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Asteroids (rev 4) Dip Switch Settings

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Official dip switch information may be available in the manual:

  1. Asteroids - Atari Service Bulletin B-0063 1 pages, 110 kB
  2. German Manual 36 pages, 10 MB
  3. Operation, Maintenance and Service Manual with illustrated parts lists 47 pages, 4.1 MB
  4. Operation, Maintenance and Service Manual with illustrated parts lists (2) 42 pages, 3.9 MB
  5. Drawing Package Supplement 8 pages, 638 kB
  6. Schematics 8 pages, 611 kB
  7. Schematics (2) 8 pages, 842 kB
  8. Schematics (3) 8 pages, 739 kB
  9. Schematics (4) 8 pages, 2.7 MB

Below are the dip-switch found in MAME for this Asteroids (rev 4) romset.

WARNING: While MAME has very useful dip switch settings, many of them are listed in reverse order (ie: the settings are really for switches 8 down to 1 instead of 1 up to 8, or vice versa, or on really should be off and off really show be on. If you compare what is shown on the chart to the switch settings you already know, you should be able to figure it out. When available, please see manual)

Dip Switch: SW (DSW1)

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 Function Option
Off Off Language Spanish
On Off French
Off On German
On On English*
Off Lives 3*
On 4
Off Center Mech X 2
On X 1*
Off Off Right Mech X 6
On Off X 5
Off On X 4
On On X 1*
Off Off Coinage 2 Coins/1 Credit
On Off 1 Coin/1 Credit*
Off On 1 Coin/2 Credits
On On Free Play

NOTE: Dip switch setting information is contributed by the community and although is believed to be correct (most of the time), has not been tested or verified.

Use this information at your own risk.