisure Machines Ltd. Arcade / Coin drop
Riot Gun Chicago Coin Machine Co. 1963 Arcade / Rifle Unknown
Ripper Ribbit Coastal Amusements Arcade / Redemption Skill
Rising Waters Bob's Space Racers 1993 Arcade
Riverboat Coastal Amusements Arcade / Redemption
Riviera Chicago Coin Machine Co. 1967 Arcade / Bowler
Road Race Brunswick 1974 Arcade
Road Racer Williams Electronic Mfg. Co. (1958-1967) 1961 Arcade / Driving game
Road Runner Bally 1971 Arcade / Electro-Mechanical Racing
Roadkill Grill Incredible Technologies 2000 Arcade
Roadracer Dale Electronics 1950 Arcade
Robo Restle Namco 2011 Arcade / Redemption Fighting
Robo-Bop Coastal Amusements Arcade / Bopper Skill
Rock International Mutoscope Corp. 1956 Arcade
Rock 'N Roll 4 Bay Tek Arcade / Roll Down
Rock 'N' Roll Cromptons Leisure Machines Ltd. Arcade / Coin drop
Rock 'N' Roll II Cromptons Leisure Machines Ltd. Arcade / Coin drop
Rock N Bowl Namco 2000 Arcade / Bowler Skill
Rock'N Bowl Bromley 1992 Arcade
Rock'N Mole Taito Arcade / Bopper
Rock'N Moon Rally I.C.E. Arcade / Redemption
Rock-A-Barrel Wisconsin Novelty Co. 1946 Arcade
Rock-It Doraldina Corp. 1926 Arcade / Counter game
Rocket Ball Chicago Coin Machine Co. 1959 Arcade / Shuffle
Rocket Bowler Unknown (Temporary) Arcade / Bowler
Rocket Patrol Conat Sales Co. Inc. 1952 Arcade / Kiddie ride
Rocket Rifle Range Chicago Coin Machine Co. 1962 Arcade
Rocketship Strength Tester Unknown 1950 Arcade / Strength tester
Rockman Exe The Medal Operation Capcom 2005 Arcade
Rodeo Rumble Nova Productions Ltd. 2000 Arcade
Rodeo Shooting Gallery Chicago Coin Machine Co. 1972 Arcade / Rifle
Rol-A-Score Chicago Coin Machine Co. 1931 Arcade Unknown
Rola Base Genco Corp. 1930 Arcade Unknown
Rola Score Chicago Coin Machine Co. 1936 Arcade / Ball bowler Skill
Roll 2 Win Love To Win Smart Industries Corp. 2007 Arcade / Coin Roller
Roll A Win Cromptons Leisure Machines Ltd. Arcade / Coin Roller
Roll for Gold Benchmark Games Inc. 1990 Arcade / Redemption
Roll for Gold 2 Benchmark Games Inc. 2000 Arcade / Redemption
Roll in the Barrel O. D. Jennings & Co. 1940 Arcade
Roll to Win Smart Industries Corp. 2008 Arcade / Coin Roller
Roll-a-Ball Derby Bob's Space Racers 1984 Arcade
Roll-A-Cent Koplo Sales & Supply Co. 1940 Arcade / Counter game
Roll-A-Line J. H. Keeney & Co., Inc. 1962 Arcade / Roll Down
Roll-A-Rainbow Lazer Tron Arcade
Roll-Em Dice Star Amusement Co. 1939 Arcade / Counter game
Roll-Ette Coastal Amusements Arcade / Roulette
Rolldown Bay Tek Arcade / Roll Down Skill
Rollin' For Riches Lazer Tron Arcade / Roll Down
Rolling-Home Unknown (Temporary) 1940 Arcade / Coin Roller
Rolloball Firestone Enterprises, Inc. 1947 Arcade
ROLO Unknown 1938 Arcade / Coin Roller Skill
Romance Register Unknown 1940 Arcade / Fortune
Roosta Shoota Coastal Amusements 1987 Arcade / Shooter Skill
Roover Stamper Roover Brothers Co. 1901 Arcade Unknown
Rosenfield Viewer Drop Card Rosenfield Mfg. Co. 1906 Arcade / Viewer
Rotary Merchandiser Exhibit Supply Co., The 1931 Arcade
Roto-Ball Chicago Coin Machine Co. Arcade
Rotolite Allwin 1950 Arcade / Reflex
Rotomatic International Mutoscope Reel Co. 1931 Arcade / Digger
Rotuor Rotuor Co. 1915 Arcade / Skill game
Roulette Whittaker Bros. Arcade Gambling
Round 'N Round Astro Distributing Arcade
Round the World Trainer Chicago Coin Machine Co. 1955 Arcade
Round Up 40 in. claw machine I.C.E. 2000 Arcade / Crane
Royal Bowling Alley United Amusement Co. 1957 Arcade / Bowler
Royal Casino Cromptons Leisure Machines Ltd. Arcade
Royal Crown Chicago Coin Machine Co. 1962 Arcade / Bowler
Royal Hawaiian Shuffle Alley Williams / United (bowlers) 1973 Arcade / Bowler
Royal Shuffle Alley United Amusement Co. 1953 Arcade / Bowler
Rubber-Neck Blowing Machine Caille Bros. Co. 1913 Arcade / Strength tester
Rubberneck Lung Tester Mills Novelty Co. 1912 Arcade / Strength tester
Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer Exhibit Supply Co., The 1952 Arcade / Kiddie ride
Rumble Fish 2, The Sammy 2005 Arcade Fighting
Rumpus United Amusement Co. 1963 Arcade / Bowler
Running Hare Original Musikverke 1910 Arcade / Pistol