Location Orange, California
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Contact Method I can be reached on the IAM/KLOV Forums or via email
First Piece Collected Mario Bros
Favorite Piece Dragons Lair Qbert Mario Bros Tapper
Current Project(s) Tapper and Clay Pigeon
Visits Confirmation Required - Invited Guests Only Please.
Travels 4 Public Locations Visited

Games Owned

* = High Scores are simply self-reported, unverified, and un-official.
Name Type Cabinet Condition Serial Num High Score* Knowledge Comment Accessible For Sale KLOV Info Search eBay
Baby Pac-Man Pinball Original/dedicated


C+ 369260 Average Fully working down to the last light bulb. Rebuilt control panel, joystick, upgraded GI to LED. Cabinet is C N N Info Search
Bosconian Videogame Original/dedicated


B 493620 Average N N Info Search
Centipede Videogame Original/dedicated


B 57909 Average Caberet with lit marquee mod N N Info Search
Championship Sprint Videogame Board Only Average For swap in dual setup in Paperboy System II cab N N Info Search
Clay Pigeon Videogame Original/dedicated


A- Average Needs back door. Has toledoflyers Exidy 440 FPGA N N Info Search
Crazy Climber Videogame Original/dedicated

Upright/Standard (Nichibutsu Deluxe)

A- 151000 Average All Original Nichibutsu version. Japanese plywood. Rebuilt original joysticks. N N Info Search
Donkey Kong 3 Videogame Board Only 366900 Average Triple with DK, DKJr in DK cab N N Info Search
Donkey Kong Junior Videogame Board Only 128600 Average Triple with DK, DK3 in DK cab N N Info Search
Donkey Kong Videogame Original/dedicated

Upright/Standard (204 Pounds - TNT Amusements)

B- 240300 Average With additional boards Donkey Kong JR Donkey Kong 3 Donkey Kong Pauline Ed with Braze DKII. Japanese cabinet. N N Info Search
Dragon's Lair Videogame Original/dedicated


B+ 05531 373879 Average All original. Working LDV1000 with Sony PVM spectator monitor. N N Info Search
Front Line Videogame Original/dedicated

Upright/Standard (260 Pounds - TNT Amusements)

B- 323200 Expert Started with empty converted cab. Needs new paint but otherwise great condition. New CP, CPO. NOS Wico stick, rebuilt rotary controller. N N Info Search
Hyper Sports Videogame Board Only Average N N Info Search
Joust Videogame Original/dedicated

Upright/Standard (237 Pounds - TNT Amusements)

A- 590058 305350 Average All original. Stencilwork is in excellent condition. N N Info Search
Mario Bros. Videogame Original/dedicated

Upright/Standard (WideBody Cabinet)

A- 347230 Average Completely unrestored in great condition with the exception of a minty new CPO. Japanese plywood. N N Info Search
Mr. Do! Videogame Board Only Average N N Info Search
New Rally-X Videogame Board Only Average N N Info Search
Paperboy Videogame Original/dedicated


A+ 55967 Average Original Paperboy and can easily swap in Championship Sprint. Chromed handlebars with Hunt Wilde Baby Blue grips. Replaced vinyl with laminate and new sideart. N N Info Search
Phoenix Videogame Original/dedicated


B- 62530 Average Beautiful K4900. Cabinet in average condition. Phoenix Pleiades combo. N N Info Search
Q*bert Videogame Original/dedicated


A+ 411520 Average Tastefully restored. Sanded, primed, painted, new side art, marquee, CPO. Running JROK and of course knocker is enabled. Works 100 percent. K4951 looks great. N N Info Search
Satan's Hollow Videogame Board Only Average Dual in Tron cab N N Info Search
Star Castle Videogame Original/dedicated


B- 25240 Average Works fully. Cab needs restoration N N Info Search
Tapper Videogame Original/dedicated B 103025 Average Restoring to 100% N N Info Search
Tempest Videogame Original/dedicated


A- 6697 Average 6100 bulletproofed, ARII has been recapped and new transistors. Power brick, control panel, and marquee have been restored. Spinner has been rebuilt. Tempest Tubes switchable. Only sideart shows its age otherwise immaculate including internals. N N Info Search
Tetris Videogame Board Only Average N N Info Search
Track & Field Videogame Original/dedicated


A+ 86664 Average New paint. Centuri logo powder coated coin door, new CPO and sideart. N N Info Search
Tron Videogame Original/dedicated

Upright/Standard (304 Pounds - TNT Amusements)

B- 134924 Average Original Tron, and can swap in Satans Hollow N N Info Search

Games Wanted

Name Type Year Comment
Bank Panic Videogame 1985
Gyruss Videogame 1983
Ice Cold Beer Arcade 1983
Journey Videogame 1983
Krull Videogame 1983
Mad Planets Videogame 1983
Pepper II Videogame 1982
Punch-Out!! Videogame 1984
Rally-X Videogame 1980
Slugfest Pinball 1991
Star Wars Videogame 1983
Time Pilot Videogame 1982
Turkey Shoot Videogame 1984
Wacko Videogame 1983

Parts for Sale

Name Type Condition Comment For Sale KLOV Info Search eBay
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Parts Wanted

Name Type Year Comment
Member did not added any parts wanted yet

Locations Visited

Name Address Rating Comment
Dave & Busters - Irvine, CA Irvine, California, United States 4/5
Mission Control Arcade Santa Ana, California, United States 4/5
Captain's Arcade Showroom Anaheim, California, United States 3/5 I haven't seen the showroom, but have gone to the auctions several times.
Dave & Busters - Orange, CA Orange, California, United States 4/5
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