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Galaga (Namco rev. B) Dip Switch Settings

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Official dip switch information may be available in the manual:

  1. German manual ADP 6 pages, 1 MB
  2. misc. pinout DIP switch settings 7 pages, 1.7 MB
  3. Parts Operating Manual 92 pages, 9.3 MB
  4. Parts and Operating Manual 82 pages, 9.1 MB
  5. Parts and Operating Manual 46 pages, 4 MB
  6. Trouble Shooting 17 pages, 1.3 MB
  7. Schematic 29 pages, 703 kB

Below are the dip-switch found in MAME for this Galaga (Namco rev. B) romset.

WARNING: While MAME has very useful dip switch settings, many of them are listed in reverse order (ie: the settings are really for switches 8 down to 1 instead of 1 up to 8, or vice versa, or on really should be off and off really show be on. If you compare what is shown on the chart to the switch settings you already know, you should be able to figure it out. When available, please see manual)

Dip Switch: SWA (DSWB)

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 Function Option
Off Off Off Coinage 1 Coin/1 Credit*
On Off Off 2 Coins/1 Credit
Off On Off 1 Coin/3 Credits
On On Off 4 Coins/1 Credit
Off Off On 1 Coin/2 Credits
On Off On 3 Coins/1 Credit
Off On On 2 Coins/3 Credits
On On On Free Play
Off Off Off Bonus Life

When switch DSWB has Lives ne 5

30K and 80K Only
On Off Off 20K, 80K, Every 80K
Off On Off 30K, 120K, Every 120K
On On Off 20K, 60K, Every 60K
Off Off On 20K and 60K Only
On Off On 20K, 70K, Every 70K*
Off On On 30K, 100K, Every 100K
On On On None
Off Off Off

When switch DSWB has Lives eq 5

30K Only
On Off Off 30K, 150K, Every 150K
Off On Off 30K and 120K Only
On On Off 30K, 100K, Every 100K
Off Off On 30K and 150K Only
On Off On 30K, 120K, Every 120K*
Off On On 30K and 100K Only
On On On None
Off Off Lives 5
On Off 3*
Off On 4
On On 2

Dip Switch: SWB (DSWA)

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 Function Option
Off Off Difficulty Easy*
On Off Hardest
Off On Hard
On On Medium
Off Demo Sounds Off
On On*
Off Freeze Off*
On On
Off Rack Test Off*
On On
Off Cabinet Upright*
On Cocktail

NOTE: Dip switch setting information is contributed by the community and although is believed to be correct (most of the time), has not been tested or verified.

Use this information at your own risk.