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Time Out Family Amusement Center

Number of Locations 2


Time-Out Arcade was founded in 1970 by Tico Bonomo and was the only arcade chain to open inside malls on the East Coast. The first Timeout opened in Colonie, New York, and other locations were added quickly. Its unmistakable framed entrance and tunnel-like interior could be found in every mall on Long Island. Soon, the chain covered the entire country. Time-Out Arcade’s iconic design has made it popular for nostalgia-seeking people across the Internet. Time-Out created compartmental booths for each game, which helped players, and the arcade itself, feel uncrowded. Sega purchased Time-Out in 1986. The chain declined by the end of the 80s.


Name Location State Country Check-ins Details
Time Out Family Amusement Center - Sunrise Mall Sunrise Mall, Massapequa New York United States 0 Arcade (Classic Videogame)
Time Out - Rainbow Centre 302 RAINBOW BL. N., Niagra Falls New York United States 0 Arcade (Classic Videogame)