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Amusement Machines: W (type: Arcade)

Entries in this index: 86
Name Manufacturer Year Type Genre Description Images
Wack-A-Doodle-Doo Sega Pinball, Inc. Arcade / Bopper Skill
Wacky Ducks I.C.E. Arcade / Reflex
Wacky Gator Data East 1990 Arcade
Wadaiko Master Namco 2015 Arcade / Redemption
Walk In Theatre Charles Fey & Sons Arcade / Viewer
War Zone A. B. T. Manufacturing Co. 1950 Arcade / Pistol
Water Blast Bob's Space Racers 2006 Arcade
Water Games Bob's Space Racers 1991 Arcade
Water High Rise Coastal Amusements 1990 Arcade / Shooter
Waterpark Splash Universal Space Arcade
Wee-Gee Peo Manufacturing Co. 1935 Arcade / Counter game
Western Express Bally 1950 Arcade / Kiddie ride
Western Hill Taito 1972 Arcade Shooter
Western Look, The Vending International Corp. Arcade / Strength tester Skill
Western Pony Southland Engineering Inc. 1961 Arcade Unknown
Western Train Andamiro 2000 Arcade
Whac A Hat Bob's Space Racers 2000 Arcade / Bopper
WhacAMole Bob's Space Racers 1971 Arcade / Redemption Skill
Whack N' Win I.C.E. 2017 Arcade / Redemption Skill
Whack'N Alien! I.C.E. Arcade / Bopper Skill
What Is My Weakness Exhibit Supply Co., The Arcade / Fortune
Whatizit Allied Leisure Industries 1972 Arcade / Quiz
Whee Gee Mystic Geo. Ponser Co. 1945 Arcade
Wheel 'M In Xtreme Bromley 2010 Arcade / Coin Roller Skill
Wheel Deal Benchmark Games Inc. 1998 Arcade Unknown
Wheel Deal Benchmark Games Inc. Arcade / Coin drop Skill
Wheel Deal Xtreme Benchmark Games Inc. 2000 Arcade / Redemption
Wheel of Fate Caille Bros. Co. 1907 Arcade / Fortune
Wheel of Fortune I.C.E. 2001 Arcade
Wheel of Fortune I.C.E. 2004 Arcade
Wheel of Fortune Fun House Games, Inc. WMS 1996 Arcade Skill
Wheel of Fortune Raw Thrills Arcade
Wheel'M In Bromley Arcade / Coin Roller Skill
Wheelin-N-Dealin Lazer Tron Arcade / Reflex Skill
Whirl A Ball Linbrite Specialty 1927 Arcade / Skill game
Whirl-A-Ball Amusement Enterprises 1946 Arcade
Whirl-Ball Peo Manufacturing Co. 1930 Arcade / Skill game
Whirly Bird Midway Manufacturing Co. 1969 Arcade Unknown
Whirly Bucket Exidy 1983 Arcade
Whirlygig Unknown 1900 Arcade / Fortune
Whistle Stop Bay-Tek Incorporated 2000 Arcade / Skill game Skill
White Lightning Midway Manufacturing Co. 1970 Arcade / Pistol
White's Automatic Sapho R. J. White Manufacturing Co. 1905 Arcade / Viewer
Whiz Ball Pace Manufacturing Co. 1931 Arcade / Counter game
Whom To Marry Machine Exhibit Supply Co., The 1929 Arcade / Fortune
Wild Cycle Allied Leisure Industries 1970 Arcade
Wild Gunman (1974) Nintendo 1974 Arcade / Electro-Mechanical Shooter
Wild Gunman - Shooting Trainer Nintendo 1974 Arcade / Rifle
Wild Kingdom Midway Manufacturing Co. 1971 Arcade / Rifle
Wild Thing Lazer Tron Arcade
Wild West Chicago Coin Machine Co. 1961 Arcade / Rifle
Wild West American Sammy 1995 Arcade
Wild West Gallery Genco Corp. 1955 Arcade / Rifle
Wild West Rifle Chicago Coin Machine Co. 1967 Arcade / Rifle
Wildcat John Goodbody 1931 Arcade / Counter game
Willie Wheels LAI Arcade Skill
Willy B. Stinky Bay Tek Arcade / Ball bowler Skill
Willy Wonka the Chocolate Factory Elaut 2018 Arcade / Skill game
Win Stuff Win Stuff, LLC 1995 Arcade / Electro-Mechanical Skill
Windsor Plush claw machine I.C.E. 2000 Arcade / Crane
Windy City Shuffle Alley Williams / United (bowlers) 1972 Arcade / Bowler
Winner Race Car Midway Manufacturing Co. 1964 Arcade / Racing Skill
Winner's Cube Classic Andamiro 2010 Arcade / Skill game
Winner's Edge Bay Tek Arcade Skill
Winners' Wheel Andamiro Arcade / Coin drop Skill
Wishing Wells Skipper Sales Co. 1923 Arcade / Coin drop
Witches' Cave, The Bollands Amusement Machine Supply 1954 Arcade / Working model
With Tears for Everyone Taito 2009 Arcade
Wizard Fortune Teller Metal Mills Novelty Co. 1919 Arcade / Fortune
Wizard Fortune Teller Wood Mills Novelty Co. 1904 Arcade / Fortune
Wizard Horoscope Unknown 1920 Arcade / Horoscope
Wizard's Pen, The International Mutoscope Corp. 1930 Arcade / Fortune
Wonder Wheel Lazer Tron Arcade / Reflex Skill
Wonder Wheel Bay Tek Arcade / Coin drop Skill
Wonder-Land Vending Machine claw machine I.C.E. 2000 Arcade / Crane
Wonka Sweetland Namco 2007 Arcade
Woo Yah Taa Konami 1990 Arcade
World Champion Peo Manufacturing Co. 1931 Arcade / Counter game
World Series Century Consolidated Industries Co. 1974 Arcade Baseball
World Series Chicago Coin Machine Co. 1960 Arcade / Shuffle Bowler
World Series II Century Consolidated Industries Co. 1976 Arcade Skill
World Striker Yuvo 2005 Arcade Sports
World's Champion Peo Manufacturing Co. 1931 Arcade / Counter game
Worlds Fair Rifle Gallery Chicago Coin Machine Co. 1962 Arcade / Rifle
Wrist Shot Hockey Grayhound Arcade / Hockey Skill
Wurl-A-Ball Lynco Coin Machine 1948 Arcade / Roll Down