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Amusement Machines: I (type: Arcade)

Entries in this index: 53
Name Manufacturer Year Type Genre Description Images
iBoxer Kriss-Sports 2012 Arcade / Puncher
Ice Age Ice Breaker I.C.E. 2010 Arcade / Bopper
Ice Ball I.C.E. Arcade / Ball bowler Skill
Ice Cold Beer Taito 1983 Arcade Labyrinth/Maze
Ice Cold Beer Innovative Creations in Entertainment (ICE) 2003 Arcade Skill
Ice Man Coastal Amusements Arcade / Skill game Shooter
ICEBall FX I.C.E. 2017 Arcade / Bowler
Idea Ball Industrial Design Electronic Associates, Inc. 1986 Arcade Puzzle
Ideal Exhibit Supply Co., The 1932 Arcade
Ideal Strength Tester R. J. White Manufacturing Co. 1905 Arcade / Strength tester
Illusion Machine Mills Novelty Co. 1900 Arcade
Illustrated Song Machine Rosenfield Mfg. Co. 1904 Arcade / Viewer
Illustrated Song Machine Mills Novelty Co. 1900 Arcade / Viewer
Imperial Mills Novelty Co. 1902 Arcade / Shocker
Imperial Exhibit Supply Co., The 1931 Arcade
Imperial Chicago Coin Machine Co. 1966 Arcade / Bowler
imperial Exhibit Supply Co., The Arcade / Digger
Imperial Electric Mills Novelty Co. 1902 Arcade / Shocker
Imperial Electric Shock Machine Imperial Electric Co. 1901 Arcade / Shocker
Imperial Shocker Mills Novelty Co. 1908 Arcade / Shocker Unknown
Imperial Shuffle Alley United Mfg. 1953 Arcade / Bowler
Improved Deluxe Grip Scale Gottlieb, D. & Co. 1946 Arcade / Strength tester
Improved Grip Machine Peter Beetz 1905 Arcade / Strength tester
Impulse Tournament Games, Inc. Arcade / Reflex Skill
Indian Grip Test Kraftmesser 1925 Arcade / Strength tester
Indian Scout All Tech 1961 Arcade / Pistol
Indian Shooter Calvert Manufacturing Co. 1929 Arcade / Counter game
Indianapolis Super 400 Nova Games Ltd. Arcade Simulator
Indoor Golf System Holiday Golf Arcade / Skill Golf
Indoor Striker In & Out Door Games Co. 1930 Arcade / Counter game
Indoor Striker - Ball Gum Amusement Pacific Amusement Co. 1930 Arcade / Counter game
Indy 500 Kasco Distributing Co. 1969 Arcade / Driving game
Information Information Vending Machine Co. 1925 Arcade
Information Vending Machine Co. of America 1930 Arcade
Ingo Grip Test Mike Munves Mfg. Corp. 1960 Arcade
Initial D - Arcade Stage 6 AA Sega 2011 Arcade / Racing
Inspiration Baseball Taito 1986 Arcade Baseball
Intermission Redemption Game PrimeTime Amusements 2005 Arcade / Redemption
International Shoot Out Design Plus Industries 2001 Arcade Soccer/Futbol
International Team Laser Bally Midway Arcade Shooter
InTheBarrel H. C. Evans & Co. 1940 Arcade
Invader Genco Corp. 1953 Arcade / Electro-Mechanical Unknown
Invader Valley Recreation Products, Inc. Arcade / Coin drop Skill
Invaders Sega 1972 Arcade
Invaders from Outer Space Midway Manufacturing Co. 1970 Arcade
Invaders From Outerspace Midway Manufacturing Co. 1971 Arcade / Electro-Mechanical
Invasion Army Gayton Games 1970 Arcade / Skill game Unknown
Iron Claw Exhibit Supply Co., The 1926 Arcade / Digger
Iron Claw Unknown 1995 Arcade / Electro-Mechanical Skill
Iron Claw Model C Exhibit Supply Co., The 1929 Arcade / Digger
Iron Claw Model E Exhibit Supply Co., The 1926 Arcade / Digger Unknown
Is Marriage a Failure? John Dennison of Banks 1890 Arcade / Working model
It's a Knockout International Mutoscope Corp. 1941 Arcade