VAPS Active Members and Collections Located in: Greece

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Arcade Map - Locations

Name Location Details Phone
Blue Cinema Chur


7 Sommeraustrasse, Chur, GR, 7000, Switzerland



Dimokratias 71, Paleo Faliro, Paleo Faliro, 175 63


Member Places

Member Location Updated Visit Games Original/dedicated Conversion Board only
Tsintavis, Ilias (username: Itsintavis) Athens, Attiki, Greece 2024-06-27 Confirm 56 48 5 3
arc ATHENS, VOULA, Greece 2024-06-27 Confirm 13 13
tokugr Athens, Athens, Greece 2024-06-27 Confirm 13 13 (2 FS)
pitsunami itea, fokida, Greece 2024-06-27 Confirm 23 19 4
Anastasiadis, George (username: geoanas) Thessaloniki, Greece 2024-06-27 Confirm 43 1 42
konstantas, nikos (username: Agiel) Thessaloniki, Thessaloniki, Greece 2024-06-27 ? 6 6 (6 FS)

There are 2 members specifically omitted from this as while they show recent activity, they have not noted that they hold any games.

Note: Members inactive for over 3 years are not shown on this list, although they may still appear on the map.

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