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Amusement Machines: K (type: Vending)

Entries in this index: 26
Name Manufacturer Year Type Genre Description Images
K-25 Guess-er ("Hi-Boy") A. B. T. Manufacturing Co. 1941 Vending / Scale
K-80 Astrology Scale Vending Machine Co. 1946 Vending / Scale
K-80 High Model C. R. Kirk & Co. 1956 Vending / Scale
Kalamazoo Combination Penny Machine Doty-Runnels Co. Vending
Kandy King Holli-Ware Manufacturing Co. Vending / Bulk
Kandy Kist P-Nut Machine Columbus Vending Co. Vending / Bulk
Kanone (Cannon) Automat - German Reiner, Pelzer & Co. 1900 Vending / Candy
Keene Self-Service Gas Pump Keene 1963 Vending / Gas Pump
Kelley Kelley Manufacturing Co. Vending / Match
Kemaco Kelley Manufacturing Co. 1904 Vending / Bulk
King Palmer & Koehler 1931 Vending / Gum
King Breath Perfume Machine King Vending Machine Co. Vending / Bulk
King Jr. Automatic Games Co. 1940 Vending / Bulk
King Koin Harby Industries Vending / Gum
King Vendor L. A. Penn Manufacturers 1947 Vending / Bulk
Kirk Peanut Vending Machine Kirk Manufacturing Co. Vending / Bulk
Kiss-Me Gum American Vending Machine Co. Vending / Gum
Kitco Towels and Soap Kirch-Trumbull Corp. 1936 Vending
Kleen-Kut Unknown Vending
Knapsack Matches United Machine & Supply Co. 1902 Vending / Match
Komet Advance Manufacturing Co. 1970 Vending
Komet Unknown 1960 Vending
Kone Klutch Kone-Klutch Corp. 1911 Vending / Stamp
Kotex International Cellocotton Products Co. 1900 Vending
Kotex Hospital Specialty Co. 1930 Vending / Service
Kotex Sanitary Pad Dispenser West Disinfecting Co. 1950 Vending / Service