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Genre: Other

Entries in this index: 68
Name Manufacturer Year Type Genre Description Images
10 Stars Zaccaria 1975 Pinball / Mechanical Other
3 Wonders Capcom 1991 Videogame Other
39 in 1 Arcade Unknown (Temporary) 2000 Videogame Other
4 Fun In One System Armenia 1981 Videogame Other
Act Cecropia 2006 Videogame Other
Alien Arena Duncan Brown software 1985 Videogame Other
Arcade Classics Atari Games 1992 Videogame Other
Arena Gottlieb, D. & Co. 1982 Videogame Other
Arm Test All Tech 1962 Arcade / Strength tester Other
Big Buck Hunter PRO Raw Thrills 2005 Videogame Other
Boxer Glove Kalkomat 2006 Arcade / Strength tester Other
Boxer pre-Cube version Kalkomat 2004 Arcade / Strength tester Other
Chuck E. Cheese's Coloring Book Chuck E. Cheese's 2001 Arcade / Redemption Other
Chuck E. Cheese's Memory Match Unknown 1999 Arcade / Redemption Other
Clue Hasbro 2002 Videogame Other
Cops Atari Games 1994 Videogame Other
Dream Audition Jaleco 2000 Videogame Other
First Funky Fighter Taito/East Technology 1993 Videogame Other
Ganbare Ginkun Tecmo 1995 Videogame Other
Goalie Williams Electronics, Inc. (1967-1985) 1971 Arcade / Electro-Mechanical Other
Golden Cup Venture Line 1980 Videogame Other
Gone Fishing Tsunami Visual Technologies, Inc. 2006 Videogame Other
Himshou Goran Pocket Monster Nintendo 2001 Videogame Other
Imperial Unknown 1920 Trade Stim. / Reel Other
Jan Jan Paradise Kaneko 1994 Videogame Other
Kicker Kalkomat 2008 Arcade / Strength tester Other
Konami 80 Konami 1998 Videogame Other
Kreepy Krawlers Exidy 1979 Videogame Other
Krull Gottlieb, D., & Co., a Columbia Pictures Industries Co. 1983 Videogame Other
Lucky Eggs Bulk Manufacturing Co., Inc. 1978 Vending Other
Magic The Gathering: Armageddon Acclaim 1997 Videogame Other
Monopoly Hasbro 2002 Arcade Other
Mr. Muscle Zamperla 1980 Arcade / Strength tester Other
Ms. Pac-Man/Galaga - Class Of 1981 Namco 2000 Videogame Other
Multi Game Unknown 1992 Videogame Other
Multi Pac Clay Cowgill 1998 Videogame Other
Multigame 21 Unknown 1982 Videogame Other
Namco Classic Collection Volume 1 Namco 1995 Videogame Other
Namco Classic Collection Volume 2 Namco 1996 Videogame Other
Namco's Classic Gaming Namco 1986 Videogame Other
Photo Punch 2000 Oper-Video 2000 Videogame Other
Pokemon Nintendo 2001 Videogame Other
Pokemon Catch Sammy USA Corporation 2000 Arcade / Redemption Other
Poker Ladies Mitchell 1989 Videogame Other
Poly Play VEB Polytechnik 1985 Videogame Other
Pop-A-Ball Pacific Novelty 1988 Arcade / Redemption Other
Pop-A-Ball II Pacific Novelty 1990 Arcade / Redemption Other
Porky Magic Electronics 1985 Videogame Other
Power House Unknown 1990 Videogame Other
Power Man Unknown 1990 Arcade / Electro-Mechanical Other
Score Exidy 1977 Videogame Other
Scud Hammer Jaleco 1994 Videogame Other
Sea Bass Fishing A Wave Inc, Distributed by Able Corp. 1998 Videogame Other
Sente Diagnostic Cartridge Bally Sente 1984 Videogame Other
Sky War Micro Amusements Inc. 1976 Videogame Other
Slugfest Williams Electronic Games, Inc. (WMS, 1985-2000) 1991 Pinball / Solid State Other
Sonic Blast Man 2 Taito 1996 Videogame Other
Spectre Files Deathstalker Galloping Ghost Productions 2018 Videogame Other
Speed Attack Sega Pinball, Inc. Arcade / Skill game Other
Sports Arena Sammy USA Corporation 1995 Arcade / Electro-Mechanical Other
Super Star Artic 1981 Videogame Other
Super Strike Stern Electronics 1990 Videogame Other
Treasure Quest I.C.E. 2011 Arcade / Redemption Other
Tron Bally Midway 1982 Videogame Other
UltraCade Hyperware 2000 Videogame Other
VJ Visual Jaleco 1998 Videogame Dance/Rhythm
Wonder 3 Capcom 1991 Videogame Other
Yellow Submarine Memo Park 2004 Arcade Other