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Class: Concept, One-Off, or Hoax

Entries in this index: 103
Name Manufacturer Year Type Genre Description Images
3 Winners Rock-Ola Mfg. Corp. 1930 Trade Stim. / Coin drop
AC/DC Premium Stern Pinball, Inc. 2012 Pinball / Solid State
Andromeda Sigma Pinball
Asterix Gottlieb, D. & Co. 2009 Pinball
Baby Sharpshooter Game Plan 1985 Pinball / Solid State
Bank-A-Ball Retro Pinball LLC 2008 Pinball / Electro-Mechanical
Battle Stations Smart Industries Corp. 2008 Videogame
Beatles, The - Custom Williams Electronics, Inc. (1967-1985) 1980 Pinball
Big Top - Kicker and Catcher J. F. Frantz Mfg. Co. 1960 Arcade / Roll Down Unknown
BU-SS-OZ Pierre Bussoz Arcade
Bubu Mario Ban Presto 1993 Videogame
Casino Games Grayhound Videogame
Casino Golf Unknown (Temporary) Pinball
Castlevania: The Arcade Konami 2009 Videogame
Cosmic Monsters II Universal 1979 Videogame
Cougar S Darts Valley Recreation Products, Inc. Arcade / Skill game
Cueball B and L Co. 1867 Pinball / Mechanical
DELETE Unknown Videogame
DELETE Unknown Videogame
Deleted Game Entry Atari 1978 Videogame
Deuces Wild Fedco Mfg. Co. 1949 Trade Stim. / Card game
DoDonPachi Dai-Ou-Jou Tamashii Cave 2010 Videogame
Draw Poker Royal Flush International Game Technology 1980 Slot Machine / Video
Drews Tiger Paw Unknown 1970 Arcade / Skill game
Dutch Boy Triple Jackpot O. D. Jennings & Co. 1920 Slot Machine / Reel
Electroskill Evans-Kirk Mfg. Co. 1931 Arcade / Coin drop Skill
English Double Ben Hur Caille Bros. Co. 1908 Slot Machine / Wheel
Fab-U-Ball F.A.B Electronics 1980 Arcade
Fantasy Hole in One Mills Novelty Co. 1930 Slot Machine / Reel
French Can Can Unknown Pinball / Solid State
Furie Williams Electronics, Inc. (1967-1985) 1981 Pinball / Solid State
Gallupin Dominoes Michaels Toy Banks Inc. 1949 Arcade
Get Outta My Face Snowrunner 2008 Videogame
Golden Tee 2012 Incredible Technologies 2012 Videogame Golf
High Top Robot Special Edition Mills Novelty Co. 1950 Slot Machine / Reel
Horoscope Fortune Teller Genco Corp. 1957 Arcade / Horoscope
Hummer Extreme Edition Sega 2009 Videogame
imperial Exhibit Supply Co., The Arcade / Digger
Iron Maiden II Williams Electronic Games, Inc. (WMS, 1985-2000) Pinball / Solid State
Kamikazi Nittoh Unknown
Kollon Cyberfront 2003 Videogame
Kue Poo Advance Machine Co. Arcade
Lets Go Island - Lost on The Island of Tropics Sega 2010 Videogame
Little Chief penny drop Chief Candy Co. 1929 Arcade / Coin drop
Magik Carpet United Manufacturing Co. (1933 Deversey) 1940 Pinball
Marble Pool Unknown Pinball / Mechanical
Megatouch Maxx Ruby2 Merit Industries 2003 Videogame Counter game
Mermaid Unknown Arcade / Coin drop
Metallica - Master of Puppets Limited Edition Stern Pinball, Inc. 2012 Pinball / Solid State
Mini Cooper S Williams Electronics, Inc. (1967-1985) Pinball
Mini Cute Capcom 1991 Arcade
Mississippi Showboat Bally Manufacturing Co. 1981 Pinball / Electro-Mechanical
Model CD-100B CD Music Jukebox Rowe AMI 1985 Music / Jukebox
Model CD-100L Nite Star Jukebox Rowe AMI 1995 Music / Jukebox
Model DS20-1Z Select-O-Matic Deluxe Seeburg 1940 Music / Wall box
Model NS-1 Nite Star Jukebox Rowe AMI 2015 Music / Jukebox
Money Spinner Bally Manufacturing Co. Slot Machine Unknown
Ms Pac Man Twin Susilu Videogame
Muscle Car Cafe Fabulous Fantasies 2004 Pinball / Solid State
Mustang - Premium Boss Stern Pinball, Inc. 2014 Pinball / Solid State
Nudge Bingo Cal Omega 1982 Videogame
Olton Hall English Train GWR Swindon Works 1937 Trade Stim.
