VAPS Active Members and Collections Located in: Portugal

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* FS = For Sale, denotes how many of a type of item a person has that they are willing to sell.

Member Places

Member Location Updated Visit Games Original/dedicated Conversion Board only
Naraneko Coimbra, Coimbra, Portugal 2024-06-27 Stop By 15 15
Silva, Jorge (username: ArcadePT) Joane, Joane, Portugal 2024-06-27 Confirm 147 8 2 137
A, A (username: ic3b4ll) Porto, Porto, Portugal 2024-06-27 Not Open 15 15 (2 FS)
Almas, Paulo Vila Nova de Milfontes, Vila Nova de Milfontes, Portugal 2024-06-27 Confirm 2 2
Nostalgica Oeiras, Lisbon, Portugal 2024-06-27 Stop By 24 8 (1 FS) 16
Overkilll Sassoeiros, Sassoeiros, Portugal 2024-06-27 Confirm 6 6
NelsonT Porto, Porto, Portugal 2024-06-27 Not Open 66 1 65
Cardoso, Antonio (username: Nostromo) Lisbon, Lisbon, Portugal 2024-06-27 Confirm 2 1 1
Santana, Tiago (username: ) Setubal, Portugal 2024-06-27 Confirm 21 21

There are 2 members specifically omitted from this as while they show recent activity, they have not noted that they hold any games.

Note: Members inactive for over 3 years are not shown on this list, although they may still appear on the map.

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