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Amusement Machines: E (type: Trade Stim.)

Entries in this index: 27
Name Manufacturer Year Type Genre Description Images
E.A.M. Unknown Trade Stim. / Dice
Eagle Leo Canda Manufacturing Co. 1894 Trade Stim. / Coin drop
Eagle Sundwall Co. 1907 Trade Stim. / Reel
Eagle Mills Novelty Co. 1903 Trade Stim. / Reel
Eagle E. A. M. 1896 Trade Stim. / Dice
Eagle, The Mills Novelty Co. 1900 Trade Stim. / Reel
Eclipse Anthony Co., The 1893 Trade Stim. / Wheel
Eclipse Charles T. Maley Novelty Co. 1894 Trade Stim. / Wheel
Eclipse - Trade Stimulator Grand Rapids Slot Machine Co. 1892 Trade Stim. / Wheel
Electric Baseball Keeney and Sons, Inc. Trade Stim. / Counter game
Electric Spinner Pacific Manufacturing Corp. 1935 Trade Stim. / Dice
Electric Wheel of Fortune M. G. Griswold and Co. 1902 Trade Stim. / Wheel
Electricity Ogden & Co. 1900 Trade Stim.
Elite Reliance Novelty Co. 1897 Trade Stim. / Card game
Elk Mills Novelty Co. 1905 Trade Stim. / Reel
Elk Paupa & Hochriem Co. 1904 Trade Stim. / Reel
Empire Automatic Machine Co. 1888 Trade Stim. / Card game
Empire Western 1931 Trade Stim. / Reel
empty J. Salm Manufacturing Co. 1899 Trade Stim. / Card game
Epsom-Downs In & Out Door Games Co. 1932 Trade Stim. / Racing
Etonnant I. Grasset 1898 Trade Stim. / Wheel
Eureka Mystery Machine Unknown 1898 Trade Stim. / Coin drop
Evans Baby Bell H. C. Evans & Co. 1928 Trade Stim. / Reel
Ever Ready Trade Board Dean Novelty Co. 1930 Trade Stim. / Wheel
Ex-Ray Daval Manufacturing Co. 1940 Trade Stim. / Reel Unknown
Excelsior Excelsior Race Track Co. 1890 Trade Stim. / Racing
Excelsior Richard K. Fox 1890 Trade Stim. / Racing