Owl front with Jackpot Mills Novelty Co. 1930 Slot Machine / Reel
Pac-Man Arcade Party Namco 2010 Videogame
Penny-Lag Gillispie Games Co. 1949 Arcade / Coin Roller
Pepper Upper Revelle Restorations 1920 Arcade / Shocker
Perfume Fragrance A. B. T. Manufacturing Co. 1932 Vending
Pit Boss Jr. Merit Industries 1983 Videogame
Play Basketball Filmascope Manufacturing Corp. 1931 Arcade / Basketball
Polybius Unknown 1981 Videogame
Popcorn Machine Minit Pop Vending / Candy
Predator Skit-B 2013 Pinball / Solid State
Racing Jam Chapter 2 Konami 1999 Videogame Driving game
RC Squared Electronic Arts 1994 Videogame
Ride With Sam the Clown Paul W. Hawkins MFG. Arcade / Kiddie ride
Robotron II Williams Electronics, Inc. (1967-1985) Videogame
Rope Man Unknown (Temporary) Videogame
Samurai Shodown VI Tenkaichi Kenkakuden SNK Playmore 2005 Videogame
Sea Avenger Meadows Games 1976 Pinball / Solid State
Sea Beast And Barnacle Bill, The Unknown 1984 Videogame Adventure
See-A-View Exhibit Supply Co., The Arcade / Viewer
Snots And Boogers Gottlieb, D., & Co., a Columbia Pictures Industries Co. 1982 Videogame Puzzle
Spirometer Caille Bros. Co. 1895 Arcade / Strength tester
Star Game Unknown 1939 Trade Stim. / Wheel
Star Trek - Enterprise Limited Edition Stern Pinball, Inc. 2012 Pinball / Solid State
Strength Test - Three Way Tester Revelle Restorations 1910 Arcade / Strength tester
Sungold Pacific Novelty 1991 Slot Machine / Coin drop
Super Star Auto-Bell Novelty Co. 1955 Slot Machine / Bell
Taito Type X3 Taito 2012 Videogame Platform
Tel-E-Test Unknown 1935 Arcade / Shocker
The Circus OSUN Company 1984 Arcade / Viewer
The Hot Seat Balance Technology Videogame
Transformers - Autobot Crimson Limited Edition Stern Pinball, Inc. 2011 Pinball / Solid State
Transformers Decepticon Violet Limited Edition Stern Pinball, Inc. 2011 Pinball
Twins-Win Liberty Mfg. Co. 1940 Trade Stim. / Dice
U-Select-It Model B10824 Vending Machine Coan Manufacturing Co. 1960 Vending / Candy
Udo Lindenberg Bally Manufacturing Co. 2011 Pinball / Solid State
Vs. UniSystem Nintendo 1980 Videogame
Wall-Ette A.M.I. Music / Wall box
Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory Jersey Jack Pinball 2019 Pinball Unknown
Wurlitzer Remote Jukebox - Sweet Music Wurlitzer Automatic Phonograph Co. 1950 Music / Jukebox
Xeno Crisis Bitmap Bureau 2019 Videogame Unknown
Zero Target Data East 1985 Videogame Shooter