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Bosconian - Coin-Op Videogame Pinout

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This game has been tagged as belonging to conversion class: Namco Galaga

There is a specific pin-out record on file for Bosconian:


                     PARTS SIDE        SOLDER SIDE
                      LOGIC GND  A  1  LOGIC GND
                       (-) SPKR  B  2  SPKR (+)
                                 C  3  COIN METER
                                 D  4  
                           +12V  E  5  +12V
                            +5v  F  6  +5v
                      LOGIC GND  H  7  LOGIC GND
                      CREDIT SW  J  8  TEST SWITCH
 (2nd coin mech also) 1 COIN SW  K  9 
                       1P START  L  10 2P START
                        1P FIRE  M  11 2P FIRE
                   1P MOVE LEFT  N  12 2P LEFT
                   1P MOVE DOWN  P  13 2P DOWN
                  1P MOVE RIGHT  R  14 2P RIGHT
                     1P MOVE UP  S  15 2P UP
                                 T  16 
                                 U  17 
                                 V  18 
                                 W  19 
                                 X  20
                                 Y  21
                      LOGIC GND  Z  22 LOGIC GND

                                        On the Video board, there is an
On the CPU board there is an            additional 6part connector.  This
additional 3part connector.  This       is the video connector.  It's
is power.  It's wired as follows:       wired as follows:
	    1  +12v                         1  RED       4  SYNC
	    2  GND                          2  GRN       5  VIDEO GND
	    3  +5v                          3  BLU       6  (Not used)

NOTE: Conversion class and pin-out data is contributed by the community and although is believed to be correct (most of the time), has not been tested or verified.

Use this information at your own risk.