Museum of the Game ®

International Arcade Museum® — Killer List of Videogames®

Compilation of known 3D models of arcade cabinets that an be imported into SketchUp and other programs.

Game Type Cabinet Link
Whirlwind Pinball Dedicated Vew model
WHO dunnit Pinball Dedicated (loading?) Vew model
Whoa Nellie! Big Juicy Melons Pinball Pinball Vew model
Wild Western Videogame Upright Vew model
Wizard Of Wor Videogame Dedicated Vew model
World Poker Tour Pinball Pinball Vew model
Wrestlemania Pro Pinball Pinball Vew model
WWF Royal Rumble Pinball Dedicated Vew model
WWF Wrestle Mania Videogame Dedicated Vew model
WWF WrestleFest Videogame Upright Vew model
X Files, The Pinball Pinball Vew model
X-MEN Videogame Deluxe Upright Vew model Vew model
X-Men Pro Pinball Pinball Vew model
Xenon Pinball Dedicated Vew model
Xenophobe Videogame Dedicated Vew model
Xevious Videogame Dedicated Vew model
XMen Children Of The Atom Videogame Upright Vew model
Xybots Videogame Upright Vew model
Zaxxon Videogame Upright Vew model
Zeke's Peak Arcade Zeke´s Peak Vew model
Zektor Videogame Upright Vew model
Zombie Raid Videogame Dedicated Vew model
Zoo Keeper Videogame Upright Vew model
Zwackery Videogame Dedicated Vew model

24 of 624 games shown.

You may add a 3D model to the database if you go to a specific game entry in the main encyclopedia and (while logged in) click 'Add 3D Model'. Please note, only models hosted on are permitted to be added at this time.

Data is live and current as of April 13, 2024, 1:59 am