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Class: Hack/ROM Swap

Entries in this index: 41
Name Manufacturer Year Type Genre Description Images
Art Of Fighting 3 - The Path Of The Warrior SNK 1996 Videogame Fighting
Beat Player 2000 Comad 2000 Videogame Skill
Bulls Eye Darts Midway Manufacturing Co. 1980 Videogame Skill
Caterpillar Phi 1982 Arcade
Club Lambada Unknown 1980 Videogame Labyrinth/Maze
Daytona USA 2: Power Edition Sega 1999 Videogame Racing
Double Donkey Kong Braze Technologies 1999 Videogame Platform
Galaga '84 MSG Namco 1984 Videogame Space
Galaxian Part 4 G.G.I. 1979 Videogame Shooter
Galaxian Part X Nichibutsu 1979 Videogame Shooter
Galaxian Turbo Unknown 1979 Videogame Shooter
Hunchback's Olympics CVS 1984 Videogame Sports
Jackler Konami 1982 Videogame Labyrinth/Maze
Jatre Specter Jatre 1979 Videogame Shooter
Knights Of Valour In Three Kingdoms IGS 2001 Videogame Scrolling Fighter
Let's Dance Type 1 Comad 2000 Videogame Dance/Rhythm
Let's Dance Type 2 Comad 2000 Videogame Dance/Rhythm
Mr. Do! (Yankee DO!) Universal 1982 Videogame Labyrinth/Maze
Mr. Jong Unknown 1981 Videogame Labyrinth/Maze
Ms. Pac-Man Plus Midway Manufacturing Co. 1981 Videogame Labyrinth/Maze
Nebulous Bee Unknown 1981 Videogame Shooter
New Puck-X Unknown 1980 Videogame Labyrinth/Maze
NewPuc2 Unknown 1981 Videogame Labyrinth/Maze
Ninja-Kid II UPL 1987 Videogame Scrolling Fighter
Pac-Gal Uchida 1982 Videogame Labyrinth/Maze
Pink Floyd The Wall Bally Midway 1983 Videogame Platform
Piranha GL 1981 Videogame Labyrinth/Maze
Pop-Man Unknown 1981 Videogame Labyrinth/Maze
Sonic The Fighters Sega 1996 Videogame Fighting
Space Invaders Galactica Midway Manufacturing Co. 1978 Videogame Shooter
Street Fighter II - Rainbow Edition Hung Hsi Enterprise TAIWAN 1993 Videogame Fighting
Street Fighter II' - Champion Edition (Rainbow) Hung Hsi Enterprise TAIWAN 1993 Videogame Fighting
Street Fighter II' - Champion Edition (Red Wave) Unknown 1992 Videogame Fighting
Super Galaxians Midway Manufacturing Co. 1979 Videogame Shooter
Super Moon Cresta UPL 1980 Videogame Shooter
Super Ship Unknown (Temporary) 1980 Arcade Space
Super Street Fighter II - The New Challengers (Rainbow Edition) Hung Hsi Enterprise TAIWAN 1994 Videogame Fighting
Swarm Subelectro 1979 Videogame Shooter
Tempest Tubes Atari 1981 Videogame Shooter
Turtleroids Atari 1980 Videogame Unknown
Zigzag LAX 1982 Videogame Labyrinth/Maze