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Nebulous Bee - Coin-Op Videogame Pinout

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This game has been tagged as belonging to conversion class: Namco Galaga

There is a specific pin-out record on file for Nebulous Bee:

            Nebulous Bee (Galaga bootleg)
First EPROM (location 4R) checksum $DBE1

Typed in by Martin Olsson ([email protected]) 01-07-19.
I take no responsibility whatsoever to what may happen to
your circuit board if you use this pin configuration.

36-pin edge connector:

Component side          Pin             Solder side
                        1               VIDEO SYNC
                        2               VIDEO GREEN
                        3               VIDEO BLUE
VIDEO RED               4               LEFT
FIRE                    5               RIGHT
PLAYER 2 START          6               PLAYER 1 START
                        7               COIN
                        9               COIN
+5V                     10              +5V
+5V                     11              +5V
+12V                    14              +12V
SPEAKER +               15              SPEAKER -
GND                     16              GND
GND                     17              GND
GND                     18              GND


NOTE: Conversion class and pin-out data is contributed by the community and although is believed to be correct (most of the time), has not been tested or verified.

Use this information at your own risk.