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SWAT - Coin-Op Videogame Pinout

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This game has been tagged as belonging to conversion class: Midway Flicky

There is a specific pin-out record on file for SWAT:

            Swat       Pinouts
Midway<Sega, 1984

Game Logic Board, part. no. A084-91718-CA64

I cannot guarantee that the solder side is "A..Z" and the parts side is
"1..22".  But whichever side is which, each letter and number should be
labeled with the correct pinout.  This information was extracted from the
Up 'N Down manual.

Note:  All these other games should also match this pinout:  Flicky, Up'n'Down
Watermatch, Bullfight, and Mr. Viking.  The controls for all these games
should be exactly the same - one 8-way joystick plus 1 or 2 buttons.  This
series of six games was available as a six-pack of dedicated games, circuit
board conversion kits for Frogger or Zaxxon, and ROM pack conversion kits.
Thus, you may be able to convert from one game to another by swapping ROMs.
I believe all the games have vertically-oriented monitors.

                       SOLDER SIDE     PARTS SIDE
                       -----------      ---------
      (Common for 15,16,18) Gnd   A   1   Gnd
                            Gnd   B   2   Gnd
                            +5V   C   3   +5V
                                  D   4   +5V
                                  E   5   Coin Meter
                                  F   6   +12V
                                  H   7  
                                  J   8  
                                  K   9   P1 Jump
                                  L   10 
                                  M   11  P1 Down 
                                  N   12  P1 Up
                                  P   13  P1 Right
                                  R   14  P1 Left
                       1P Start   S   15  Coin #1
                       2P Start   T   16  Coin #2
                                  U   17  Test
                                  V   18  Credit
                           Spkr   W   19  Spkr
                          Green   X   20  Red
                 Neg. Comp Sync   Y   21  Blue
              (Video Color) Gnd   Z   22  Gnd (Video Sync)


NOTE: Conversion class and pin-out data is contributed by the community and although is believed to be correct (most of the time), has not been tested or verified.

Use this information at your own risk.