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Amusement Machines: V (type: Arcade)

Entries in this index: 26
Name Manufacturer Year Type Genre Description Images
Vanguard Williams Electronic Mfg. Co. (1958-1967) 1959 Arcade / Rifle
Varsity Chicago Coin Machine Co. 1969 Arcade / Bowler
Vaudette Dean Novelty Co. 1932 Arcade / Counter game
Vaudoscope Picture Machine Rosenfield Mfg. Co. 1903 Arcade / Viewer
Velocity Ball Grand Products Arcade / Reflex Skill
Venus Shuffle Targette United Mfg. 1955 Arcade
Verbal Fortune Teller Mills Novelty Co. 1912 Arcade / Fortune
Vertical Water Game Bob's Space Racers 1993 Arcade
Vest Pocket Basketball Peo Manufacturing Co. 1929 Arcade / Counter game
Vibrant FootEase foot masager Exhibit Supply Co., The 1950 Arcade
Vibrator Muscle Builder Exhibit Supply Co., The 1940 Arcade
Vibratory Doctor, The Watling Manufacturing Co. 1910 Arcade / Strength tester
Victory Professional Basket Ball Victor Vending Corp. 1950 Arcade / Basketball
Video Redemption System Unknown Arcade
View-A-Scope Marion Co., The Arcade / Viewer Unknown
Viewer Exhibit Supply Co., The 1935 Arcade / Viewer
Viking Shuffle Alley United Amusement Co. 1961 Arcade / Bowler
Visionneuse de Cartes - Drop Card Viewer Unknown 1900 Arcade / Viewer
Visual Response Analyzer Urban Industries, Inc. Arcade / Reflex Skill
Vitalizer Exhibit Supply Co., The 1939 Arcade / Service
VoiceOGraph a.k.a. Record Your Voice International Mutoscope Corp. Arcade
Volcanic Airruption Coin Concepts, Inc. - CCI Arcade / Disc Skill
Volcano Fortuna Arcade / Coin drop
Volta Jentzsch & Meerz 1920 Arcade / Shocker
Vortex Island Design Arcade / Coin Roller
Vulcan Fussball EBSCO Industries, Inc Arcade